Northwood Parish Council Meeting

Posted by Admin on 2 September 2010, 12:00 am


Barbara Herbert
Clerk to Northwood Parish Council

30 August 2010

Dear Councillors

You are hereby summoned to attend an ordinary meeting of Northwood Parish Council, to be held in the *School Hall at Northwood Primary School, Wyatts Lane, Northwood, Isle of Wight on Tuesday, 7 September 2010 commencing at 6.30 pm for the transaction of the business set out in the agenda below.
Members of the public and press are welcome to attend.

Barbara Herbert
Clerk to the Council

* entrance via school car park

The meeting of the Parish Council will commence immediately after the Public Forum, which will begin at 6.30 pm for the duration of 15 minutes, if necessary.  This provides an opportunity for any member of the public to ask questions of members of the Parish Council.


1. To receive any apologies for absence.
2. .To receive declarations of interest on items on the agenda
3. To confirm and authorise the Chairman to sign the Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on 6th July 2010 and of the Extra-Ordinary meeting held on 3 August 2010 (Papers A1 & A2 respectively)
4. To receive any matters arising on the Minutes, not requiring a resolution.
5. To receive a report by the Local Safety Neighbourhood Officer, plus an opportunity to discuss local policing priorities.
6. To note the action taken to seek a replacement councillor following the resignation of Graham Cotterill from the Parish Council
7. To receive the quarterly report from the Environment and Neighbourhood Officer for Cowes, Gurnard and Northwood (Paper B)
8. Town and Country Planning
a. To approve the Minutes of the meeting of the Planning Sub Committee held on 3 August 2010 (Paper C)

b. To consider the following applications received and make comments in accordance with the guidance for material planning considerations listed at
i. TCP/ 05982/K Hillisgate Riding Stables, Hillis Gate Road, Newport, PO30 5UB – Proposed stable block and         tack room
ii. TCP/11391/L land adjacent 263 Newport Road, Cowes, PO31 – Replacement of planning permission (P/00143/08 – TCP/11391/K: single storey inductrial building to include offices, kitchen, wc and storage area, parking and turning area) in order to extend the time limit for implementation
iii. A/00035/J BAE Systems (Defence Systems) Ltd, Newport Road, Cowes, PO31 8PF – 2 double sided pole mounted signs with illuminated logo sign and non-illuminated information sign for approved foodstore
c. To note the decisions taken by the Local Planning Authority since the last meeting of the Planning Committee –
i. TCP/03487/C Meda, Medham Farm Lane, Cowes – Conditional Planning Permission for the demolition of conservatory; single storey extension to side and rear to include dormer window on east and west elevations; porch; chimney stack (revised scheme)
ii. TCP/21760/Y BAE Systems (Defence Systems) Ltd, Newport Road, Cowes – Refusal of Planning Permission for the removal of Condition 23 on P/01589/09 – TCP/21760/X which restricts the times of deliveries to/dispatches from the approved retail foodstore
iii. TCP/28442/A land at 66 Nodes Road, Cowes, PO31 8AD – Refusal of Planning Permission (for the replacement of planning permission TCP/28442 – demolition of garage and porch; construction of two storey end of terrace dwelling; vehicular access) in order to extend the time limit for implementation
9. To consider what response, if any, to make with regard to the following consultations:
a. Isle of Wight Shoreline Management Plan 2 (Paper D1 – Circulated by email on 27 July)
b. The Isle Of Wight Council’s Community Governance Review of the Isle Of Wight Council Local Authority Area (Paper D2)
c. The Isle of Wight Council’s Review of the Polling Districts and Polling Places within the Constituency  of the Isle of Wight (Paper D3)
d. Consultation on Planning Applications, Notifications and Emails (Paper D4)
9. To consider the results of the Pallance Road Traffic Management Survey (Paper E)
10. To consider the Isle of Wight Council (Various Streets, IW)  (Speed Limits) Consolidation Order No 1 2010 (Paper F)
11. To consider taking part in the Green Towns project (Paper G)
12. To note the letter from the South East Region Association Forum to the Rt. Hon Eric Pickles MP, the Secretary of State regarding possible council tax referendums and the letter from Chris Borg, of NALC        (Paper H)
13. To consider the need for any action in respect of perceived potential parking problems near to the Travellers Joy (Paper I)
14. To consider undertaking a further Big Tidy Up event in Northwood
15. Working Parties
a. To establish a Precept Working Party to make recommendations for the Precept 2011/12
b. To appoint a councillor to the Village Design Statement Working Party and to approve that Mr G Cotterill be appointed as a co-opted member
16. Clerks Report
a. Finance
i. To receive the interim budget statement to the end of August 2010 and the bank reconciliation with Statement No 25 (Paper J)
ii. To authorise payment of the following cheques:
000136, Post Office Ltd, Clerks Salary for June
000137, Post Office Ltd, Clerks Salary for July
000138, £135.12, Mrs B Herbert, Clerks Expenses
000139, £28.70, Chale Parish Council, Photocopying
000140, £25.00, Mr & Mrs Thompson, Refund of allotment deposit
000141, £20.00. Mr & Mrs Wray, Refund of allotment deposit
000142, £8.00, Northwood Womens Institute, Hire of hall
000143, £158.63, Audit Commission, External Audit fee 2010
iii. Requests for Grant Funding
i. Northwood Primary School – Lunchtime Gardening Club towards the £620 cost of the supply and installation of a plug socket and light in the brick shed (Paper K1)
ii. IW Musical Competition Festival – contribution towards the general running of the Festival (Paper K2)
b. Administration
i. To consider ordering a poppy wreath for Remembrance Sunday
ii. To note that the External Auditor has completed their audit and that the information contained in the annual return was in accordance with the Audit Commission’s requirements, with no matters giving cause for concern.
iii. To consider the purchase of Standing Orders for Local Councils at a cost of £20 per copy (Paper L)
17. To receive the report of Cllr R Mazillius, the IWC Ward Member for Northwood (Paper M – to follow)
18. To receive progress reports from Working Parties (Paper N)
19. To receive an update on the IW Association of Local Councils  – Cllr K Clatworthy (Paper O)
20. To receive a report of the recent meeting of Northwood Community Partnership – Cllr Mrs B Clews-Cartwright (Paper P)
21. Correspondence.
As per list circulated to Councillors with the agenda (Paper Q)
22. Councillors’ reports
23. Future agenda items
24. To undertake a brief review of the meeting.


In accordance with Standing Order 27, any member of the public wishing to speak on an item on the agenda may speak at a Council meeting at the start of the agenda item for a period not exceeding 3 minutes. When a ‘Group’ of members of the public wish to speak on an item, they will, subject to the Chairman’s discretion be required to nominate a representative who may speak for a maximum of 3 minutes. It would assist the smooth running of the meeting if you would advise the clerk prior to the start of the meeting of your wish to speak.

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