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Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Northwood Parish Council, held in Northwood Primary School, Wyatts Lane, Northwood, Isle of Wight on Tuesday, 1 December 2015


Present: Councillors Chris Riddet (Chairman), David Jaggar, John Nicholson and John Pullen
Also in attendance:
Barbara Herbert (Clerk and RFO)
PCSO Lisa Paul
PCSO Lisa Gray


There were no members of the public or press in attendance.


146/15-16 To receive and approve any apologies for absence
Apologies had been received from Cllrs Paul Fuller, Malcolm Nicholson and Derek Smith


147/15-16 Members’ interests
There had been no written requests received for Dispensation on items forming the agenda.
No declarations of interest were made at this stage of the meeting.


148/15-16 To receive a report on any local safety neighbourhood issues occurring since the last meeting held of the Parish Council
PCSO’s Lisa Paul and Lisa Gray presented the report of the Local Safety Neighbourhood (LSN) team on matters arising since the last meeting. Particular mention was made of the following:
• A list of the current team was provided, which was now at full strength;
• The crime statistics showed that 10 crimes had occurred during the month of November.  The clerk had circulated a list taken from the “Crime Reports” web site indicating details of the various crimes committed in Northwood;
• The three Community Priorities set by police and local agencies at the PACT meeting on 22 October, were noted.  These were to assist staff at Cowes Enterprise College in reducing the number of reported incidents involving pupils of the facility, the prevention of vehicles and pedal cycles in contravening the traffic regulations along Cowes High Street and to prevent and detect non-dwelling burglaries in Cowes, Northwood and the Gurnard areas;
• Hampshire Alert – a free web based system enabling members of the public to receive police related information by various forms of media.  Residents could sign up via the website –


149/15-16 To confirm and authorise the Chairman to sign the Minutes of the previous meeting of the Parish Council held on 3 November 2015


THAT the Minutes of the meeting held on 3 November 2015 be confirmed and the Chairman authorised to sign them on behalf of the Parish Council.


150/15-16 To receive any matters arising on the Minutes, not requiring a resolution
a. Minute 130/15-16 a Bench on Venner Avenue – The bench had been deemed as unviable to repair by the IW Council and so had been removed.
b. Minute 143/15-16 Women’s Institute – An invitation had been extended to the President, Treasurer and Secretary of the Northwood Women’s Institute (WI) to attend the evening’s meeting and to provide specific details in writing as to how they considered the Parish Council could assist them.  Unfortunately, due to holiday and other commitments the committee were unable to meet to discuss this until early in January.  It had therefore been agreed that this matter should form an agenda item at the meeting scheduled for 2 February 2016.  Cllr Pullen volunteered to contact and meet with the members of the WI, to try and assist them in this matter.
c. Minute 143/15-16 Bollards at the end of Greenways, abutting the Venner Avenue Play Park – Cllr Pullen advised that the bollards concerned were made of metal, with a plastic covering.  Councillors considered that the bollards were not the responsibility of the Parish Council.  The clerk was requested to inform the Highways PFI Contract Management team, at the IW Council, accordingly.


151/15-16 Town and Country Planning
The following decision taken by the Local Planning Authority since the last meeting of the Parish Council, was noted:
P/01098/15  54 Fieldway Crescent – Lawful Development Certificate for proposed loft conversion with dormer.


152/15-16 Consultations
a. Medina Valley Plan Consultation Draft
Councillors were referred to the report provided by Cllr Jagger, which had been circulated by email prior to the meeting, together with a copy of the Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council’s Planning Committee, held on 24 June 2014.
A comment was made that a copy of the document could have been obtained from the IW Council’s print unit, at a reasonable cost.  This had not been publicised to Parish and Town Councils.  The Plan was intended to support the Core Strategy and would run until 2030/31.  Following the consultation all comments submitted would be analysed, enabling amendment of the Plan, as appropriate, to form the pre-submission document to the Planning Inspectorate.
Councillors gave careful consideration to the Issues in turn


THAT the following response be made to the IW Council in respect of the consultation on the  Island Plan Area Action Plan for the Medina Valley:
i. THAT Northwood Parish Council strongly urges that the proposed Settlement Boundary for Northwood/Cowes be revised, to accord entirely with the proposed settlement boundary as shown on page 13, of the Medina Valley Plan Informal Discussion Document dated May 2014, which was approved by the Parish Council in June 2014 and which was in line with the agreement taken at the meeting between Northwood Parish Council and the IW Council’s Team Leader, Policy and Conservation, on 4 June 2013;
ii. THAT para 3.1 be amended to read “To see homes delivered in the Medina Valley as close as possible to where they are required and realise employment opportunities, including making the most of the River Medina as a working river”;
iii. THAT the wording “in the first instance”, under section 4.1, 5th paragraph be clarified;
iv. THAT with regard to Policy MVH1:Housing Growth and MVH2 Medina Yard, councillors expressed their extreme concern on the traffic highway implications at the junction of Newport Road and Nodes Road, due to the potential impact of the 500 proposed dwellings at Medina Yard.  Councillors considered that major improvements to the highway infrastructure at this junction would need to be undertaken to mitigate this and questioned the IW Council’s capacity to undertake this;
v. THAT with regard to Policy MVH4: Exception Sites, Northwood Parish Council referred to their own detailed Housing Needs survey, noting that this indicated little apparent need for further affordable housing in Northwood.  It was queried whether the approved housing along Place Road, Gurnard would reduce any shortfall in the Cowes housing sub-market area;
vi. THAT Northwood Parish Council welcomes Policy MVE2 Protection of Employment sites and suggests that Northwood Business Park, Newport Road, Northwood to be included with others in the Cowes Industrial area;
vii. THAT Policy MVE3 Employment Sites with Water Access – land north of the tidal access cut-off point where the loss of existing employment sites appears to conflict with the proposals for further housing set out in MVH2 Medina Yard;
viii. THAT Policy MVTI1 Highway Infrastructure, the words “the Medina Valley, etc” should be added to the last sentence prior to (a), (b) and (c);
ix. THAT Northwood Parish Council has serious doubts regarding the ability to deliver effective methods to alleviate what is currently agreed as  “approaching capacity”, at the junction of Newport Road and Nodes Road, Northwood;
x. THAT Policy MVLGG1: Local Green Gap – the general areas in Northwood shown in the Proposals Map as being important in preserving openness between settlements and therefore preventing settlement coalescence, were welcomed;
xi. THAT the “village green” status designation for the lower approx. two-fifths of the field (this is the area nearest to the Pallance Road footpath), as approved by the IW Council’s General Purposes Committee in February 2010, together with the permissive walking right around the perimeter of the remaining land, should be included within Policy MVLGS: Local Green Space;
xii. THAT BAE Systems, Three Gates Road be removed from Policy MVW1: Waste Management Facilities as the potential loss of this valuable employment land is considered unnecessary, due to the close proximity of more appropriate sites along Stag Lane;
xiii. THAT the Infrastructure Map, on page 54, should clearly indicate that major junction improvements are required at the junction at Newport Road and Nodes Road should the Policy MVH2: Medina Yard to the north and MVH3 land at HMP Isle of Wight to the south be approved. Developer contributions necessitated being obtained from both parties to alleviate  potential traffic flows in this area;
xiv. THAT it be reiterated that a revision of the Proposals Map relating to the Northwood Settlement Boundary should be undertaken, so that the Boundary is in total conformity with the Parish Council’s decisions in June 2013 and June 2014.


b. Scrutiny Committee Review of Planning Services
It was noted that the deadline for responding to the questions posed had been extended until the end of December 2015.


THAT the following response to the questions aimed to assist the review of Planning Services be submitted to the IW Council’s Scrutiny Committee:
i. Hopefully professionalism;
ii. Insufficient staffing levels following the recent re-organisation of the planning department;
iii. No. Inadequate number of staff undertaking planning enforcement; and the lack of paper copies of all planning applications;
iv. The Planning Committee have not always taken heed of officers advice and recommendations ie planning application in Arreton;
v. Not applicable;
vi. Not applicable;
vii. The service is under resourced;
viii. Not applicable;
ix. Planning officers should be less high-handed at meetings with Parish and Town Councils and not immediately dismiss their concerns ie at IWALC when discussing the lack of paper copies of planning applications;
x. No further comments.


153/15-16 To appoint a representative on the Community Waste Forum
Amey, the recently appointed contractor to deliver waste and environmental services on the Isle of Wight, in partnership with the IW Council had established a Community Waste Forum.  The first meeting clashed with that of the meeting of the Parish Council.  The clerk had asked for a copy of the Minutes to be forwarded in due course and she would then circulate them to councillors.


THAT Cllr Derek Smith be appointed as the Parish Council’s representative on the Community Waste Forum.


154/15-16  To consider appropriate action with regard to the Wooden Posts at the top of Uplands Road/junction with Nodes Road
Councillors noted the quotation received to remove the posts and then make good.  The cost of obtaining replacement posts from a nearby supplier was advised.  This charge would not cover the costs of installation.  It was suggested that this option could therefore prove to be prohibitive.   Cllr Pullen volunteered to undertake the task, at a nominal cost to cover any necessary expenditure.


THAT Cllr Pullen’s offer to cut down the wooden posts at the top of Uplands Road/junction with Nodes Road be accepted.


155/15-16 Parish Council Precept for 2016/17
The clerk advised that she had now received a third quotation for grounds maintenance of the Venner Avenue play park.  It was reported that the IW Council’s contractor was the most competitive, to date.
A further meeting between Town and Parish Councils and the IW Council had been arranged to take place on 7 December.  This was open to any interested councillor to attend.
The clerk had prepared a draft annual budget proposal for 2016/17 that included all known financial implications to date.  A meeting of the Precept Working Party would need to be arranged to enable detailed consideration to facilitate a recommendation for the Precept for 2016/17, to be tabled at the January meeting.


156/15-16 To approve necessary Funding to enable compliance with the Transparency Code for Smaller Councils
Councillors noted the success of the application for a grant of £1,082.62 towards the purchase of a new laptop and scanner.  In addition, the grant monies should cover the set-up and ongoing costs of a new Parish Council website.  Additional funding was required for the purchase of Microsoft Office and Norton Security.


THAT the financial details as set out in the report to ensure the Parish Council complied with the Transparency Code for Smaller Councils, be approved.


157/15-16 To consider and comment on the draft Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)
Councillors considered the draft Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Parish Council and the Community Partnership.  Some amendments were suggested, but the general tenet of the MoU, was supported.
A list of the assets to be transferred was circulated.  As the seat at Green Lane, Medham had been removed some time ago, due to its dilapidated condition, it was deleted from the list.  It was considered that the seats in the bus shelters had been passed over to Island Roads under the PFI project, so they too were not included.  During discussion mention was made of the Sensory Garden in Uplands Road.  As this had been installed by the Village Management Committee, the responsibility of this should have been passed over to the Parish Council, when first established.
The majority of the assets, due to their age, had no replacement value for insurance purposes.  A full review of their condition would be undertaken in the New Year, once the MoU had been duly signed by both parties.

THAT the Memorandum of Understanding between Northwood Parish Council and the Community Partnership be duly approved, subject to the amendments outlined and forwarded to the Chairman of the Community Partnership for his signature.


158/15-16 To receive an oral progress report on the “Welcome to Northwood” booklet
Cllr Riddet advised that the booklet had now been proof read.  An updated, simplified version of the map of the parish was being produced.  This would be completed shortly, enabling the final document to be presented for adoption, at the next meeting of the Parish Council.


159/15-16 To receive a report on the meeting of the IWALC Executive held on 19 November and to consider the Discretionary Service Support Proposal
In the absence of Cllr Ward and not having yet been circulated with the Minutes of the meeting held on 19 November, there was little to be reported.   However, a paper setting out proposals for a partnership arrangement between IWALC and the IW Council for funding support of the discretionary “Planning Enforcement” service across the Island was attached to the agenda for consideration.  Should sufficient Town and Parish Councils commit to the proposal then IWALC would progress the terms of reference and a service level agreement, under which the proposed partnership could take place.  Northwood Parish Council would be expected to provide funding of £669 of the £40K total required.
During consideration of the document, councillors raised a number of questions, to which they required answers, prior to any firm decision being taken.


THAT IWALC be requested to provide a response to the following questions before any decision was taken by Northwood Parish Council on the Discretionary Service Support: proposal:
i.  What exactly would be the appropriate use of the monies by the IW Planning Department?  (see Para 5)
ii. Was this suggested to be an annual contribution from Parish and Town Councils, for an indeterminate period?
iii. Was IWALC to impose any “break” clauses in the contract?
iv. What will IWALC do if not satisfied with the level of performance and that “value for money” was not being achieved?


Cllr J Nicholson entered the meeting room at 8.15 pm.


160/15-16 To receive a report for information on Community Wellbeing
Cllr J Nicholson referred to his report, which had been circulated prior to the meeting.  Particular reference was also made to an email he had received from Barnados, referring to and providing information on their new Family Centres across the island.  Each locality would have a hub site.  Northwood fell within the West and central Wight area, with the nearest Centre being the Newport Family Centre, Wellington Road, Newport.  The Spokes site was situated in Love Lane, Cowes.


161/15-16 To receive progress reports for information from Working Party leads
a. Traffic and Transport Issues Working Party
Cllr Riddet advised that the Service 32 Community Bus continued to run well.  The switch from a Monday to a Saturday service had been very successful.
b. Northwood in Bloom Working Party
Cllr Pullen was hopeful that all the planters would be completed by the end of the week, subject to any adverse weather conditions.  Volunteers to assist with the planting would be welcomed.
c. Parish Plan Working Party
There was no further update to report.  A meeting of the Working Party had still to be organised.
d. Emergency Plan Working Party
Ian Lawrie, from the IW Council had kindly forwarded a re-vamped version of the Emergency Plan, together with details of potential grant funding available for the purchase of equipment useful in the case of an emergency.  The Working Party would give consideration to both and report back at a later date.
e. Green Space Project Working Party
In the absence of Cllr Ward no report had been received.


162/15-16 To receive the report for information of Cllr J Nicholson, the IWC Ward Member for Cowes South and Northwood
Cllr J Nicholson referred to matters set out in his report. Particular mention was made of his recent involvement in a technical group, which had the support of the local MP.  It was suggested that a representative from BAE Systems could be invited to attend a future meeting of the Parish Council to provide further information and the aims of the group. Cllr J Nicholson agreed to liaise and report back.


163/15-16 Clerk’s Report
i. The interim budget statement to the end of November 2015 and the bank reconciliation with Statement No 88 were received and duly noted.


ii. Cheque No 000434.


THAT approval be granted retrospectively, for the payment of cheque 000434 in favour of Community Action IW, for £767.48, with regards to the clerk’s salary, on 18 November.


iii. To authorise payment of the following cheques:


THAT the following cheques be approved for payment
000435, £86.28, Mrs B Herbert, Clerks Expenses
000436, £23.96, John Pullen, compost for tubs/planters
000437, £300, Northwood Parish Church, Northwood News
000438, £597.76, Mrs B Herbert, to reimburse the purchase from Staples of the IT equipment and software to enable compliance with Transparency Code.


iv. To consider the application for grant funding from Northwood Community Partnership
Additional information had subsequently been obtained which detailed the income and expenditure for the Resident Day events held in July, September and October 2015, together with the average attendance figures over the past six months.  Careful consideration was given to the projected costing of the eleven events planned for 2016.


THAT the Parish Council agrees to provide a donation of £195.25, to cover the cost of the hall hire for the eleven events planned to take place in 2016.


164/15-16 Correspondence
Correspondence received was listed in the report circulated with the agenda and updated further at the meeting.


165/15-16 Councillors’ reports
Cllr J Nicholson highlighted a further occurrence of a Utility Company undertaking works on a newly laid road and the poor standard of workmanship when replacing the road surface.  It was suggested that councillors report any such incidences to the clerk, so that a formal complaint could be made and a register maintained documenting the services involved.


166/15-16 Future Agenda Items
Northwood WI



Signed …………………………………………….  Dated ……………………………..

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