Northwood Parish Council

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Minutes of the Meeting of Northwood Parish Council, held in the Women’s Institute Hall, Northwood, Isle of Wight on Tuesday, 1 September 2009.

Present: Councillors John Pullen (Chairman), Paul Fuller (Vice Chairman), Peter Brooker, Colin Cramp, Roger   Mazillius, Colin Palmerton, Eileen Turner-Palmerton

In attendance:
Barbara Herbert (Clerk and RFO)
Police Sgt Julie Cocks

There were no members of the public present.

67. Apologies
Apologies were tendered on behalf of Cllr Marie Ely who was on annual leave and from Jacqui Derby, the Environment and Neighbourhood Officer for Northwood.

68. Declarations of Interest
Cllr C Palmerton declared a Personal Interest in Minute No 75 as a member of the Northwood Community Partnership
Cllr Mrs E Turner-Palmerton declared a Personal Interest in Minute No 75 as a member of the Northwood Community Partnership
Cllr P Fuller declared a Personal Interest in Minute No 74 (Non-participation) due to his being a member of the IW Council Planning Committee and clarified the reasoning behind his declaration, a Personal Interest in Minute No 75 as a member of the Northwood Community Partnership, a Personal Interest in Minute No 78 as he was an IW Councillor and also a bus user, a Personal Interest in Minute No 82a as he had made representation in his own right and a Personal Interest in Minute No 82b as he was a member of the IW Council Licensing Committee.
Cllr R Mazillius declared a Personal Interest in Minute No 75 as a member of the Northwood Community Partnership

69. Minutes of the Meeting held on 7 July 2009


THAT the Minutes of the Meeting held on 7 July 2009 be confirmed as a true record and that the Chairman be authorized to sign the Minutes on behalf of the Parish Council.

70. Matters Arising on the Minutes
a. Minute No 43a Vodaphone Mast – The IW Council’s Enforcement Section had received an assurance from Vodaphone, confirming that they would complete the painting of the mast, but not the antennae.  It appeared  that under current legislation the Enforcement Section were unable to exert pressure to instruct Vodaphone to complete all the works identified.
b. Minute No 43b Play Builder Scheme – The clerk advised that a meeting was to be arranged to take place in late September for all Year 2 Builder projects.  The Play Partnership had agreed to support, in principle, the project proposals submitted by the Parish Council and this meeting would provide an opportunity for  information sharing and questions.  An update would also be provided on timescales etc.

71. Report of the Local Safer Neighbourhood Officer
Police Sgt Julie Cocks presented the report of the Local Safer Neighbourhood Officer on events since the  last meeting.  Particular mention was made of the following:
The police had been very busy due to policing the recent Vestus dispute;
A wash-up meeting in respect of Cowes week had been arranged for the following day.  There had been an overall drop in crime during this years event.  This was, in part, due to a significant increase in arrests  and the number of dispersals issued.  A drop in anti social behaviour was also reported;
·The Power Boat weekend had recently taken place. This event appeared to have been rather quieter than  usual;
A number of neighbour disputes over parking issues had necessitated the attendance of the police to arbitrate. It was suggested that residents just talking together could have resolved the seemingly trivial matters, without outside intervention.  It was agreed that an item be included in the Northwood News urging discussion to take place prior to involving the police;
· Matters concerning the cycle track. Jaquie Derby, the ENO for Northwood, had taken ownership of the  problem and was liaising with the landowner.  Regarding quad bikes being ridden along the track, it was  hoped that by possibly re-designing the access points to the track could prevent any future occurrence;
A meeting of Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators for Cowes/Gurnard/ Northwood had been arranged for Wednesday, 16 November in St Andrews Church Hall at 7.00 pm.
Police vehicle speed checks had taken place on two occasions at the bottom of Rew Street. As several local  residents had been caught the police planned to repeat the exercise. It was agreed that a speed check in  Pallance Road would also be included.
In discussion, councillors advised of an incident where a car, parked in Harry Cheek Gardens, had been  smeared with ketchup.  Sgt Cocks advised that if further episodes of this nature occurred then the police  should be informed.
A number of youths had recently taken to frequenting the pathway between Wyatts Lane.  PC Steve Oatley was to be advised of the problem.

72. Minutes of the Meeting of the Planning Committee held on 18 August 2009


THAT  the Minutes of the Meeting of the Planning Committee held on 18 August be approved.

73. To receive a report from Jacqui Darby, the Environment and Neighbourhood Officer (ENO) for Northwood
In the absence of Jacqui Darby, her report was noted.  Mention was made that although the hedge along the footpath, to the rear of the Horseshoe Pub, had been trimmed, the height still remained an issue as it blocked the light from the lamppost. The clerk was requested to write to Jacqui thanking her for the work undertaken and to advise her of the continuing problem.

74. Town and Country Planning
a. The following minor alterations/revisions to applications under consideration that had been received since the last meeting and to which comments were not required, were noted:
ii. TCP/04340/R – Renewal: Outline for chalet bungalow
iii. TCP/04340/S – Detached dwelling on land between The Travellers Joy and  83 Pallance Road, Cowes
The Clerk advised that since the dispatch of the agenda she had been informed of the decisions, taken by the Local Planning Authority, to grant conditional approval of both applications.

b. The following decisions taken by the Local Planning Authority since the last meeting, were noted:
i. P/00869/09 bus shelter adjacent 370 & 372 Newport Road, Northwood – Conditional approval for 1 x internally lluminated double sided advertising panel to be positioned on side of proposed bus shelter
ii. P/00870/09 bus shelter adjacent 2 Oxford Street, fronting, Newport Road, Cowes – Conditional approval for 1 x internally illuminated double sided advertising panel to be positioned on side of proposed bus shelter.

75. To consider the application to the IW RCC under their small revenue grant scheme, which could assist in the improvement of access to services for Northwood residents
A Parish or Town Council could only access the IW RCC grant scheme. The Northwood Community Partnership had been working on a Welcome Pack, which when completed, could be distributed to all the houses in Northwood. Councillors gave consideration to their report, which set out details and identified costings for printing and distribution, in line with the Council’s Financial Regulations.  It was suggested that the pack be  produced as an A4, folded to A5 size, including colour.  Also 1,000 copies would be required, to ensure that every household be furnished with a copy. However, the cost of so doing when added to the delivery charge could exceed the maximum grant available. The Parish Council was assured that the project would be delivered by the prescribed deadline of 25 September, one of the conditions of the grant, along with         providing proof of payment. If approved the costs would then be fully reimbursed by the IW RCC, up to the maximum of the grant approved resulting in no financial implications to the Parish Council.


i. THAT the submission of an application for the provision of Welcome Packs to be distributed to householders  in Northwood, be approved;
ii. THAT it be agreed for Beardsalls to be the approved printer;
iii. THAT the total cost of the project be contained within the sum of £999.00, being the maximum grant eligible.

76. To consider the details for the replacement of planters in the village and a gateway sign in Pallance Road
a. Consideration was given to the proposal to purchase 9 square planters and three rectangle planters to replace those situated near to the Village Notice Board and on the main road from Newport, which were all in a bad state of repair.  Three quotations had been obtained in line with Financial Regulations.


THAT it be agreed for the 12 planters outlined to be purchased from the Timbercraft Company at the cost of £500, including construction and delivery charges.

b. Prior to any discussion on the next item of business, it was duly


THAT Financial Regulations be suspended, as only one quotation for the supply of a new village sign had been obtained.

Discussion ensued on the purchase of a new Gateway sign for the bottom of Pallance Road to replace the old existing one, subject to permission being obtained from the IW Council. The original supplier of the other Gateway signs to Northwood had been approached for a quotation to supply the sign. If approved they would undertake a complete refurbishment of the existing signs and as they still retained the template used, this would ensure uniformity throughout the village.  A proposition was tabled and subsequently defeated for the views of villagers to be sought prior to this matter proceeding.


THAT A J Wells be instructed to supply a Gateway sign for the bottom of Pallance Road, subject to permission being obtained from the IW Council for the installation of a replacement and to carry out repairs to those signs in place at a total cost of £349.60 inc VAT.

77. To consider what action is required, if any, in respect of the fencing near to the Million Blooms Garden, Newport Road


THAT as the IW Council was dealing with the matter of the fencing, the progress be noted and no action be taken

78. To consider a response to Mr K Burton in respect of new bus shelters
The clerk read out the email she had received from Mr Kevin Burton, of the IW Council’s Road Safety and Traffic Management section confirming that planning consent had been granted for three advertising panels in the proposed shelters in Northwood, two in Newport Road and one in Nodes Road.  It was planned to install the new bus shelters as part of the IW Council’s capital programme for 2009/10.  Mr Burton was seeking confirmation of the Parish Council’s support.

THAT Mr K Burton, of the IW Council’s Road Safety and Traffic Management section be advised that this Council reiterates its welcome of the new facilities proposed, but advises that the positioning of the planned shelters adjacent to 9 and 11 Nodes Road and adjacent to 370 and 372 Newport Road would provide better protection from the elements if the shelters were rotated by 180 degrees.  The Parish Council would also like to draw his attention to the seating provided by the Community Partnership by way of grant funding, to which a number of conditions were attached.  It was suggested that he contacts the Community Partnership to resolve this issue.

79. To consider the future participation in IWALC
Discussion ensued on the perceived benefits or not of being a member of IWALC and to identify the adverse consequences should the Parish Council take the decision to relinquish its membership at the end of the financial year.  It was agreed for further discussion to take place later in the year when the Parish Council set the annual precept.  In the meantime councillors were urged to give the matter their consideration.

80. To consider any future schemes that the Parish Council could be involved in
No suggestions had been submitted.

81. To consider organising a further Big Tidy Up event
It was noted that the next national Big Tidy Up was due to take place on 24 September.  A supply of bags and gloves still remained from the last organised event.  It was suggested that an approach be made to the local schools for an insert to be placed in their next newsletters inviting pupils, accompanied by their parents, to take part in the next litter pick.


THAT a Big Tidy Up event be organised for Saturday, 3 October 2009 meeting at 10.00 am on the Play Park, Venner Avenue, Northwood.

82. Responses to Consultations
a. Potential site options for waste processing facilities and landfill sites on the Island


THAT the Parish Council notes the consultation and declines to comment.

b. Draft Statement of Licensing Policy 2010 – 2013


THAT the Parish Council notes the consultation and declines to comment.

83. Clerks Report
a. Administration
i. It was noted that the External auditor had completed their annual audit and that the information contained in the annual return had been in accordance with the Audit Commission’s requirements, with no matters giving cause for concern.
ii. To approve that Councillors may undertake any future training provided by the IW RCC


THAT Councillors may undertake any training course set out in the Continued Professional Development Calendar

iii. The email advising of drop in sessions at County Hall was noted.

iv. Councillors were advised that the IWALC website was now up and running. The request received for information relating to IWALC to be temporary posted on the Parish Council’s website was now superfluous.

b. Finance
i. The interim budget statement to end of August 2009 and the bank reconciliation with Statement No 13 were received and noted.

ii. Retrospective approval for the following cheques was agreed as payment had been due prior to today’s meeting
000071, £4,000.00 issued to the Standard Life for the cost of the Business Bond
000072, £537.05, Post Office, Salary payment for July
000073, £537.04, Post Office, Salary payment for August
000074, £36.00, IWRCC, 3 Councillors attendance on the Community Led Planning course.  The clerk advised that as a result of the feedback received, she had written to express the disappointment raised by councillors as to the standard of the course.  The IWRCC had responded to all of the points made and had returned the cheque out of goodwill.

iii. To authorise payment of the following cheques:
000075, £55.32, Mrs B Herbert, Clerks Expenses
000076, £116.40, Mrs B Herbert, Costs to undertake the Power of Well Being module
000077, £11.59, Chale Parish Council, Photocopying
000078, £155.25, Audit Commission, Audit Fee 2009


THAT the above cheques be approved.

iv. To consider the investment of surplus funds
Due to the very low rate of interest currently being earned on balances inquiries had been made to seek a higher rate of return.  Scottish Widows offered a Business 7-day Notice Account, which guaranteed interest of no less than 0.25% below the Bank of England Base rate, until December 2012, and which was currently 1.75%.


THAT £5,000 be invested in the Scottish Widows Business 7-Day Notice Account, with the signatories to the account to be exactly the same as the account held with Lloyds TSB.

84. To receive progress reports from Working Parties:
a. Allotments Working Party


i. THAT a formal approach be made to the landowner for the lease to be extended for a further year;
ii. THAT, as it had been confirmed by the IW Council that planning approval was not now required for the erection of small greenhouses and/or a sheds on allotment sites, permission be sought from the landowner for allotment holders to install these on the allotment field;
iii. THAT the first person at the top of the waiting list be offered the opportunity to take up the vacant plot from 1 October 2009;

a. Traffic and Transport Issues Working Party


THAT the recommendations of the meeting of the Working Party held on 6 July be approved, namely:
i. To support the 20mph speed limit outside Northwood Primary School;
ii. To support a 30mph speed limit throughout the village, including Pallance Lane;
iii. To support a unrestricted speed limit beyond Whitfield Bridge, Pallance Road;
iv. That an appeal be made via the Northwood News, the Village Forum, Cowes Beacon and from the Parish Councillors for residents views on the roads to be considered as priorities for highway improvements;
v. An appeal to be made in the Northwood News for volunteers to survey speed limits in Pallance Road;
vi. To take no action in the short term regarding possible speeding in Wyatts Lane and Pallance Lane;
vii. To promote the Dial-A-Bus more rigorously, to look at service plates.

b. Housing Needs Working Party
Further to the report received councillors were requested to advise of any small building plots capable of providing 4-6 affordable homes, which came to their attention. It was suggested that an article be placed in the Northwood News.
c. Village Design Statement (VDS) Working Party
Cllrs Brooker, Mazillius and Pullen had attended a training course undertaken by the IW RCC on community led planning.
It was suggested that an article be placed in the Northwood News and a thread on the Village website requesting any interested volunteers to help with the production of the VDS for Northwood.
d. Youth Forum Working Party
There was no further progress to report.
e. Community Facilities Working Party


THAT it be agreed that the work of the Working Party had been completed at present.

85. To receive the report of Cllr R Mazillius, the IWC Ward Member for Northwood
The report of IW Cllr R Mazillius, which had been circulated with the agenda, was noted and updated further at the meeting:

86. Correspondence
Correspondence received was listed in the report circulated with the agenda and updated further at the meeting.

87. Councillors’ Reports
The report of Cllr J Pullen was included with the agenda.
Cllr MrsTurner-Palmerton advised of the presentation of the Calor Village of the Year awards ceremony, due to take place on 17 September, at 6.00 pm, in the Havenstreet Community Centre.
Mention was also made of the Camping and Caravan certified site, newly advertised in Pallance Lane.  Apparently planning permission was not required providing that the site was for short-term use of only six weeks in any one year, for only 6 units and consultation had taken place with neighbouring properties.

88. Future Agenda Items
October Meeting – Half Yearly Budget Report

89. Brief Review of Meeting
No comment made.




Signed …………………………………………….  Dated ……………………………..

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