A message from The Rev’d Lyn McRostie, Rector of Northwood – October 2011

Posted by Admin on 25 September 2011, 11:16 am


Prayer for Copenhagen and Creation

The year is slowly turning. Once again we are in the Harvest Season and as we gather the fruits of the earth we hear on the news of the unfolding food crisis in Somalia and the Horn of Africa. The world’s leading governments promised to halve extreme poverty and hunger by 2015 and to ensure environmental sustainability. There is still a long way to go to achieve these goals and we all have a part to play. Perhaps some of these prayers might help as you decide how you might help bring them about (these are from www.micahchallenge.org the Micah challenge website which monitors progress towards these goals.


Creator God, We thank you for the beauty of your Creation, and for giving us the privilege of caring for it. We confess that we have not cared for the earth with the self-sacrificing and nurturing love that you require of us. We mourn the broken relationships in creation. We repent for our part in causing the current environmental crisis that has led to climate change.


Faithful God, sustainer of all – we pray with hope, because you are already at work through Christ to reconcile all of creation to Yourself and to renew all things.
Loving God, help us to turn our lives around to be people of restoration. Help us build just relationships among human beings and with the rest of creation. Help us to live sustainably, rejecting consumerism and the exploitation of creation.


God of justice, give us courage and persistence to work for justice for those most affected by environmental degradation and climate change.


God of mercy, hear the cry of the poor who are already suffering and will continue to suffer water and food shortages and who will be displaced by climate change.


Creator God, give us your Spirit to work together to restore your creation and to hand on a safe environment and climate to our children and theirs. Let our care for creation be our act of worship and obedience to you. Your kingdom come, and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.



With every blessing




Last month’s edition of Northwood News marked a handing over of the editor’s green visor and electronic pen. We say farewell to Alan Welfoot, our retiring editor, who has given generously of his time and skills – thank you, Alan, for all that you have done and for so often going the extra mile.

We welcome Sara Truckel who has generously offered to take up the role. Thank you Sara; we’re very grateful and we look forward to many editions under your guidance.


Do you know of someone who would appreciate a visit by the church? Or would you, yourself, like to meet and talk with someone from the church? Please let Lyn know or contact one of the Churchwardens whose details are given in Northwood News and in the Parish Church Officers section of this website.

We’re happy to meet with you, to bring communion to you if you cannot come to church – or to explore with you if you just want to know more about the Christian faith. We are always here for you – because that’s what we’re about!

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