A message from Revd Lyn McRostie – September 2006

Posted by Admin on 25 August 2006, 12:00 am

The Rectory
Chawton Lane

It’s lovely to be here at long last and to be settling into the Rectory. I’ve had a superb introduction to the Island with glorious weather and the kindness of many whom I hope in the future will grow to become friends.

As I’m sure you will appreciate, moving house and job can be very character forming. At times I have felt like the proverbial duck, seemingly serene on the surface but scrabbling like heck underneath – most recently trying to empty the house of boxes and to organise my study, my books and my papers before the welcome services and the formal authorization for me to begin my ministry here. (I have a great deal of sympathy for the incoming Archdeacon who will be carrying out her unpacking just as I begin to breathe a little more easily from all the chaos.)

I am enormously grateful for the very practical help I have been given and for the warmth of my welcome as I settle in. I hope to express my thanks by having a barbecue and “at home” in the first few weeks after I officially begin. I will let you know the date as soon as possible. It will be an open invitation to everyone, whether or not we shall have met in the meantime, and you will all be most welcome.

Starting out in a new ministry is both exciting and challenging. There is much to discover, much to learn, on all sides. For myself, I am delighted to be returning to parish ministry after a period working with people preparing for ordained ministry in the Anglican and Methodist churches.  Our approach was contextual, valuing the richness and diversity of the experiences the students brought to their training and beginning from the point where they actually were as they started the course. We trained people from across the spectrum of church traditions and approaches, people who had long been Christians and people who were much newer in the faith, people from rural areas and people from the inner-city; all had so much to offer to God, to each other and to their communities. I was a member of the teaching staff but I learned much from these students who gave so generously in their energy, engagement and commitment.

While preparing this I remembered the words of the writer John Powell who says “there is an old Christian tradition that God sends each person into this world with a special message to deliver, with a special song to sing for others, with a special act of love to bestow” and then continues “No one else can speak my message, or sing my song, or offer my act of love. These are entrusted only to me.” I am looking forward to discovering the riches, the treasures and the gifts in this community as we worship and work together and enrich each others’ lives. I trust that my ministry here will be able to be a blessing to you all as I am sure that you will all bless me.

May God’s peace be with you


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