Carisbrooke Priory

Posted by Admin on 19 May 2006, 12:00 am

Almost daily we read in the newspaper of a new theory or conspiracy, questioning the most fundamental values of our Christian Faith. How we think and react to these challenges depends very much on our own experiences and belief in Jesus as our Saviour and Healer.

Every Thursday at noon the chapel in Carisbrooke Priory is normally packed. Packed with people believing that Jesus can and will heal broken hearts, bodies and minds. To some – strong in their Christian Faith – there will be no doubt. For others it may be a desperate hope that their pain will ease and their anxieties will go away – when shared and taken to the Lord in prayer. This weekly ‘Open Door’ service is led by people from different churches, with prayers for healing. The service is followed by a buffet lunch and the opportunity to attend afternoon groups. On other days of the week there are occasional courses, Quiet Days and special events.

It was in 1991 that a small group of Christians took on the awesome responsibility for Carisbrooke Priory. Although they were short of money, they were strong in Faith. Believing that whilst it was and still is a ‘shared responsibility’ – God was and still is the Authority. The ‘Priory Story’ story began in the early seventies when a Mrs Helen Rawlings had a dream experience in which it is believed God showed her a future place for Christian healing – a place which would be located – on a hill. After some twenty-five years the vision finally became reality. St Dominic’s Priory, Carisbrooke, I.W. was identified by Helen as the building in her dream. A Priory which was neither known nor seen by Helen, until the very time the Nuns had left and it had become empty. All Helen had to do now was to bring together and convince that small group of Island Christians.

In recent years the Priory has become important to Brian and myself – as well as other residents in Northwood. We are truly grateful for the spiritual and healing-help that we received. It is therefore pleasing that Northwood Church is to be formally affiliated to Carisbrooke Priory. If, as the nominated ‘Link’ between the Parochial Church Council and the Priory, I can help anyone with further information or advice please let me know. If you would like to attend a ‘Thursday midday service’ and are nervous about attending for the first time, or you need transport, then maybe I can help.

For those who have personally experienced the Divine Power and Presence at Carisbrooke Priory, no new conspiracy theory is likely to affect their Faith and belief in Jesus as their Saviour and Healer.

Brenda Drake
Tel: 01983 292980

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