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Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Northwood Parish Council, held in Northwood Primary School, Wyatts Lane, Northwood, Isle of Wight on Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Present:         Councillors John Pullen (Chairman), Judith Ferris, Paul Fuller, Megan Moore, Chris Riddet and Derek Smith

In attendance:

Barbara Herbert (Clerk and RFO)

PCSO Steve Oatley

There was one member of the public present.


141/11-12                  Apologies

Apologies had been received from Cllrs Bentley and Mew.


142/11-12      Co-opted Councillor

  1. To consider the appointment of a co-opted councillor




  1. THAT Miss Megan Moore be appointed as a co-opted councillor;
  2. THAT the signed Declaration of Acceptance of Office and the Members’ Register of Financial Interests from Cllr Moore, be received.


143/11-12      Declarations of Interest

Cllr Fuller declared a personal and prejudicial interest in Minute 147 a i, as he was a friend of the applicant and a near neighbour.

Cllr Fuller declared a personal interest in Minute 147 a ii – v, as he was a member of the IW Council’s Planning Committee.


144/11-12      To receive a report by the Local Safety Neighbourhood Officer

PCSO Oatley presented the report of the Local Safety Neighbourhood (LSN) team on events that had taken place since the last meeting. November had again been a very quiet month, with virtually no crime of any note within Northwood.   However, particular reference was made of the following:

PCSO Oatley also provided an update on recent police activities undertaken in Cowes and the wider area.

Cllr Fuller then declared a personal and prejudicial interest in the following item of business, as he was a serving magistrate and left the meeting chamber prior to any discussion thereon.

Cllr Fuller returned to the meeting forum.

PCSO responded to questions raised by councillors.


145/11-12      To confirm the Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on 1 November 2011




THAT the Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on 1 November be confirmed and the Chairman authorised to sign them on behalf of the Parish Council.


146/11-12      Matters arising on the Minutes

a.         Minute 125/11-12 i Highways PFI – The clerk advised that the IW Council had, unfortunately, cancelled the planned arrangements for Cllr Edward Giles and Mr Jay Jayasundara to be at the meeting.  However, it had been confirmed that Cllr Giles would attend the meeting on 3 January.  It still remained to be established as to which officer would accompany Cllr Giles.

b.         Minute 131/11-12 Youth Representation at Parish Council meetings – The clerk reported that Cowes Enterprise College were just finalising their Student Leader structure and as soon as this was completed they would set up a meeting to discuss arrangements for attendance at future meetings of the Parish Council

c.         Minute 132/11-12 Gateway Signs – Cllr Pullen had confirmed that the Gateway signs in need of restoration had been purchased by the Community Partnership. In the New Year, they would take up this matter with AJ Wells.

d.         Minute 134/11-12 Waste Disposal arrangements – Cllr Ferris made reference to the proposed waste disposal arrangements, as set out in the report by IW Cllr Mazillius to the last meeting.  At a meeting of the IW Council regarding the future budget, she suggested it had been mentioned that there was no contract, as yet, in place for the supply of wheelie bins.  Cllr Mazillius expressed his surprise and agreed to look into the matter and circulate his findings by email.


147/11-12      Town and Country Planning

  1. To consider the following application received and make comments in accordance with the guidance for material planning considerations listed at

Cllr Fuller having declared a personnel and prejudicial Interest in the following item of business left the meeting room, prior to any discussion or decision thereon.

  1. TCP/1283A 70 Wyatts Lane, Northwood, PO31 8QA – Demolition of garage – Proposed two storey extension including internal alterations.




THAT Northwood Parish Council raises no material planning objections on the planning application TCP/1283A 70 Wyatts Lane, Northwood.


Cllr Fuller returned to the meeting room and sat alongside members of the public.

  1. PND 30771A BAE Systems, Newport Road, Cowes – Prior notification for demolition for 8 buildings and 2 linkways




THAT Northwood Parish Council makes no comment on the planning application PND 30771A submitted by BAE Systems, Newport Road, Cowes


  1. TCP/30806 59 Venner Avenue, Northwood – Demolition of garage, proposed single and two storey extension to side and rear to provide additional living accommodation




THAT although Northwood Parish Council raises no material planning objections in respect of planning application TCP/30806 59 Venner Avenue, Northwood, it was noted with some concern of the proposals to demolish the existing garage.  One wall formed a party wall to the garage at 61 Venner Avenue and councillors were fearful for the impact on this structure.


  1. P/01702/11 Medham Farm, Medham Farm Lane, Cowes –  Agricultural Prior Notification for formation of access track and hardstanding and associated works




THAT Northwood Parish Council raises no material planning objections in respect of planning application P/01702/11 Medham Farm, Medham Farm Lane, Cowes


  1. P/01596/11 Somerton Garage, 258 Newport Road, Cowes – Continued use of garage forecourt for hand car washing and valeting facilities




THAT Northwood Parish Council makes no comment on the planning application.


Cllr Fuller returned to the meeting forum.


  1. The following decision taken by the Local Planning Authority since the last meeting of the Parish Council was noted.

TCP/26375/C 15 Nodes Road, Northwood – Conditional Planning approval for a single storey rear extension to form a kitchen/family room, associated decked area (revised plans)(revised description)(re-advertised application)


  1. The letter dated 28 November from IW Council’s Planning & Regulatory Services advising of trees protected by Planning Conditions rear of 8 Wyatts Close, Northwood was noted.


148/11-12      To consider if the Parish Council should take any action in respect of the response from the IW Council’s Highways Department regarding grit bins

Consideration was given to the response to a fellow councillor concerning the supply of grit bins on roads not treated by the IW Council, during periods of severe weather.




            THAT no action be taken in respect of grit bins


149/11-12      To make any comments on the Island Plan Core Strategy Focussed Consultati​on on Schedule of Suggested Changes and accompanying the Environmen​tal Assessment – Resp 2

It was noted that the Planning Inspector’s report should be made available by the end of December.  IW Cllr Mazillius advised that the scout hut had been removed from the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessments (SHLAA).   As soon as the information was formulated and accessible to the public this would be circulated widely, as a matter of course.




THAT no comment be made on the Schedule of Changes and accompanying Environmental Assessment.


150/11-12      To note that The Localism Act (the Act) received Royal Assent on 15 November 2011 and confirmed the key measures and the new powers for local (parish and town) councils, which were set out in previous Briefings

Councillors noted that the Localism Act had now received Royal Assent and was expected to come into effect in April 2012.  The Act provided significant new powers and greater recognition for local councils.  The main key measures within the Act fell within four headings – new freedoms and flexibilities for local government; new rights and powers for communities and individuals; reform to the planning system; reform to ensure decisions about housing could be taken locally.  Councillors, having attended some training sessions, considered the changes to be very ambiguous at present and suggested that an ‘idiots guide’ on the implications for Parish Councils could prove to be very useful.


151/11-12      Clerks Report

a.         Finance


  1. The interim budget statement to the end of November 2011 was received and noted. The clerk would provide the Chairman with a copy of the bank reconciliation with Statement No 40.


  1. To authorise payment of the following cheques:

000241, Post Office, Clerks salary for October

000242, £47.25, Mrs B Herbert, Clerks Expenses

000243, £8.92, Chale Parish Council, Photocopying

000244, £45.00, Mr J Pullen, Cost of brackets for installation of the new bench.

000245, £296.25, Northwood Parish Church, advertisement in the Northwood News

000246, £432.00, Urbaser Ltd, Emptying of dog bins

000247, Post Office, Clerks salary for November as payment was due prior to the next meeting of the Parish Council


            RESOLVED :


                                    THAT  the above cheques be approved for payment.


  1. To consider the request received from the Northwood Community Partnership (NCP) for a grant of £300

Cllr Fuller declared a personal interest, as he was the Parish Council’s representative on the Community Partnership.

Discussion ensued on the application for grant funding of £300 towards the celebratory event for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee being planned by the Community Partnership, in conjunction with the local Scout Group.  A completed grant application form, accompanied by a copy of the NCP’s constitution had been submitted.  However, a copy of their audited accounts had not been supplied nor had any details of costings of the project and contributions received from other organisations.  To assist in taking a decision on the application the clerk was instructed to request a copy of the accounts and the details omitted, in accordance with the Parish Council’s approved policy.




THAT this item be deferred until the next meeting of the Parish Council.


  1. Administration
    1. To consider the appointment of a service provider to undertake payroll services wef 1 January 2012




THAT Douglas Tonks Ltd be appointed as the service provider to undertake payroll services, at a cost of £9.00 per pay slip, with effect from 1 January 2012.


  1. To consider any representatives to attend the Community Resilience event on Tuesday 13th December




THAT it be agreed for Cllr Moore to attend the Community Resilience 2011 event on behalf of the Parish Council


  1. To approve for Mr B Blezzard to cover the March meeting of the Parish Council




THAT it be approved for Mr B Blezzard to deputise for the clerk at the March meeting of the Parish Council, at a cost of £12.50 per hour plus mileage


152/11-12      Report of Cllr R Mazillius, the IWC Ward Member for Cowes South and Northwood

The report of IW Cllr Mazillius was received and a further update provided.  Particular mention was made of


153/11-12      Progress reports for information from Working Parties

a.         Traffic and Transport Issues Working Party

Cllr Riddet expressed his deep regret that the previous Tuesday, the Service 32 did not run leaving some residents stranded and explained the reason for that.  Discussion ensued on the need for a robust strategy should this problem re-occur. It was also reported that to date £615.71 had been collected from donations.   However, a more efficient routine for collecting these funds still needed to be established.  It was suggested for a Management Meeting to be held in the New Year, with representatives from Southern Vectis and the bus co-ordinator so that the problems could be resolved.

b.         Northwood in Bloom Working Party

No further matters to report

c.         Village Design Statement Working Party

The ‘way forward’ report circulated at the previous meeting would be an agenda item for the meeting in January.

d.         Football Pitch Working Party

Cllrs Riddet and Smith referred to the Funding Fair, organised by the IW RCC.  They had both been very disappointed as the event had not been run as publicised.  It appeared that the work by the IW Council to remove the goal posts and re-seed the surface on the play park area had not yet commenced.


154/11-12      Update on the IW Association of Local Councils 

Cllr Pullen had not been able to go to the recent meeting of IWALC, due to holiday.  It was unclear as to whether the deputy, Cllr Mew had attended in his stead.


155/11-12      Correspondence.

Correspondence received was listed in the report circulated with the agenda and updated further at the meeting.

Particular reference was made to


156/11-12     Councillors’ reports

Cllr Ferris queried whether information was known on the supposed police grant funding of up to £5,000 towards local community projects.  No details could be provided.


157/11-12      Future agenda items


To receive a Presentation from IW Cllr E Giles and an officer of the PFI team on the progress of the Highways PFI


To receive a Presentation from Mr John Mills, the Head of Communications and marketing Partnerships for Renewables Development Co on the Camp Hill Wind Energy Proposals


158/11-12      To undertake a brief review of the meeting

It was thought that the meeting went well.





Signed …………………………………………….  Dated ……………………………..

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