Northwood Community Partnership

Posted by Admin on 18 April 2008, 12:00 am

News from the Northwood Community Partnership

Colin Palmerton (Chairman):
40 Greenways, Northwood; Tel: 01983 282242; Email:

Ron Willis (Vice Chairman and Chief Gnome, Northwood In Bloom):
3 Uplands Road, Northwood, Isle of Wight. Telephone: 01983 200452.

Eileen Palmerton (Secretary):
40 Greenways, Northwood, Isle of Wight. Telephone: 01983 282242.

Maxine Yule (Interim Clerk):
238 Newport Road, Northwood, Isle of Wight. Telephone: 01983 297367.


Colin Cramp Tel: 01983 289996

Are you paying too much Income Tax?
The new tax year started on 6th April. Have you checked your 2008-09 PAYE Coding Notice to make sure the tax office has given you your correct personal allowances?
The basic personal allowance for 2008-09 is £5435. This is the amount you are allowed to earn in the year before you start paying income tax. If you will be 65 or over by the end of the tax year (5th April 2009) you are entitled to an additional personal allowance of £3595 (making a total of £9030). If you will be 75 or over by the end of the tax year this additional personal allowance rises to £3745 (making a total of £9180). However if your total taxable income for the year is over £21800 this additional personal allowance is reduced by £1 for every £2 income over and above the £21800. The tax office will often estimate in advance what your total taxable income will be.

Born before 6th April 1935?
In addition to the above personal allowances there is a married couples allowance given where the older spouse was born before 6th April 1935. If the older spouse will be 75 or over by the end of the tax year your tax bill is cut by £662, reduced by £1 for every £2 income over and above £29290, but not reduced below £254. If the older spouse is under 75 by the end of the tax year (and born before 6th April 1935) your tax bill is cut by £653, reduced by £1 for every £2 income over and above £29290, but not reduced below £254. In other words however high your income, your tax bill is cut by a minimum £254. This allowance is given to one spouse, or can be split between the two to save tax and / or if you so request.
If you think you have not been given the correct allowances do not hesitate to contact your tax office (HM Revenue & Customs) on 0845 300 0628, or visit the website

Colin Palmerton Tel: 01983 282242

At the last meeting we were pleased to welcome Doreen Drake who spoke on the IWC initiative for people over 50 to have a say about the services provided by the County Council.
Members were very pleased to note the increasing number of village residents who now clearly display the ‘No Cold Calling’ signs at their homes. To clarify an issue of Cold Calling, this scheme is not designed or intended to hinder those people, organisations or firms that post leaflets or brochures to households for any action to be taken at a later date. It becomes an issue only if the person at the door tries to sell goods or services at that time.
Leaflets were given out about loft and cavity wall insulation which is free to the over 70s and those with certain state benefits. Contact IOW Warmahomes on 01983 822282 for further information on this scheme.
Although there has been some adverse publicity, we are very pleased that, at long last, our village bus shelters have all been refurbished. Since then, there has been one incident of minor vandalism. Our PCSO Steve Oatley has said he will try to have the damage repaired.
The ‘Million Blooms’ planted areas in Uplands Road, near the junction with Nodes Road are now complete with very large boulders in place and the signs firmly fixed to them.
Our thanks to the ‘Chief Gnome’ Ron Willis and his crew for a very fine display. Special thanks to Derek Toms for his expertise in fixing the signs.
The new Village notice board is complete and will be located very close to the original notice board. However, it appears that planning permission is required, so we will have to wait a little bit longer before it can be placed into position.
We have been informed that Cranleigh Gardens residents intend to form their own Management Committee. This can only be a good thing for Northwood. Once it is established, we would be delighted to welcome one of its members to represent them on the Community Partnership.
Finally, everyone in The Community Partnership wishes to thank members of the Northwood Village Management Committee for the sterling work they undertook during their existence. As everyone will now be aware, the NVMC is now disbanded and will be superseded by Northwood Parish Council.
NVMC is going to be a hard act to follow.

Paul Fuller Tel: 01983 289595

In April, all the black boxes which I had left were distributed to ‘needy’ residents within days of publication of the Northwood News. As a consequence, I have placed a new order with Wight Waste so please contact me if you missed out in April, or need a replacement.
I also have in stock green organic waste bins, and Electric Security Light Timers for any residents who require them, if you’re interested please do not hesitate to contact me!


Northwood Parish Council:
Contact Maxine Yule for further Information
or see website

Northwood Community Partnership:
Tuesday 20th May at 6.00pm in Northwood School Hall.
Jon Matthews. Tel: 01983 247498

On Monday 31st March fifty-two people gathered in the chapel of Northwood Cemetery, Cowes and formed the Friends of Northwood Cemetery. Chaired by the Mayor of Cowes, Geoff Banks, the meeting heard that the long-term objective of “the Friends” is to restore the chapel and mortuary buildings at the cemetery’s entrance to their Victorian splendour.
Anyone who has visited the cemetery in recent years will be aware of the parlous state of these buildings.
The damage has been caused by the huge Cedars of Lebanon behind the buildings. They are a bit too close for comfort as their roots have undermined the buildings’ foundations.
The shorter-term aim of “the Friends” is to build a substantial membership that will demonstrate to heritage and conservation organisations (who allocate grants for ‘good causes’) that Northwood Cemetery is a deserving case with much local, and international, interest in its restoration and its preservation.

So, please consider joining the Friends of Northwood Cemetery;
the subscription is £10 (Single) or £15 (Joint) per annum.

Of course, it is hoped that members will also become volunteers and undertake tasks in the cemetery; it is very rich in its flora and wildlife and its trees are plentiful – making it ideal for nature surveys and photography.
There is also the opportunity to document its history – from the first internment in 1856 – and to write biographies of interesting people buried there. There are more exacting tasks for energetic volunteers such as tidying graves and cleaning headstones. There will also be an opportunity to transcribe inscriptions from headstones.
But, first and foremost, please become a “Friend”!
For a Membership form or further information you can ring Jon Matthews or email .

Paul Fuller Tel: 01983 289595

Unfortunately, there will be no Parish Council Election as scheduled for May 1st. This is due to only seven of the eight seats being allocated, as of 4th April.
The first meeting of the Parish Council was due to be held on Tuesday 22nd April … More news to follow, next month!

The Northwood Village Management Committee held its final meeting on 25th March, and at this meeting chose to transfer all residual funds (£71) to the Northwood Community Partnership. These funds have been ring-fenced for the Venner Avenue Play Area Project.
For full details of all expenditure from Northwood Village Management Committee, please see the spreadsheet on the village Notice Board.

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