A message from Rita Goddard, Lay Minister

Posted by Admin on 30 January 2010, 12:00 am

“Snow and ice cause travel chaos! Many peoples’ journeys are disrupted!”

These words almost became part of our staple diet in the early days of the New Year of 2010. How did you fare? For me personally it just meant that any journey I undertook involved more walking and with a little more caution than usual. There were also, though, the times when my routine journeys became more stressful as I tried to avoid the car slipping on the frozen ice, especially along Gurnard seafront not wanting to end up in the Solent!

The news coverage, the constant attention to weather forecasting whether on the radio, TV or computer and my own experience caused me at some point to reflect that our lives are made up of journeys. There are the obvious journeys, those made to get to and from our destination. Often we use public transport to make such journeys and that can be bus, train, plane or as Islanders ferries. We make these journeys to travel to work or school, to do the shopping or to see the family. We also make similar journeys as we take that well-earned break, looking forward to appreciating the lifestyle of other countries, of marvelling at their beautiful yet different scenery and customs, of enjoying a holiday in a different environment to the one we normally live in. And that doesn’t necessarily mean travelling overseas. There are many beautiful places we can journey to in our own country.

These are, what I call, the physical journeys of life. What about other journeys of life, though? Indeed what about the whole journey of life itself? As people carefully negotiated frozen pavements during the severe winter weather, it was often apparent that they were intent on taking one step at a time. The journey of life is just like that. It’s a journey where we take one step and one day at a time. Our experiences in life are like the different parts of a journey. Yes, we are all on a journey. For some, the journey will be full of great things – rewarding careers, loving family, active social lives. Sometimes it may feel as if life just couldn’t get any better. Others may have grown weary and hold little hope for what each day may bring. Still many others are probably somewhere in-between.

The choices we make along the way greatly affect our journey. Each choice has an impact on our lives and the lives of those around us. And the most important choice we will ever make on this journey is the choice we make about our relationship with God. As we journey through life it is good to remember to take each step carefully, to travel light and to remember the need for something or someone to guide us. Just as ancient sailors used the stars to help them navigate and modern explorers use maps, Christians look to the Bible to guide them through life.

In this connection, we would like to invite you to join with us on another journey. February 17th 2010 is Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent in the church’s calendar. How about accompanying us as we journey through Lent into Holy Week and Easter by joining one of our Lent courses which will take place each week from the 25th February 2010? Look out for further details in this magazine. Wherever you are on your own journey, straightforward events, the interplay of divine and human actions, troubling and joyful experiences – all play a part in a journey of faith.

With every blessing




Do you know of someone who would appreciate a visit by the church? Or would you, yourself, like to meet and talk with someone from the church? Please let Lyn know or contact one of the Churchwardens whose details are given in Northwood News and in the Parish Church Officers section of this website. We’re happy to meet with you, to bring communion to you if you cannot come to church – or to explore with you if you just want to know more about the Christian faith. We are always here for you – because that’s what we’re about!

Lyn McRostie

Rector of Northwood.

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