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The Northwood Church Burial Database is an online version of the 1986/1987 record of inscriptions carried out by the Museums Documentation and Collation Unit Community Programme.

It records the inscriptions of memorials in Northwood Parish Church and graveyard, cross-checked against information held in the Record Office when it was available.

The inscriptions on memorials are often badly worn; in consequence errors are possible in their transcription. The database notes field for an entry describes any inconsistencies found in the 1986/87 data.


Locating A Grave – Download Map

The graveyard search allows you to enter the surname and/or the date of burial in order to locate a grave. In order to limit the amount of returned results at least 3 characters must be added in the surname field and you cannot search for ‘Any’ burial date without an entry in the surname field. It is possible however to list the burials on a year by year basis.

The returned results give all the infomation known about the individual buried in the grave along with a location reference in the top right of each search result e.g. B3-045. This reference allows you to locate the grave on the graveyard plan. The first part of the location reference indicates (B3) the South Western corner of a 10 metre square on the map (on the supplied map the SW corner is top left of the 10m square). The number (045) is the number of the individual memorial. If the first part of the location reference begins ‘ICH’ then the memorial is located inside the church.


Download Plan (156K PDF Document)


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Please note – this burial database references the graves in the churchyard surrounding St John the Baptist Church, the Parish Church of Northwood, and is not connected with Northwood Cemetery, which is situated towards Cowes in Newport Road.

The graves in that cemetery are covered by the Friends of Northwood Cemetery on their website: http://www.friendsofnorthwoodcemetery.org.uk


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