Northwood Community Partnership

Posted by Admin on 14 March 2006, 12:00 am

Police Report – The new Face of Local Policing!
At our last public meeting, we welcomed PC Mark Thomas who is now beat officer for Northwood (and Gurnard). Following the Government-led initiative for Community “Neighbourhood Policing”, Mark has suggested that he intends to become a familiar face to local people …

Mark advised us that there may be a change looming in the telephone numbers – with a nationwide alternative to the 999 number, for non-emergency numbers. Mark suggested residents should not be afraid to call 999. If you see something suspicious and are torn between the 999 or 0845 045 45 45, err on the side of caution and dial 999! For further information call John Pullen on 01983 281250.

Good News For Students (1) – Education Maintenance Allowance.
EMA is a weekly payment of £10, £20 or £30 a week depending on your household income from last year:

(Less than £20,817- £30; £20,818-£25,521- £20; £25,522- £30,810 – £10).

The money is intended to help with the day-to-day costs when you or your child stay on at school, college or training provider – such as travel, books and equipment for your learning programme. On top of this allowance, bonuses are given to students who demonstrate real progress and commitment to their learning programme by meeting specific goals agreed between them and their school, college or provider.

At the moment the government is promoting the EMA, as students need to apply now to qualify for entitlement for next September.

With children in Y11, the school should have already supplied application packs. Alternatively you can request a pack on-line or call free on 080 810 16219. This number applies to existing students in Y12 or Y13, who have not yet been notified.

Good News For Students (2) – 50p Flat Fare, on Island Buses.
At the time of writing I have been reliably informed that all children will be given cards by their schools which will entitle them to the 50p Flat Fare for public transport use on the Island, as unveiled recently by the Isle of Wight Council. I understand that High School Students cards are different insofar as they require a photograph, as supporting evidence to their entitlement.

In addition to the rolling-out of Free Bus Travel for Senior Citizens, and to the additional services in Northwood also from April, this is very good news … but will it free up the roads and stop gridlock?

Northwood Parish Council – Latest(!)
The Isle of Wight Council held a packed meeting on Friday 24th February at the WI Hall.

At the meeting it was resolved that the Parish Council’s boundary would be identical to that of the existing boundary for Northwood Electoral Division. The Parish Council would comprise 8 Councillors and would not be made up from separate wards.

In the meantime a Village Management Committee would be appointed by the Isle of Wight Council, to act as a Shadow Council until Emparishment. Adverts were placed in the Isle of Wight County Press on Friday 3rd and 10th March, whereby local people were invited to apply in writing to serve.

The Community Partnership will continue and hopefully evolve into a funding arm for our Parish Council. If you wish to attend the next Committee Meeting of our Partnership, this is to be held in Northwood School, at 6.00 pm on Monday 24th April. Please let either myself or Eileen know if you wish to attend, as there meetings are often subject to alteration.

Parish Plan Update.
The next meeting of the Northwood Parish Plan Committee is to be held at 7.30 pm on 24th March at Northwood WI Hall.

The Plan will establish our community’s wishes for Northwood, will investigate areas ear-marked for housing and can be used as a tool to seek grant funding for local projects. Ultimately in the coming months there will be a huge consultation period whereby all residents will have the opportunity to feedback their views. For further information contact Roger Mazillius on 01983 295556.

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