A message from Revd Lyn McRostie

Posted by Admin on 20 January 2007, 12:00 am

Lately I’ve become fascinated by a TV programme which deals with junk. The presenters make good and useful articles out of other people’s discarded scrap. Whether it’s a rusty old nail, battered and varnished wood, even the kitchen sink – everything is stored for re-use. Frankly I’m amazed by what can be salvaged from so much rubbish but in these people’s hands even the most unlikely items can be given new life. When they look at an item they don’t see the past, its former use and its present failure. Instead they see only its potential. They work with the material and then, polished and refined, perhaps brought together with something else, a whole new article is created.

It’s a vision and understanding which gives me hope about life, my own life and the lives of others, especially people who feel they may be discarded or rejected. For no matter what has happened, no matter if someone has said that all a person is fit for is the scrap heap, there is another view. In this coming season of Lent Christians reflect and meditate on the life of a man who was profoundly rejected by so many of those around him but whose death and resurrection has given new life and hope to many others. In that Easter event we learn not to focus on rejection but on hope, to know that good may come from the places of greatest darkness. And for ourselves, if we can say yes to God in the places where we are most vulnerable, most rejected, and allow Christ to touch us there then we too may begin to be healed and our lives transformed so that the beauty contained within us shines out in a new and glorious way.


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