Northwood Community Partnership

Posted by Admin on 24 September 2005, 12:00 am


Following on from Northwood’s success in the Isle of Wight Best Kept Village, where the village won the category for Best Kept Large Village, Northwood was again declared Runners-Up (for the second year in a row) for the Calor Gas Village of the Year (where we won a further £100).

Congratulations also goes out to Julia Neill, who found success for Northwood School, by winning the Isle of Wight Best Kept Village Children’s Entry for the school’s infamous Growing Club. Onwards and Upwards!!!


At this time of the year, I am inundated by people complaining to me about residents “discretely” allowing their dogs to foul. Areas which are being monitored are the cut between Greenways and Venner Avenue and the whole length of Coronation Avenue. To inadvertently “not see” your dog fouling is not an excuse. The fact that you aren’t watching your dog does not mean that others aren’t …

For further information contact the Isle of Wight Council on 01983 821000, or see the following web site link


Sgt. Cocks reports that Crime in Beat 4 (Gurnard, Northwood, Thorness and Porchfield) is exceptionally low. In Northwood this has been limited to some anti-social behaviour. Cowes however has suffered from fairly significant drink-fuelled anti-social behaviour, notably on Friday evenings.

One major area of concern for the police is the level of action taken under the Dangerous Dogs Act. This includes incidents where children and pensioners have been bitten whilst in public areas, where dogs have not been under proper control by their owners. In Cowes, again a cat was killed when a dog was out of control and another died following being frightened by another dog in a park. One dog has so far been destroyed, and the police are asking that dog owners are vigilant in controlling their pets.


Please note that in the wake of imminent increases in Fuel Bills, I still have a handful of application forms available for Home Heating and Insulation Grants. If you require one please give me a call. The Application Forms themselves give a rough guide to applicants who may be eligible, if in doubt take a form anyway!!


In light of water conservation (or in my case tight-fistedness!!), for years some of us have thrown bricks into our cisterns to preserve our water. Southern Water has now made available these clever bags which can be placed in your cistern, below your ball-cock. Once again I have a handful of these contraptions, free to anyone who requires them. Please give me a call if you would like one.


The Community Partnership is to hold a Grants Committee which offers Financial Assistance to local groups, benefiting Northwood and its community. If you, or your organisation wish to apply, please do so to our Secretary, Eileen Palmerton, 40 Greenways, Northwood before Monday 7th November.

Paul Fuller.

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