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Friends of Northwood Cemetery
Posted by Admin on 16 October 2010, 6:32 am

The Aims of the Friends of Northwood Cemetery are: the preservation, conservation and sympathetic restoration of Northwood Cemetery including its monuments, buildings and standing structures; the creation and safe keeping of records relating to Northwood Cemetery including its history and geography.

The Church of England
Posted by Admin on , 6:36 am

The Church of England website.

Diocese of Portsmouth
Posted by Admin on , 6:38 am

Information about the life and workings of the Anglican church in this area. News, resources, training courses and much more.

Wight Churches
Posted by Admin on , 6:39 am

Providing an effective communication network for Isle of Wight Churches and Christian Organisations.

Gurnard Parish Church
Posted by Admin on , 6:41 am

All Saints, Gurnard Parish Church

Friends of

Northwood Church

Friends of Northwood Church

Founded as an independent organisation its object is to raise money for the upkeep of the building of St John the Baptist, Northwood.

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