Northwood Community Partnership

Posted by Admin on 16 September 2009, 12:00 am


Chairman: Colin Palmerton
40 Greenways, Northwood.
Tel: 01983 282242

Vice-Chairman: Alan Chick
75 Pallance Road, Northwood.
Tel: 01983 296020

Secretary: Eileen Turner-Palmerton
40 Greenways, Northwood.
Tel: 01983 282242


We would like to congratulate Havenstreet in winning this year’s Calor Village of the Year event with Northwood being runners-up. It was a very close result to the extent that Calor decided, unusually, to split the monetary rewards 80%-20% between the two villages. To everyone who put in so much effort on behalf of Northwood, thank you very much indeed.

Although the Partnership supported the Parish Council in objecting to illuminated signs in the projected new bus shelters, planning permission was granted. Whether these new shelters will be placed is, however, still not clear.

On the subject of the Parish Council, we are delighted that they submitted a bid, based on the previous work done by the Partnership, to provide a ‘Welcome Pack’ for every existing and new village household; which will also contain details of  a ’ Village Trail’.

The bid has been successful and has been funded through The IW Rural Community Council, IWEP and SEEDA. It is anticipated that by the time this newsletter is distributed, delivery should be completed. Mention must be made of the superb efforts and time commitment given freely by John Pullen, Alan Chick and Paul Fuller in bringing this scheme to fruition.

New, replacement planters, at various locations around the village, and a new village gateway sign are to be provided from the Parish Council budget.

Both the above bid and allocation of funds demonstrates excellent examples of Community Partnership/Parish Council cooperation, both organisations working together for the benefit of Northwood village.

Winter plants are being ordered for planting out in October. This is the time to ask for help in looking after the planters. Villagers of any age are needed to ‘Adopt a Pot’ which would help greatly reduce the workload of our ‘Northwood Gnomes’. There is no money cost, just a very small amount of time in looking after the pots by removing weeds, ‘dead-heading’ and the like. These small tasks can be done whilst waiting for the bus, walking the dog or popping to the local shops. Many compliments are received regarding the floral displays. Please help us to maintain the enjoyment. Contact any Partnership member for details but make it soon!

If you believe, as a village resident, you should assist with this plea (or have ideas for other projects), you are most welcome to the next Partnership meeting, which is on Tuesday 22nd September 2009, starting at 7.45pm in the Northwood W.I. Hall, Newport Road.

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