A message from the Rev’d Amanda Collinson

Posted by Admin on 23 August 2015, 5:33 pm

Amanda Collinson


St John the Baptist Church



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Hello there!
So, if I was my old self I would be getting really excited as we step into September because this is the month when the Rugby World Cup starts!  In my old life I would have probably got a number of tickets for some games, arranged some get-togethers with friends and ensured I have a good supply of Guinness in the fridge……but things have certainly changed since I was in the Telstra Stadium in Sydney, Australia on that amazing November night in 2003 watching the brilliant Jonny Wilkinson kick that drop goal to win England the World Cup!
Back then I was a young (!!) Lieutenant in the Royal Navy, single, with a whole world of spare time and significant disposable income…..now I am happily married to a wonderful man, the Mum of two brilliant children and doing an amazing job, but have little spare time and no savings!!!! Things change – by goodness they do!
As the song goes – Times they are a changing! But do I look back with a sigh? Definitely not – not only because my life now is so much more richer than my past one in so many ways but also because however much I could pine for my past life I will never get it back. Because quite simply whether we like it or not time continues to tick and seasons come and go: However strong (physically or willed) you may be, clever in all other means or simply in denial, time and season will stop for no one.
Some of you may be rejoicing with your current life, and for those of you who are I rejoice with you.  But some of you may be looking back with a heavy heart, and wish you could stop and reverse time.  This could be for a myriad of reasons, and I cannot even begin to imagine how you feel, but what I do know is we can acknowledge what was before but must not forget what we have now.  We have to accept where we are, however hard it may be and if possible, as I am, embrace what you have now, embrace what you are experiencing now (if nothing else to honour those who cannot enjoy the present) and celebrate that we can still experience the seasons changing.
Because reality is – we need to embrace change – I wouldn’t be sitting here as your local Church of England priest had it not changed to accept female priests!  I wouldn’t have gone to sea and served in a war had the Royal Navy not changed its policies. I wouldn’t be using a laptop, internet, mobiles etc if the scientists and inventors of the time had just stopped at typewriters, encyclopaedias and landline phones.
Now don’t panic we will still be having a Carol Service at Christmas, but I do not want to sit and not move when the rest of the world continues forward.  We discussed at a Churches Together meeting recently that all the churches in Cowes are going through some kind of change and we all agreed that whilst we may rather not move from what we know and like, we all may find and encounter something that we like even more!  And I am sure it is the same for many companies, organisations, schools and many more groups in our area….
So as you see the leaves starting to change this month, have a look at your life and see what you may need to change: however frightening it may be, give it a go and know that you will be in my thoughts and prayers this month.  I will be praying for positive change – on our island, in our town, in our churches and in our lives.
Wishing you every blessing you need this month,
Rev’d Amanda.


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