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Minutes of the Meeting of Northwood Parish Council, held in the Women’s Institute Hall, Northwood, Isle of Wight on Tuesday, 2 June 2009.


Present:         Councillors Paul Fuller (Vice Chairman), Colin Cramp, Marie Ely, Roger Mazillius, Colin Palmerton, Eileen Turner-Palmerton


In attendance:           

Barbara Herbert (Clerk and RFO)


There were five members of the public present.


In the absence of the Chairman, Cllr P Fuller, the Vice Chairman, took the chair.


Prior to the start of the meeting the Public Forum took place.  A member of the public outlined his representations against the building of any residential units on land at the top of Cockleton Lane, requesting that the Parish Council pass a resolution agreeing with him and that they will not support any such development in the future. 


The Vice Chairman advised that, as this matter was listed as an agenda item for later in the meeting, any discussion on this matter by councillors would be reserved until then.


30.          Apologies

Apologies had been received from Cllr John Pullen, who was on annual leave, Cllr Peter Brooker, Jacqui Derby, the ENO for Northwood and from PS Julie Cocks.




THAT the reason for the non-attendance of Cllr John Pullen be authorised as an approved reason for absence.


31.          Declarations of Interest

Cllr Mrs M Ely declared personal interests in Minute No 36, as she occasionally worked for the landowner and was also a friend of a member of the family concerned and in Minute No 37 as she was a Friend of Northwood Cemetery.

Cllr P Fuller declared a personal interest in Minute No 36, as he was a member of Gurnard Parish Council and was also a prospective candidate for Cowes West and Gurnard ward, and a personal and prejudicial interest in Minute No 37, as he was a member of the Management Committee of the Friends of Northwood Cemetery.

Cllr R Mazillius declared personal interests in Minute No 35 a i, as he was a friend of the applicant and in Minute No 37 as he was a Friend of Northwood Cemetery.

Cllr Mrs E Turner-Palmerton declared a personal interest in Minute No 35 a i, as she was a friend of the applicant.

Cllr C Palmerton declared a personal interest in Minute No 35 a i, as he was a friend of the applicant.

Mrs B Herbert, the clerk, declared a personal interest in Minute No 37, as she was a Friend of Northwood Cemetery.



32.          Minutes of the Meeting held on 5 May 2009




THAT the Minutes of the Meeting held on 7 April 2009 be confirmed as a true record and that the Vice – Chairman be authorized to sign the Minutes on behalf of the Council.


33.             Matters Arising on the Minutes

a.         Minute No 8a, Restorative Justice – The clerk advised that Ms Jane Swan of the Probation Service, had attended a site visit to view the suggested areas identified.  Although favorable to both schemes, the lack of appropriate toilet facilities nearby, would unfortunately prevent the work from being undertaken.  

b.                  Minute No 17, Horses on roads in Medham – Alex Russell, the IW Council’s Rights of Way officer had confirmed that signs advising of no horse riding would be erected in Medham Farm Lane.

c.                  Minute No 19, Big Tidy Up – Cllr Mazillius confirmed that the remit for Brighstone Landscaping did include instructions to clear the play park of litter, prior to the cutting of the grass.  The IW Council’s Parks Officer would issue them a reminder of their duties.  Cllr Mazillius would report back at a later date.

d.                  Minute No 24, Vodaphone Mast – The clerk advised that she had received an acknowledgement of her letter regarding the alleged breach of planning conditions, which confirmed that the matter would be investigated and the outcome advised in due course. 


34.          Report of the Local Safer Neighbourhood Officer

Apologies for the absence of a representative had been received and advised previously.


35.          Report of Jacqui Darby, the Environment and Neighbourhood Officer

The progress report, attached to the agenda, covering the period 1 December 2008 to 29 May 2009 was noted.


36.          Town and Country Planning

a.         Consideration was given to the following applications received and comments made in accordance with the guidance for material planning considerations listed at

Cllr Mazillius having previously declared an interest in the following item of business left the meeting room prior to any discussion or decision thereon.


i.          TCP/29639, 3 Uplands Road, Northwood, Cowes, PO31 8AH – Replacement of existing flat roof on garage with pitched.




THAT this Council raise no material planning objections to the application.


Cllr Mazillius returned to the meeting room.


ii.                  TCP/17087H, 380 Newport Road, Cowes, PO31 8PP – Proposed pitched roof to existing conservatory; single storey rear extension to enlarge kitchen




THAT this Council raise no material planning objections to the application.


b.                  To consider and make comment on the pre-application development proposal by BAE Systems, on land adjacent to Somerton Roundabout in Cowes, at the corner of Three Gates Road and Newport Road


Mrs M Yule, a local resident, was present and addressed the Parish Council, with her concerns.   Following her attendance at one of the consultation sessions where she had viewed the plans and spoken at length with the consultants, her main issues pertained to whether there was a need for further industrial units and, more importantly, to the safety of cyclists and pedestrians, including school children, due to the anticipated increase in the volume of cars and HGVs along the Newport Road and Three Gates Road.


Councillors, in discussion, also raised their concerns in respect of highway matters and the impact of heavier traffic flows on safe routes to school.  The need for effective links with the public transport system was also raised.  However, it was considered that the IW Council’s Planning Department and Highways section would give these matters their very high regard and be very carefully monitored.   The scheme was to be a phased development, with a supermarket forming the first phase, followed by purpose built office units at a later stage.  The scheme did not include any residential housing.


The Parish Council agreed a tentative response to the proposals and looked forward to receiving the full application in due course.




THAT the following response be provided to the pre-application development proposal submitted by BAE Systems:


The Parish Council welcomes the innovative outline scheme to develop the 5.8 hectares of land by BAE Systems, because of the potential increase in employment opportunities.  However, the Parish Council do have reservations in respect of highway and traffic issues. These specifically relate to issues that could affect pedestrians and cyclists, which include public transport networks and traffic speeds.  It is expected that the fullest consideration be given to these concerns and for a full s106 agreement to be raised to deal with these issues, prior to any building work taking place.


37.          Report of the Chairman regarding a joint venture with Gurnard Parish Council in respect of a scheme to provide affordable housing at the top of Cockleton Lane

Consideration was given to the report of the Chairman, together with extracts from minutes of meetings of Northwood Parish Council of 3 February and from Gurnard Parish Council on 12 May, which had been circulated for information.  While being generally not adverse to the principle of a joint scheme between the two parishes, councillors considered this area to be totally unsuitable for housing and were unanimous in their opposition against any such scheme on this site. It was considered that any building on this parcel of land would encroach on the green belt of Northwood, which they were keen to preserve. It was also highlighted that a rural exception site should not be one in such a prominent position, but one within a viable small niche area. 


Councillors, however, expressed their view that should any other sites be identified as suitable for a joint scheme, then due consideration would be given, based on the merits of the location of the site involved.




THAT due to the unsuitability of the land at the top of Cockleton Lane, as a rural exception site, that no further action be taken in respect of a joint venture with Gurnard Parish Council to provide affordable housing.


38.          To consider the application for financial assistance submitted by the Friends of Northwood Cemetery

Cllrs P Fuller and R Mazillius having both declared interests in the following item of business left the meeting room prior to any discussion or decision thereon.


The clerk advised that she had received copies of the Income and Expenditure Account for the year ending 31 March 2009 and the Constitution of the Friends of Northwood Cemetery, in accordance with the Parish Council’s Financial Regulations.




THAT it be agreed for a donation to be made to the Friends of Northwood Cemetery of £100, to enable the purchase of 10 good quality watering cans.


Cllrs Fuller and Mazillius returned to the meeting room.


39.          To consider what response, if any, to make with regard to the following consultation – P07-09 consultation on the possible changes to the administration of concessionary travel




THAT the Parish Council responds to the consultation indicating the view that all concessionary travel in England should be properly funded, in full, by central Government, with the administration of the scheme being undertaken at a local level. 


40.          To consider a date for the next Tidy Up event




THAT a main Tidy Up event takes place on Saturday, 4 July meeting at the Venner Avenue, Play Park at 10.00 am.  This to be followed by a smaller event, with details to be finalized at a later date, for Thursday, 9 July, this being the day before the judging of the Calor Village of the Year competition.


41.          Clerks Report          

a.                  Administration

i.                    To consider the need for a meeting during the month of August




THAT the need for a meeting to be held during the month of August be left to the discretion of the clerk, in conjunction with the Chairman.


ii.                  The signed Declaration of Interest form from Cllr Fuller was received.


iii.                It was noted that Mr S Tester had undertaken the Internal Audit of the Parish Council’s accounts and duly signed the Annual Return agreeing that all internal control objectives had been met.


b.                  Finance

i.                    The interim budget statement to the end of May 2009 and the bank reconciliation with Statement No 10 were received and noted.


ii.                  To authorise payment of the following cheques:

000059, IW Council, Clerks Salary for March

000060, £28.60, Mrs B Herbert – Clerks Expenses

000061, £16.15, Chale Parish Council, Photocopying

000062, £54.84, Mrs B Herbert, litter pickers and refuse sacks

000063, IW Council, Clerks Salary for April, as payment was required prior to the next meeting of the Parish Council




THAT the above cheques be approved for payment.


42.          To receive progress reports from Working Parties

Cllr Palmerton circulated a photograph of the new signage erected by the IW Council at the entrance to Somerton Business Park.

Cllr Mrs E Turner-Palmerton queried as to whether any information was available with regard to the Play Builder scheme.  It was suggested that she contact Mr Lee Matthews of the IW Council for further details.

Cllr C Cramp advised that there had been no further progress in respect of affordable housing in Northwood. 


43.          To receive the report of Cllr R Mazillius, the IWC Ward Member for Northwood

The report of IW Cllr R Mazillius, which had been circulated by email, was noted and updated further at the meeting.  He suggested that he approach Mrs Lacey, the landowner of the allotment site, in the early autumn with a view to seeking her approval for an increase in the land available, which would enable the provision of additional allotments.


44.          Correspondence

Correspondence received was listed in the report circulated with the agenda.  Particular mention was made of the email received from Mr & Mrs Berrows requesting support for the grass area at the top of Uplands to be left as a wildflower meadow.  It was agreed that this be placed on the agenda for the next meeting and Mr & Mrs Berrows to be invited to attend in order to put forward their case.


45.          Councillors’ Reports

Cllr C Palmerton referred to the Parish Council’s undertaking to provide support to the Northwood Community Partnership in the Calor Village of the Year competition, if required.  It was agreed for this to be an agenda item for the July meeting, with Cllr Palmerton to submit a written report detailing how the Parish Council could be of assistance.

Cllr Mrs E Turner-Palmerton advised of her visit to Somerton Middle school to resolve the issues surrounding the monetary prizes awarded in the Design a Logo competition.  The clerk agreed to clarify the process to place a stop on the outstanding cheques and to purchase gift vouchers of the same value as a replacement.

Cllr Mrs E Turner-Palmerton reported that the laminated card advising the name of the grant provider for the purchase of the Notice Board, must be retained in the central panel, under the conditions of the grant award.

Cllr P Fuller provided a brief update on the meeting of the IWALC he had attended along with the Cllr J Pullen.


46.          Future Agenda Items

No further items were identified.


47.          Brief Review of Meeting

A well organised meeting, which had been conducted in a timely fashion. 

It was, however, noted that the absence of the Local Safer Neighbourhood Officer and the ENO could have had a bearing on the length of the meeting.






Signed …………………………………………….  Dated ……………………………..

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