Parish Plan


The Parish Plan is now available to download as a PDF file.



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The following page and ‘Action Sheets’ ¬†can be viewed and printed by downloading the PDF file above.


Aim 1

Preserve and Enhance the Characteristics Our Community Values

Aim 2

Maintain and Enhance the Community’s Facilities and Services

Aim 3

Address Community Concerns on Road Traffic Volumes, Speeds and

Associated Safety Issues

Aim 4

Address Community Concerns on Neighbourhood Crime and Safety

Aim 5

Review and Improve Facilities for Young People in Our Community


Each AIM is addressed via a set of contributory ACTIONS


NVMC = Northwood Village Management Committee

PC = Parish Council

NCP = Northwood Community Partnership

IWC = Isle of Wight Council

H, M, L = High, Medium, Low (Priority)

TBD = To be determined

iaw = in accordance with


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