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Minutes of Meeting held on Tuesday 28th September, 2010
At the W. I. Hall, Northwood
Present: –       A. Chick (Vice Chairman), N. Thearle, C. Palmerton,  J. Pullen, P. Clews-Cartwright,P Fuller, Mrs. P. Jardine, Mrs. B. Clews-Cartwright, Mrs. A Jonas, Mrs. K Ellis, Mrs. E. Palmerton (Secretary)

Apologies: –    P.C.S.O. S Oatley, Cllr. R. Mazillius.  Dr C Jackson (received after the meeting)

In the absence of the Chairman, the Vice Chairman opened the meeting at 7.46pm, welcoming all present. He especially welcomed a new member, Mrs. Keren Ellis.

Declaration of Interest: –  Nil.

1.          Minutes of Last Meeting:-
The minutes of the last meeting had been circulated to all members. Proposed by C. Palmerton, seconded Mrs. Clews-Cartwright, the Chairman signed the minutes as a true record. All agreed.

2.     Police & Neighborhood Watch Reports:-
PCSO S Oatley sent a report for the meeting, which the Secretary read out. 
“This is the report for the past 2 months;  2 males arrested and charged for 2 burglaries in Wyatts Lane. 5 youths arrested for damage to a shed at the W.I.Hall. The investigation is still ongoing. Cowes  SNT would like to thank the resident for calling them. Their prompt action enabled officers to arrest offenders within minutes of the offence being committed. 2 calls of youth anti social behavior, with 1 youth nuisance in Selman Gardens, which was attended by myself and the other of youths getting into the fenced off play area in Venner Avenue.”
J Pullen said he had a report of glue being placed into car locks. A pigeon loft had been set on fire in Oxford Street. Damage to trees down the footpath, Wyatts Lane to Village Green CS 14 have now been cleared.
3.    Secretary/Treasurer Report:
The Secretary reported she has now received the renewal notice for our Insurance. The premium is the same as last year.
The funds were the same as last meeting.
4.    Northwood – In – Bloom:-
The autumn plants and bulbs are arriving in the next few days for the village. A letter has been sent to the Parish Council, asking for  a grant of £172.00. This is for the shortfall cost of the plants for the whole year. The Community Partnership has paid out for extra compost and feed.

5.    Residents Event:-
During August and September, we held 2 further Events.  At the August event, our Vice Chairman gave a very interesting talk with slides, about the Boat Museum. In September, we had a visit from Mr. Shaw Taylor (Of Police Five fame). This brought back many memories for everyone. Jenny, from the ‘Pets as Therapy Dogs’, with her lovely dog Archie. He was a great hit with all of us, including our new Police Sergeant Mike Sizer, who wanted to kidnap him.
We have had some very good news from PCSO Oatley. He informed us yesterday that he has been talking to his Inspector regarding funding for these events.  Today he emailed to say that his Inspector has secured £150.00 funding towards future events.  All members expressed their grateful thanks to Steve and his Inspector for this grant.  
6.  Indoor Bowls Carpet:-
A Chick reported that the carpet has gone to Romania. He stated that the indoor bowls at Northwood Park are relocating, so he will investigate further.

7.  Future Agenda Items:-
         Report on Residents Events and future events.
         Indoor Bowls Carpet.
         50p Day – Date  – Working Party
8.  Date of Next Meeting:-
     The next meeting will be on

There being no further business, the Vice Chairman closed the meeting at 9.05pm, thanking all for their attendance.




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