Friends of Northwood Church

Posted by Admin on 30 July 2009, 12:00 am



12th June 2009 at St John the Baptist Church, Chawton Lane, Northwood.

1. The President (The Rector, the Rev'd Lyn McRostie) opened the meeting, thanking those who had attended.

2. Apologies:

Tressa Lambert, Roger Mazillius, Caroline Price, Pauline Pledge, Evelyn Nevin, Pat Lambert, Brian Fox, Mr and Mrs C Jones.

3. Minutes of the Meeting on 21st April 2009 between the President and the Chairman (Jay Shipley) setting up the Friends of Northwood Church (FoNCh).

Approved with no objections.

4. Chairman’s Report:

The Chairman presented her Report summarising the membership, funding and activities since the formation of the FoNCh.  She thanked everyone who had contributed towards making them a success and outlined the events currently planned for this year including the Photographic Competition, Quiz Night and Race Night.

These will be publicised through the press and the village website. The offer by one of the members of FoNCh to pay for the hire of the W.I. Hall for the Quiz Night and Race Night was accepted with a vote of thanks for the generosity of the member in question. 

5. Financial Report and Accounts:

The position of Treasurer being vacant, the Chairman presented the accounts up to the end of April 2009 including the balances held in the Business Account and Business Reserve Account. It was agreed that the Chairman should be authorised to spend such sums as may be required to fund the legitimate activities of FoNCh (Prop. Jill Mazillius, Sec. Peter Lambert).  The accounts were approved (Prop. John Reynolds, Sec. Jacquie Pearce).

6. Election of Officers:

Deputy President :  (no other nominations) John Reynolds (Prop. Jacquie Pearce, Sec. Jill Mazillius)
Chairman :  (no other nominations)  Jay Shipley (Prop. Jill Mazillius, Sec. Peter Lambert)
Vice-Chairman : no nominations
Secretary : (no other nominations) Jacquie Pearce (Prop. Sarah Taylor, Sec. Jay Shipley)
Treasurer : no nominations
Committee members :  no nominations

7. Any Other Business:

Methods of advertising FoNCh and fund-raising activities were discussed.

8. Date of next Annual General Meeting:

Friday 11th June 2010 at 7pm

The President closed the meeting and thanked all who had taken part, noting that a small seed can lead in time to greater things.

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