Northwood Community Partnership

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Minutes of Meeting held on Tuesday 23rd November, 2010
At the W. I. Hall, Northwood
Present: –       Dr. C Jackson (Chairman), A. Chick (Vice Chairman), C. Palmerton, J. Pullen,
                        D Miller, P Fuller, Mrs. K Ellis, Mrs. E. Palmerton (Secretary)

Apologies: –    P.C.S.O. S Oatley, Cllr. R. Mazillius.  Mrs. A Jonas

The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.48pm, welcoming all present.

Declaration of Interest: –  Nil.

1.           Minutes of Last Meeting:-
The minutes of the last meeting had been circulated to all members. Proposed by A Chick, seconded Mrs. K Ellis, the Chairman signed the minutes as a true record. All agreed.

2.         Police & Neighbourhood Watch Reports:-
PCSO S Oatley sent his apologies for no Police colleagues attending, due to work commitments.
J Pullen reported that the Police are not allowed to use speed cameras, although trained. There had been a burglary in Roles Hill, with several expensive items taken.  He asked members to remind their friends and neighbours to lock their doors and windows, even when in the house.   Also to remember to close window and lock cars when leaving them.
3.    Secretary/Treasurer Report:
 The Secretary passed round a copy of her report. This showed the annual public    liability  insurance had been paid and the donation from the Safer Neighbourhoods Team. Proposed by P Fuller, seconded by A Chick, the report was accepted. All agreed.
4.  Northwood In Bloom
The autumn plants and bulbs have been planted round the Village. Thanks are due to Mrs. K Ellis, Mrs. M Ely, J Pullen and C Palmerton for their hard work. Without their help this task would not have been completed. A letter has been received from the Northwood Parish Council stating that the Partnership can make recommendations for the planting, but are not allowed to purchase anything. A further letter states that they will only pay the cost minus VAT. I have contacted the Nursery and they do not charge VAT as they are a charity. So the shortfall still remains at £172.00.

5.          Residents Event:-
These events seem to be very popular with the Residents and our numbers are slowly increasing. In October, a talk was given on the History of Northwood. After circulating a questionnaire, it was found that a visit to Ventnor Botanical Gardens was favourite. Other suggestions- talks on Boat builders of Cowes; History of Northwood Cemetery; Village of Chale; History of the Ramblers.

6.        50p Day.
 Suggested a Saturday in June. D Miller and P Fuller to approach the School and Scouts    for use of their field. To report back at the next meeting.

7.      Future Agenda Items:-
              Report on Residents Events and future events.
              50p Day – Date  – Working Party
              Update ‘Welcome to Northwood’ pack.
8.      Date of Next Meeting:-
     The next meeting will be on

A question was asked regarding the broken glass in the Notice board. J Pullen     said that 3 quotes would be needed to get repaired and he would investigate further.
There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.25pm, thanking all members for their attendance.




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