gallery test page

This is a gallery test page, designed to show you what a gallery would look like and get you happy with how to layout photos.

To edit this gallery, in the WordPress admin page Select ‘Modula’ from the left hand menu, then in the main window hover over the text saying “test gallery”, and click underneath where it says “edit gallery”

Note that you can add pictures using “upload image files” or “select form library” just above the main picture display. When they’re in the gallery, each of the pictures can be dragged around or if you pull at their bottom right corner they can be resized, so some pics can be big and some small if you like?

This is a fair amount to take in, so feel to text me and we’ll arrange a walkthrough of what little I understand 🙂 Once we’ve got this going, we can then start looking for the missing pictures!!

Friends of

Northwood Church

Friends of Northwood Church

Founded as an independent organisation its object is to raise money for the upkeep of the building of St John the Baptist, Northwood.

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