Northwood Community Partnership

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Minutes of Meeting held on Tuesday 26th January 2010
At the W. I. Hall, Northwood
Present: –  C Palmerton  (Chairman),  A Chick (Vice Chairman),  J Pullen,  PCSO S Oatley, 
            Dr. C Jackson , Mrs.  A Jonas,  Mrs. E Palmerton (Secretary)

In Attendance: –   Sgt J Cocks, (Police)

Apologies: –       P.Fuller,  D Miller,  Mrs. J Darby (ENO), Mrs. J Knight, Mrs. P Jardine,  N Thearle. Miss S Lambert.
The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.48pm, welcoming all present, especially Sgt Cocks.
Declaration of Interest: –  Nil.
1. Minutes of Last Meeting:-
Prior to this meeting the minutes of the last meeting had been circulated to all members.

 J Pullen referred to the 2 wheel barrows that were found. As nobody has claimed them, he suggested that they be donated to the Allotments. All agreed. Proposed by J Pullen, seconded
Mrs. Jonas, the Chairman signed the minutes.

2.  Police & Neighborhood Watch Reports:- 
PCSO  S Oatley said that the Street Mapping had commenced in Northwood. There has been a very good feedback – 60% from Greenways, Greenways Close and 40% from Venner Avenue and Horseshoe Close area. The whole operation takes around 6 months to finalize the data. A Newsletter will be distributed every 6 months from the Safer Neighborhoods Team. The next
issue (which will be delivered to every household) will focus on Northwood and the priorities that have been put forward by the residents.   S Oatley also said that February is “Scam busters”
month . Any ‘scam mail’ received should be placed in boxes. (? Northwood Stores). There is also a ‘Partners Against Crime’ event being held on Saturday February 20th 2010, at the Medina Theatre.
J Pullen reported that there are still a great deal of residents letting their dogs foul the pavements around the village and the Venner Avenue Play Park and NOT clearing up after them. Mrs. Darby(ENO) and the Dog Wardens have been patrolling the village. Dog owners are reminded that they face a ‘fixed penalty’ notice if they are caught not clearing the fouling. It was pointed out that there are a lot of ‘Dog Bins’ round the village. The cost of emptying is paid from the Parish precept.

3.  Secretary/Treasurer Report:-
Mrs. Palmerton reported that a letter had been received from the Northwood Parish Council, in answer to our requests. They have given retrospective permission for the planting of the ‘Parish Council Troughs’ and also granted £100.00 towards the plants.  P. Fuller has been appointed as a voting member representing The Parish Council, as stated in the NCP ‘Terms of Reference’ point 4. Also they asked for point 3 to be deleted. These requests were agreed by the meeting.   The Secretary read out a letter received from the Northwood W.I. informing of a rise in rental from 1st January 2010 by 50pence per hour. This was agreed. The Secretary handed round a copy of the accounts. Proposed by Mrs. Jonas, seconded J Pullen, the report was accepted. The Secretary read out relevant parts of a report from the IOW Councillor.

4. Northwood In Bloom:-
The Chairman reported that the edges of the grass verges in Uplands Road had been cleared by
the IOW Council, but the wooded fence posts have not been repaired. The new bollard is in place at Venner Avenue end of the footpath to Greenways.  A resident in Nodes Road has agreed to tend the troughs either side of the bus shelter. J Pullen said he would look after the
troughs at the Horseshoe. The fence is still an issue in Newport Road. The Secretary said she would contact the IOW Council (now the weather is improving) to see what action can be taken. All the ‘Million Blooms’ gardens will be tidied when the weather permits.  There is still no news regarding ‘Wight in Bloom’.

5. Amendment to Northwood Community Partnership Constitution:-
This item was dealt with in the Secretary’s Report.   

6.  Village Day and Fund Raising Event:-
A great deal of discussion took place regarding this event. Many very good ideas were expressed.
It was felt that this event could not be staged this year, due to the small number of Committee members and the amount of planning that needs to be done. A Chick was thanked for his ideas and he said he would follow up a grant that may be available from the BBC. Sgt Cocks said that for a big event there would be a cost for Policing. The Secretary said she would try to get some information from Gurnard regarding a firework display. This project will still stay ‘live’.

7. Ideas for Future Projects:-
The Chairman asked if anyone had any ideas for future projects. It was suggested that the residents should be consulted via the Northwood Village Website and the Northwood News. J Pullen said he would place it on the forum section of the site.

8. Future Agenda Items:-
The fence in Uplands Road
The fence in Newport Road
State of the roads.

9.  Date of next Meeting:-
The next meeting will be held on

There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 9 .30pm, thanking all for their attendance.




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