Cowes-Deauville Twinning Association

Our Association always welcomes applications from anyone who is interested in forming friendships with a French family and who also have a connection with the town of Cowes.

This connection can be having (or had) an address or employment in Cowes or its neighbouring areas, or have a close interest within the region.


This Association was formed in 1964 with a view to furthering social, cultural and sporting exchanges between the citizens of both towns.


A Twinning Charter was duly agreed and signed by the serving local officials:


Chairman of Cowes UDC:
Cllr E. J. Powell


Maire de Deauville:
Monsieur Michel d’Ordano


This Charter was later re-affirmed in June 2004, again by the local officials:


Mayor of Cowes Town Council:
Cllr A. L. Wells

Maire de Deauville:
Monsieur Philippe Augier


The Association is primarily concerned with cultural exchanges rather than promoting trade but, nonetheless, the many French visitors invited through the Association’s activities help to promote the name of Cowes to the French communities of Deauville and Normandy.

Over the ensuing years the Association has promoted visits to Deauville by both our members and various groups having a common interest, for example: Cowes members of the Isle of Wight Fire Brigade Royal British Legion Youth Band, (which has been invited to attend many Armistice Day services and Bastille Day celebrations at Deauville); sporting groups such as Judo; Rugby; Runners; Yachting; etc.


Visitors from Deauville have often attended Armistice Day services at the Cowes War Memorial, Northwood Park.

The Association has also been successful in finding local accommodation for French students wishing to study English.


The main event of our annual programme is the exchange visit which is hosted on alternate years by the Cowes and Deauville Twinning Associations.
These are always very relaxed occasions.


The Annual General Meeting is held during the month of October.


Throughout each year the Cowes Association also holds various social functions both to raise funds (we are entirely self-funded) and to offer members the opportunity to keep in touch as a group. These funds are used solely for the expenses arising from the entertainment of our French guests. The Cowes members are totally responsible for their own costs.


It is hoped that the Association can continue to lend its support towards a general sense of civic pride within the community of Cowes.

Membership typically varies around 20 from year to year.


All enquiries are most welcome!





Mike Vine


Vice Chair

Kim Comer


Membership Secretary

Peter Ash


Secretary and Publicity Officer

Mr Barry Bates

Tel: 01983296303



Sue Waters


Committee Member

Alan Comer





Cowes-Deauville Twinning Association
5 August 2020

Appeal for new members to avoid possible end to Association.


Cowes-Deauville Twinning Association
21 April 2020

April 2020 Report.


Cowes-Deauville Twinning Association
15 May 2019

Visit to Deauville 10th to 14th May 2019.


Cowes-Deauville Twinning Association
8 May 2019

Quilt donated to Cowes Enterprise College.


Cowes-Deauville Twinning Association
22 May 2018

Visit to Cowes 18th to 21st May 2018.


Cowes-Deauville Twinning Association
23 May 2017

Visit to Deauville 18th to 22nd May 2017.


Cowes-Deauville Twinning Association
26 July 2016

Report on the visit to the Isle of Wight by our French counterparts.


Cowes-Deauville Twinning Association
14 August 2014

Twinning 50th Celebrations Programme for October 2014.


Cowes-Deauville Twinning Association visit to Deauville and Bayeux
21 June 2012

Photos of the visit in June 2012.


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