A message from the Rev’d Diana Netherway, Assistant Curate

Posted by Admin on 25 April 2014, 12:12 am


At last, spring is here! We have the warmth of the sun after the chilly and wet, wet winter. Flowers are peeking out of the ground and new life is sprouting forth from the trees and hedgerows of our beautiful Island with its motto `ALL THIS BEAUTY IS OF GOD`.
In the Church Calendar, we have, so far, made the journey from Christmas and the humble birth of the baby Jesus in a stable in Bethlehem, and all the events and celebrations that surround that particular time in the life of both Christians and non-believers.
In the penitential season of Lent we prepared for Holy Week and the journey with Jesus on the road to Calvary. Then came the most important season in the Christian Year, Easter Day when we remembered and celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus from the tomb. Sadly though, among all our celebrations, we tend to forget the enormous sacrifice Jesus made for us. For many folk, easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, hot- cross buns and easter biscuits are the most important thing. Often the true meaning of Easter is rejected, misunderstood or completely lost.

It was a time of great sadness when we think what suffering and agony Jesus endured for us, right through from entering Jerusalem, to the Last Supper and to the day he was crucified, to that glorious morning when it was discovered he had risen fromthe dead, and IS ALIVE and REIGNS FOREVER in Heaven!
That was a great and exciting time in the Christian Calendar then and of course it is still so today. The Resurrection of Jesus was a new beginning for Christians at that time, and so began the Christian church.
Right through to this day we have so very much to celebrate! Therefore, as we munch on any easter eggs we have left, let`s remember that the hollow ones are meant to represent the empty tomb, and more importantly, that through Jesus` Life, Death and Resurrection, we have the sure hope of eternal life. ALLELUIA! CHRIST IS RISEN, HE IS RISEN INDEED! ALLELUIA !


If Easter Be Not True

by Henry H. Barstow

If Easter be not true,
Then all the lilies low must lie;
The Flanders poppies fade and die;
The spring must lose her fairest bloom
For Christ were still within the tomb
If Easter be not true.
If Easter be not true,
The faith must mount on broken wing;
Then hope no more immortal spring;
Then love must lose her mighty urge;
Life prove a phantom, death a dirge
If Easter be not true.
If Easter be not true,
‘Twere foolishness the cross to bear;
He died in vain Who suffered there;
What matter though we laugh or cry,
Be good or evil, live or die,
If Easter be not true?
If Easter be not true
But it is true, and Christ is risen!
And mortal spirit from its prison
Of sin and death with Him may rise!
Worthwhile the struggle, sure the prize,
Since Easter, aye, is true!

Many blessings


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