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Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 18th November 2008
at Northwood Primary School

Alan Chick Vice Chairman – Opened the meeting at 6pm

Present – Mr. A. Chick, Mrs A. Jonas (Treasurer), Mr. J. Pullen, PCSO S. Oatley, Mr. N. Thearle,  Mrs P.Jardine, ~Councillor R. Mazillius. Mr P. Fuller joined the meeting at approximately 6.15.

Apologies – Were received from Colin and Eileen Palmerton, and Dave Miller,

Item 1 – Minutes of the last were agreed after the omission was read and then signed by A. Chick.

Item 2 – Police & Neighbourhood Watch

 PCSO S. Oatley reported there were very few incidents over the last month. Two burglaries at “The Horseshoe Inn” – culprit arrested. Two vehicle incidents – both drivers arrested and disqualified. One case of  lead being taken from Somerton Industrial Estate, person arrested. Two incidents of rowdy and inconsiderate behaviour. Persons spoken to.  Monitoring is continuing. Steve also spoke of the measures taken at Somerton Park & Ride to eliminate future damage and theft to vehicles.  R. Mazillius reported an incident in Oxford Street, where a youngster tried the inner door of a porch. Details were passed to Steve.
 J. Pullen then reported on Neighbourhood Watch. At a recent AGM of the Neighbourhood  Watch a speaker spoke about Smart Water. It is hoped to get some funding for this project which can DNA valuable items in your property. At the moment it costs £17 but talks are in progress to get  this reduced. John will report on progress.

Item 3 – Secretary’s Report

Was read out by A. Jonas in the absence of E. Palmerton. Letters being received from J. Pullen resigning from Northwood Community Partnership, he will however still attend and give a report on Neighbourhood Watch and a letter from Northwood WI with thanks for the donation of £100.

Item 4 – Treasurers Report

  A. Jonas passed round an updated balance sheet. Figures were passed unanimously.

Item 5 – Councillor’s Report

As there is an eight page report coming to us all next week, there were just a couple of items brought to our attention.  One – the planning application at number14 Pallance Road. This 
has been conditionally approved but R Mazillius and several others will attend the planning meeting next week to voice their opinions. Secondly – if you have land that you consider suitable for housing then you have to get in touch with the Planning Authority. Two possible sites have been proposed – the fields behind houses in Wyatts Lane and the field between Wyatts Close and Pallance Road. An Island in the middle of Nodes Road to allow people to  get across the  road safely to the bus stop has been turned down as the road is too narrow but  thoughts that a Zebra Crossing could be installed.  Roger was also a North American Indian for a week at Northwood School recently.He said it was great fun.

Item 6 – Northwood in Bloom

 J Pullen reported that the Northwood signs have been replaced  and all the tubs planted.There were also cards to be signed, these going to Ron Willis and George Pimm thanking them both for all their hard work.

Item 7 – Medham Report

 As there was not a  representative in attendance, R. Mazillius told us that the Residents Community Committee had lodged a complaint with the Council saying that the final inspection of the surface of the roads were not properly conducted, making the drains unable to cope with the heavy rain.
 This has been denied by the Council saying that not many drains could  cope with the flash floods of  late.  Medham’s Residents Community Committee have yet to reply.

Item 8 – New Constitution

 P Fuller passed round the new version of  Northwood Community Partnership’s Constitution. 
Several issues were raised from the first version.  One – Ward Councillors voting. Two – Public Liability Insurance.Three – Item 5, 4th Row Down. Paul is to refine the constitution and distribute it to the committee members before the next committee so that they can peruse this at their leisure, consider this fully at the next committee meeting and to be formerly adopted at the AGM.

Item 9 – Meeting Date for Director of Highways

 R. Mazillius to take all dates to the Highways department to see which is more suitable to them.

Item 10 – Future Agenda Items

The New Constitution.

Item 11 – Date of next Meeting


There being no other business the Vice Chairman closed the meeting at 7.20pm thanking all present.




Signed…………………………………………Chairman    ……………………………….Date

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