A message from The Rev’d Keith Adlam, Associate Priest.

Posted by Admin on 21 August 2009, 12:00 am

Word associations are used in a number of contexts.  For example as a party game, by the medical profession in assessing some types of illnesses, or by those running training seminars.  So here goes. What comes to mind when you read the words apple, blackberry, orange, banana?

Does the word “apple” give us a picture of sleek plastic and chrome with lots of clever software to use?  Or is it, especially at this time of year, a picture of orchards with trees of heavy hanging branches laden with crisp and delicious fruit.

And when someone says “blackberry”, do we have a rush to the head with virtual thoughts of emails, deadlines, documents and settings and schedules and coverage and battery life and a load of whizzy things that can be done in the palm of our hands?  What about this delicious soft fruit available for picking on many hedgerows (while driving along the Cowes to Newport road last Sunday I saw two people doing just that). An ideal “partner” for the apples.

What about “orange”? Is it free minutes, unlimited texts, Internet connections and the latest upgrades? As an alternative we could think citrus thoughts; the appeal of slowly peeling skin, the making of marmalade.

And bananas aren’t just for slipping on when we commit a gaffe.  Instead they are a high-energy fruit that, for me at least, can be served with hot or cold custard.

In his letter to the church at Galatia, Paul describes a life full of God as being characterised by fruitfulness: “love, joy, peace, patience and kindness” which will grow and be seen and enjoyed by others. A lot of people reading this letter have returned from holidays, while others might have them to look forward to. With so many technologies alluding to nature in their logos and names, wouldn’t it be good if, on returning from our holidays (or, if you’re unable to log-off while away, then even during your holiday), we had these biblical fruits in mind as we email and text our way through each day?

One other thought occurs to me.  The fruits we enjoy so much can be shared with others.  Sharing the characteristics of fruitfulness can also be shared.  It could be our autumn experiment.

God’s blessing on you all

Associate Priest

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