Northwood Community Partnership

Posted by Admin on 19 November 2005, 12:00 am

Chairman: Paul Fuller, 74 Wyatts Lane, Northwood. Tel: 01983 289595
Secretary: Eileen Palmerton, 40 Greenways, Northwood. Tel: 01983 282242

Bizarrely, for the second year running, the Energy Action Grants Agency are
currently reprinting their latest leaflet whereby you can apply for these Grants. When
the Application Forms arrive, I will as always ensure that Sue in the Pallance Road
Post Office gets plenty to distribute.
If you can’t wait until they arrive (next summer, knowing our luck!!), then I have been
advised that you can call the EAGA free. Their advisors will discuss your entitlement
and process your application by telephone whilst you wait.
By calling them on 0800 316 6011, we might just save us all a bit of time!!

The police report that last month the juvenile drink-fuelled public order offences have
continued in Cowes on Fridays and Saturdays.
There has been a number of burglaries whereby antiques have been stolen. The
police are asking that residents, particularly older residents living alone in large
detached properties in the area, are extra vigilant at the moment. If you have any
concerns please call John Pullen on 01983 281250, or the police on 0845 045 45 45.

Our public meeting on Friday 2nd December will be dedicated to the prospect of
creating a Parish Council for Northwood. Although this isn’t the first time this has
arisen in the years that the Partnership or Residents’ / Ratepayers’ Association has
been in existence, it is considered to be the right time to look at this again.
In October representatives from the Council spoke to our Committee, explaining to
us the way forward. Although our Committee felt uneasy about what the Council has
decided, there was a feeling of inevitability whereby Partnerships’ futures were
uncertain. The view from our members seemed to reflect that of 2002’s

Questionnaire. Then, residents were questioned about the prospect of having a
Parish Council. 18% supported the idea; 38% opposed the idea; whilst 44% had no
view one way or the other (This was based on the 406 Questionnaires returned).
With the prospect of the Isle of Wight Council levying precepts upon communities
without parish councils, it must seem at the very least less unattractive that these
funds are spent locally rather than being absorbed into the central corporate pot.

To answer issues which will ultimately arise concerning this decision, Councillor
Andy Sutton (Leader of the Isle of Wight Council) together with Chris Mathews
(one of the Council’s lead officers concerning Parish / Town Council issues) will be in attendance.

Merry Christmas & the Very Best Wishes for the New Year from all within the
Community Partnership!

PUBLIC MEETING with Free Christmas Refreshments
Friday 2nd December, 7.30 pm at Northwood W.I. Hall.
Guest Speaker: Councillor

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