Northwood Community Partnership

Posted by Admin on 20 February 2010, 12:00 am


Chairman: Colin Palmerton
40 Greenways, Northwood.
Tel: 01983 282242

Vice-Chairman: Alan Chick
75 Pallance Road, Northwood.
Tel: 01983 296020

Secretary: Eileen Turner-Palmerton
40 Greenways, Northwood.
Tel: 01983 282242


A reminder that the Village Trail is an entry in the 2010 Isle of Wight Walking Festival. The walk will be on Friday 14th May 2010, starting from the Horseshoe Pub at 10am. The distance will be 8 miles and is scheduled to take 3 hours to complete. The walk will be led by Paul Fuller.

This Project is a wonderful example of what can be done for our village. Why not try the walk for yourselves? Hopefully, we may have better weather by May 14th.

The replacement planters are now in position and fully planted. They were paid for and are consequently owned by Northwood Parish Council. They will be maintained by Partnership members.  £100 for planting was also granted by the Parish Council.

Cllr Paul Fuller was nominated and has agreed to be the Parish Council’s representative on the Community Partnership. He has always been a great supporter of all our Projects and is a most welcome addition.

The last new village ‘gateway’ sign is now in position, in Pallance Road, and so completes the entire project.

Further to previous requests for help in maintaining the village planters, it is a great pleasure to note that we have two further village residents offering assistance with the scheme. This now leaves 6 troughs needing ‘adoption’. At the risk of sounding repetitious – villagers of any age are welcome. No great gardening skills required, just the wish to see our village continuing to look its best.

Cllr Roger Mazillius felt it necessary to resign from the Partnership to concentrate on his many other activities on behalf of Northwood. His input, over many years, has been very much appreciated. A sincere request is made for any other villager to fill this vacancy. Experience is not a requirement.

The Partnership unanimously agreed to support the Parish Council in its attempts to eradicate the very unwholesome degree of dog fouling. This is particularly prevalent around Venner Avenue Play Park and the pedestrian pathway from Venner Avenue to Newport Road. Jacqui Darby, our Environment & Neighbourhood Officer is very aware of this problem and is taking various actions, in partnership with the Dog Wardens, to apprehend these irresponsible dog owners.

Thanks are expressed to our ENO for the pavement edge grass trimming that has recently taken place throughout the village.

At the time of writing there is no news as to whether there will be funding from the ‘Wight in Bloom’ scheme. In common with most other voluntary organisations, Partnership funds are decreasing and accessing grants is harder to achieve. We have a wonderful village in which to live but there is a cost. If you wish to help your village, any and all ideas for fundraising are not just welcome, they are critical to the Partnership’s continuing existence. You can submit your ideas either through the village website or by coming to the next Community Partnership meeting on Tuesday, 23rd March, 2010 starting at 7.45pm in the Northwood W.I. Hall, Newport Road.

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