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Posted by Admin on 28 August 2016, 2:28 pm

Amanda Collinson


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Hello there!


‘Are you ready?’
How often have you seen these words or perhaps said or heard this phrase? As a Mum of two young boys I say this phrase every day around 8am as I try to get myself and the boys out of the door for the school run, however I hear it in so many other places and in different scenarios – cooking and eating a meal, commencing a church service, at the tills in Aldi, starting a race…..all the way to solicitors checking whether you are ready for death! Even Google is asking me the question this evening as I type this letter – apparently there is the 2016 Doodle Fruit Games in the latest Google app: dear Lord, and no, I have no idea what it means!
This phrase reminds me of a sketch comedian Michael McIntyre does about trying to leave the house when you have children.  Whilst he is a little frenetic in his performance, it is hilarious, true, and hysterical – I would suggest you look it up on YouTube if you haven’t seen it! In it he describes, in his most comedic style, the process of getting his family ‘ready’ to go out in the car and every time James and I are running out of the door trying to herd the boys into the car I think about this sketch and inwardly smile.
But the reality is we have never been more aware of time, or indeed been able to be ready than any other time in history – everything we have has the time on it: our watches (those of us who still wear them!), our phones, all electronic tablets, TVs, set top boxes, I could go on and on. And yet how many times have we had to ring on our mobiles telling the people we are meeting that we are on our way but may be a few minutes late!!!
We are cramming so much in our week, our day, our hours that we are fearful of not saving space and time for ourselves, for those important to us, and for those of us who have a faith – for God.  There are a number of stories in the bible about ‘being ready’: for noticing when God plays a role in our lives, for when we have an opportunity to serve others and serve God, for His return, to name a few.  And so, all Christians should be living their lives ‘ready’, but actually I think we all should be like this otherwise we may miss out.
We have just had a great experience at our first family camp in Corfe, now our eldest has begun his Scouting journey. I loved my time in Guiding and Scouting and was heartened to find out that the motto of the latter hasn’t changed from when I was a girl – ‘Be prepared’ is what the youngsters are told to be, but how much would we benefit if we all kept to that motto: as the quote on the front cover of this month’s Northwood News says, ‘The secret of success is to be ready when your opportunity comes.’ Disraeli said it, God tells us repeatedly, our nearest and dearest I am sure are regularly saying it – we need to be ready, for all adventures that lie ahead!
Young or old, active or frail, we all have adventures ahead and opportunities to try new or different things every day, whether you want to believe and acknowledge it or not, all we have to do is be ready for them and perhaps be prepared to challenge ourselves to move out of our comfort zones and do something we don’t normally do.
So as the children get ready to start a new year and perhaps a new school this month, why don’t you join the ‘getting ready’ gang and look for all the opportunities that pass your way. And most importantly don’t shy away from any open door, any challenge or something new – as the poster in the hallway of the Rectory says, “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass but about learning to dance in the rain.”
Wishing you every blessing for whatever adventures you are getting ready for this month,

Rev’d Amanda.


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