Isle of Wight Pottery Exhibitions

Posted by Admin on 28 March 2010, 12:00 am

Lisa Dowden, of Isle of Wight Pottery, writes:

We are organising two Isle of Wight ceramic shows at the end of March.
The exhibitions will show historical and contemporary Isle of Wight ceramics. The 20th century Isle of Wight pottery exhibition will feature work by Wendy Franklin of Brickfields Pottery, a former pottery of Northwood; Gunville pottery – Isle of Wight Handcraft Pottery; Carisbrooke Pottery, John & Sheila Francis Chessell Pottery – and work from potters Islandwide – over 30 in all. We will also have representative pieces of work by Harry Pritchett of Northwood (sample image below), made by my husband Andrew Dowden, together with photographs of Pritchett Pottery.
Details are below:
Island Pottery Heritage and Contemporary Island Ceramics at Ventnor Botanic Gardens
For the second year Ventnor Botanic Gardens will host Isle of Wight ceramics exhibitions – from the past, to the present.
'At the end of a rainbow' is an historical exhibition of 20th century potters. The main aim of the exhibition is to keep the Island's pottery heritage to the fore, and to inform the public.
First held in March 2009, 'At the end of a rainbow' was very well attended, with visitors amazed at the number of potters there had been on the Isle of Wight. A great diversity of work was produced throughout the 20th century and the organisers, Andrew and Lisa Dowden, hope to introduce different examples of work by makers each year. Andrew and Lisa also encourage current Island potters, and some contemporary Isle of Wight ceramic makers' work will also be on show.
'At the end of a rainbow' will include displays of traditional wheel-thrown pottery, sculptures, modelled animals, wall plaques and abstract forms, photographs, information, and a slideshow of pieces from private collections. Potters featured include work by: Wendy Franklin (Brickfields Pottery), Joe Lester, John and Sheila Francis' Chessell Porcelain, Isle of Wight Handcraft Pottery, (Gunville), Martyn Gilchrist Bembridge Pottery, Bonchurch Pottery, Seaview Pottery, Yellowsands Pottery . . . and many more.

A carpenter for twenty years, Andrew Dowden was inspired to take up ceramics during research of the Isle of Wight pottery book, 'A Century of Ceramics'. Meeting Island potters and watching them at work gave him an appreciation of the whole making process.

'Turning Point', the second exhibition at Ventnor Botanic Garden, is a solo exhibition of Andrew's individually-designed ceramics. Hand-carved and textured surfaces are the main distinctive feature of his work, and many people have remarked that the tactile finish of the carved clay reminds them of carved wood.

Ideas for Andrew's ceramics are inspired by the Island's surrounding sea and countryside, tracks made by man, machine, and by nature, leaving their imprint on the earth. Architecture, engineering, and machinery also inspire, and add further interest to his designs. Work on show at 'Turning Point' will include standing forms, ceramic tile panels and ceramic wall plaques.

'Turning Point' will be held in the Echium Terrace Room, and 'At the end of a rainbow' will be held in the Canna Room, both at Ventnor Botanic Garden, on Saturday, 27th and Sunday, 28th March 2010, 10 am to 5 pm.


Further details from:

Tel: 01983 867505



Andrew Dowden Hand-built hand-carved slab form:

Andrew Dowden Hand-built to illustrate work of Harry Pritchett:

Andrew Dowden hand-carved tile panel:

Andrew Dowden wheel forms:

Isle of Wight Handcraft Pottery 1926-1938:

Isle of Wight Pottery on display 2009:

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