Northwood Parish Council

Posted by Admin on 1 November 2011, 6:30 pm


Barbara Herbert
Clerk to Northwood Parish Council


Dear Councillors

You are hereby summoned to attend an ordinary meeting of Northwood Parish Council, to be held in the School Hall at Northwood Primary School, Wyatts Lane, Northwood, Isle of Wight on Tuesday, 1 November 2011 commencing at 6.30 pm for the transaction of the business set out in the agenda below.

Members of the public and press are welcome to attend.

Barbara Herbert
Clerk to the Council


The meeting of the Parish Council will commence immediately after the Public Forum, which will begin at 6.30 pm for the duration of 15 minutes, if necessary.  This provides an opportunity for any member of the public to ask questions of members of the Parish Council.



1.    To receive any apologies for absence.
2.    Co-opted Councillors
i.    To consider the appointment of a co-opted councillor and to receive their signed Declaration of Acceptance of Office and Members’ Register of Financial Interests
ii.    To consider a deadline for applications for the vacant position of co-opted councillor
3.    To receive declarations of interest on items on the agenda
4.    To receive a report by the Local Safety Neighbourhood Officer, plus an opportunity to discuss local policing priorities
5.    To confirm and authorise the Chairman to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 4 October 2011 (Paper A)
6.    To receive any matters arising on the Minutes, not requiring a resolution

7.    Town & Country Planning
a.    To consider the following application received and make comments in accordance with the guidance for material planning considerations listed at
i.    A/00001/D Northwood Honda, 258 – 260 Newport Road, Cowes – relocation of 5.2m illuminated  totem sign
ii.    TCP/30771 BAE Systems (Defence Systems) Ltd, Newport Road, Northwood – Alterations and construction of an external catering lift (dumb waiter)
iii.    TCP/30768 land rear of 7 and 9 Pallance Road – Proposed chalet bungalow with detached bungalow; chalet bungalow; formation of access off Selman Gardens
b.    To note the decisions of the Local Planning Authority taken since the last meeting.
TCP30690 Brickfields, Hillis Gate Road, Northwood – Planning Permission granted for a proposed new white PVCu conservatory onto a prepared base with dwarf walls
c.    To note the formal notice of the Tree preservation Order TPO/2011/24 16A Oxford Street, Northwood (Paper 1)
8.    To consider the application for a premises licence for V-Dub Island, County Showground, Newport Road, Northwood. This application is for one weekend each year only. (Paper B )(Full details available at in the Applications under Consultation section)
9.    To appoint  a further member to the Northwood in Bloom Working Party
10.    To consider the recommendations of the Precept Working Party for the Precept for 2011-12 (Paper C)
11.    To approve the costs for the installation of the additional seat on the play park – Cllr J Pullen (Paper D – to follow)
12.    To consider Youth Representation at meetings of the Parish Council – Cllr P Fuller (Paper E)
13.    To consider the results of the inspection of the Council’s assets – Cllr J Pullen
14.    The Clerks’ report
a.    Finance
i.    To receive the interim budget statement to the end of October 2011 and the bank reconciliation with Statement No 39 (Paper F)
ii.    To confirm payment of cheque No 000232, £84.49, Ryde House Nurseries, winter planting as payment was required on delivery of plants
iii.    To authorise payment of the following cheques:
000233, Post Office, Clerks salary for September
000234, £49.94, Mrs B Herbert, Clerks Expenses
000235, £7.39, Chale Parish Council, Photocopying
000236, £50.00, The Cowes Concert Band
000237, £37.75, Mr J Pullen, Compost and additional winter planting.
000238, £25.00, Royal British Legion, Poppy Wreath
000239, IWALC, £25.00, replacement of cheque No 000209, which has not been received by the payee
000240, £107.84, C&K Watering Services, Monthly watering services
b.    Administration
i.    To consider appointing the Riverside Centre to undertake payroll services wef 1 January 2012 (Paper G)
ii.    To consider two representatives to attend the Conference on Neighbourhood Planning on 26 November (Paper H)
15.    To receive the report for information of Cllr R Mazillius, the IWC Ward Member for Cowes South and Northwood (Paper I – to follow)
16.    To receive progress reports from Working Parties (Paper J)
a.    Traffic and Transport Issues Working Party – Cllr Chris Riddet
b.    Northwood in Bloom Working Party – Cllr John Pullen
c.    Village Design Statement Working Party – Cllr Patrick Bentley
d.    Football Pitch Working Party
17.    To receive an update on the IW Association of Local Councils  – Cllr J Pullen (Paper K)
18.    Correspondence – As per list circulated with the agenda and to be updated further at the meeting (Paper L)
19.    Councillors’ reports
20.    Future agenda items
21.    To undertake a brief review of the meeting.


In accordance with Standing Order 27, any member of the public wishing to speak on an item on the agenda may speak at a Council meeting at the start of the agenda item for a period not exceeding 3 minutes.
When a ‘Group’ of members of the public wish to speak on an item, they will, subject to the Chairman’s discretion be required to nominate a representative who may speak for a maximum of 3 minutes. It would assist the smooth running of the meeting if you would advise the clerk prior to the start of the meeting of your wish to speak.

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