Northwood Community Partnership

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1.    The Partnership shall be known as the Northwood Community Partnership.

2.    The aims and objectives of the Partnership are:

To work together for the benefit of the village.

To facilitate and assist individual organisations, undertaking their own projects and to undertake joint projects where applicable.

To involve and consult the local community, other organisations and bodies when necessary to achieve the aims and objectives.

To access funding, to achieve the aims and objectives of the Partnership.

To assist the completion of any projects contained within the Parish Plan,felt to be appropriate by the Partnership.

3.    The Partnership will be advisory to the Northwood Parish Council.

4.    The membership of the Partnership will comprise:

Voting Members.

Voting Membership is open to organisations and constituent groups in Northwood, who support the objectives of the Partnership, have attended
at least two consecutive meetings and have been voted upon by the current members.

Up to twoParish Councillors nominated by the Parish Council.

Officers of the Partnership, if not representing an organisation or
constituent group.

Voting Members are expected to be represented at all Partnership meetings. If apologies or absences are not approved by the committee for two consecutive Partnership meetings, a warning will be issued.
After the third consecutive missed meeting, the Voting Member  will be removed from the voting membership.

A member so removed will not be eligible to apply for reinstatement to Voting Membership until the third meeting following such removal.

the current list of Voting Members are listed as Appendix 1, as   from time to time amended.

Votes will be made by the organisations named.

Community Members (without voting rights).

A representative from the Hampshire Constabulary.-

Community  Membership will be open to all residents and    organisations in Northwood.

5.  Meetings and decision making:

Meetings will be on the fourth working Tuesday of each month.

The Annual General Meeting will be held in April.

The quorum for any meeting shall consist of one third of the current Voting Members, rounded down.

The Partnership may approve any changes to these Terms of Reference at the Annual  General Meeting or at a “Special Meeting” to be called, with at least two weeks notice.

Decisions to remove or add Voting Members may be made at any meeting.

Decisions made by the Partnership shall be minuted and distributed to all members of the Partnership within two weeks of the date of the meeting.

6.  Steering Committee

A Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer (the officers) and members shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting or at a “Special Meeting” to be called with at least two weeks notice, to serve until the next AGM.

A request for early termination of a term of office will only be upheld if it is made by a majority of Voting Members.

The Chairman may appoint two additional Project Chairmen, who, with the officers, will       form a working party. The working party will meet as needed, but will not have power to      decide for the Partnership unless specifically delegated to do so.

7.  Financial/Accounting Policy.

fiscal year shall be the calendar year.

All funds of the Partnership shall be held in a bank account, from which distribution shall require two out of four authorised signatures.

Accounts are to be prepared regularly by the Treasurer and approved by the Partnership.

An annual review shall be made by an independent examiner, and the results presented at the AGM.

Purchases over £100 from Partnership funds, made directly or from grants, require three bids wherever possible.

8.  Notice re Liability.

The Northwood Community Partnership holds Public Liability Insurance for the purpose of safeguarding the Community Partnership, its assets (and usage of ) and volunteers undertaking authorised duties.

Appendix 1:  Voting Members:

Should comprise of representatives from  the following associations, organisations and groups.

Northwood Scouts and affiliated groups.

Northwood Village Women’s Institutes.

The Friends of Northwood Cemetery.

Northwood Village Produce Association and Northwood in Bloom

Northwood Neighbourhood Watch.

Northwood Youth.

Northwood Parish Church.

Northwood Parish Council.

Northwood Primary School and Northwood Playgroup.

Northwood Senior Citizens.

Medina Housing Tenants Association Representative.

Northwood Farming Community

Northwood Business Community

The Isle of Wight Councillor for Northwood

Members without association to any of the above organisations.


24th February 2009

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