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Please note that minutes are just drafts, until approved by the Parish Council at a subsequent meeting





Minutes of the Meeting of Northwood Parish Council, held in Northwood Primary School, Wyatts Lane, Northwood, Isle of Wight on Tuesday, 6 September 2016



Present: Councillors Chris Riddet (Chairman), David Jaggar (Vice Chairman), John Nicholson, Malcolm Nicholson, John Pullen and John Ward
Also in attendance:
Barbara Herbert (Clerk and RFO)
PCSO Lisa Paul



There was one member of the press in attendance.



59/16-17 To receive and approve any apologies for absence
Apologies had been received from Cllrs Paul Fuller and Derek Smith and PCSO Derek-John Howard.



60/16-17 Members’ interests
There had been no written requests received for Dispensation on items forming the agenda.
Cllr Ward declared a prejudicial interest in Minute 69/16-17 Northwood in Bloom Working Party as he knew one of the suppliers who had provided a quotation for the winter planting.
Cllr Jaggar declared a prejudicial interest in Minute 64/16-17 b i, the Chawton Farm planning application as he was a Director of the company Natural Enterprises, which had provided the Ecological Survey forming part of the planning application.


61/16-17 IW and Hampshire Police
a. To receive a report on any local safety neighbourhood issues occurring since the last meeting held of the Parish Council
In the absence of PCSO Howard, PCSO Lisa Paul attended the meeting and presented the report from the Local Neighbourhood Police team. Particular mention was made of the following:
• the current team and the forthcoming changes of personnel due to occur by 4 October;
• three crimes had been committed during the month of August, compared to ten for the same period in 2015;
• the new community priorities that had been set at the PACT meeting in July, these being –
to reduce the number of bicycle thefts in Cowes;
to reduce the incidents of alcohol related public disorder within the night time economy in Cowes High Street;
to assist in the prevention and detection of criminal damage within the Cowes locality.
Cllr Ward highlighted that the police website indicated that 8 offences had taken place in Northwood under the heading as being either sexual assaults and/or violent offences. It was very unclear as to the exact nature of the offences, which could be rather disconcerting for people potentially looking to move to the area.  PCSO Paul clarified that as far as she was aware no sexual offences had occurred in Northwood, although the crimes committed did also cover those of violent nature against a person.  PCSO Paul confirmed that only one domestic violence incident had occurred since the beginning of July.


Cllr J Nicholson referred to the number of persistent incidences of illegally parked cars in Cowes and Northwood.  It was reported that the vehicles were not taxed, insured or road worthy.  Particular mention was made of a yellow car recently noticed being illegally parked in Cranleigh Gardens. Cllr J Nicholson had passed information to the local Island Roads’ road steward, who in turn had contacted the IW Council.  However, due to the prohibitive costs involved in removing the vehicles no progress had been made to prevent a similar situation from re-occurring.
The clerk was requested to write to Island Roads and to the Chief Executive Officer of the IW Council to highlight the problem and request remedial action to deter those responsible.



b. To consider the response from Superintendent Sarah Jackson
Councillors referred to the response received from Superintendent Sarah Jackson, which they considered to be bordering on being discourteous.  It was agreed, therefore, that there was little to gain in pursuing the lack of information being reported at meetings by the Neighbourhood Police team. PCSO Paul advised that plans were in place to move the team into the Fire Station, in Victoria Road, Cowes.  Hopefully this should occur by the end of November, following completion of renovation works to improve the facilities there, to make them more suitable for their use.



62/16-17 To confirm and authorise the Chairman to sign the Minutes of the previous meeting of the Parish Council held on 5 July 2016




THAT the Minutes of the Ordinary meeting held on 5 July 2016 be confirmed and the Chairman authorised to sign them on behalf of the Parish Council.



63/16-17 To receive any matters arising on the Minutes, not requiring a resolution
Minute 20/16-17 Picnic Table – the clerk advised that she was awaiting a response from Ian Simmonds, Activities Unit Manager, Industries, at HM Prison Service as to when the two picnic tables would be ready.  The concrete basis had been laid by Colin Newnham.



64/16-17 Town and Country Planning
a. To approve the Minutes of the meeting of the Planning Committee held on 1 August 2016




THAT the Minutes of the meeting of the Planning Committee held on 1 August 2016 be confirmed as an accurate record.



b. To consider the following planning application received and make comments in accordance with the guidance for material planning considerations listed at



Cllr Jaggar having declared a prejudicial interest in the following item of business left the meeting room prior to any discussion or decision thereon.



i. TCP/14203/J Chawton Farm, Chawton Lane, Northwood – Variation of condition 6 on P/01483/12 – TCP/14203/E to provide a time limit for ecological monitoring




THAT Northwood Parish Council raises no material planning objections in respect of the application TCP/14203/J Chawton Farm, Chawton Lane, Northwood for the variation of condition 6 on the granted application TCP/14203/E.



Cllr Jaggar returned to the meeting room.



ii. TCP/32786 Land at BAE Systems, fronting Three Gates Road, Cowes – Proposed change of use of land to car dealership to include sales area and workshops with associated parking




i. THAT Northwood Parish Council raises no material planning objections with regard to the application TCP/32786 on land at BAE Systems, fronting Three Gates Road, Cowes for the proposed change of use of the land to enable a car dealership, that included a sales area and workshops with associated parking;
ii. THAT the Local Planning Authority be requested to investigate whether the developer of the application proposed should be requested to make a contribution under s106, towards the local Highways network;
iii. THAT the Local Planning Authority should satisfy itself that the drainage arrangements were satisfactory, as some 20 years ago the Environment Agency had raised concerns about drainage from this site and the possible pollution to the water course.



c. The following decisions taken by the Local Planning Authority since the last meeting of the Parish Council were noted:
i. TCP/28075/A  8 Nodes Road, Cowes, Isle of Wight, PO318AB – Conditional Planning approval for the partial demolition of a store; proposed single storey rear extension to form additional living accommodation;
ii. TCP/30690/A Brickfields, Hillis Gate Road, Cowes, Isle of Wight, PO31 8NA – Conditional Planning Permission for the demolition of part of a building; change of use from industrial unit to dwelling; single storey extension on west elevation to form garage; single storey extension on east elevation to form additional living accommodation; alterations;
iii. TCP/32721 10 Horseshoe Close, Cowes, Isle of Wight, PO318PZ – Conditional Planning Permission for the demolition of a garden room; proposed replacement garden room;
iv. TCP/24593/B land between 28 and 30, Oxford Street, Northwood, Isle of Wight, PO31 – Refusal of Planning Permission for a proposed detached dwelling; formation of vehicular access; parking;
v. TCP/11391/M Land adjacent 263 Newport Road Northwood – Conditional Planning Permission for a proposed building to form a micro-brewery; alterations to vehicular access to include erection of gates; parking;
vi. TCP/32719 Somerton Industrial Park – Conditional Planning Permission for a proposed storage container for unit 4.



65/16-17 To confirm that the Register of Interests forms from Cllrs Fuller, J Nicholson and Ward are in order and correct
The clerk advised that she had received revised Register of Interests forms from Cllrs Fuller and J Nicholson. Cllr Ward confirmed that his form was in order and had no changes to report with regard to his current Register of Interest form.




THAT Cllrs Fuller, J Nicholson and Ward confirmed that their Register of Interests forms were in order and correct.



66/16-17 To consider any action required following the annual inspection of the Parish Council’s assets
Cllr Pullen advised that, having inspected all the Parish Council’s assets listed, generally the majority appeared to be in reasonable order.  The main concern centred on the wooden planters and tubs.  One situated in the Newport Road was in a very poor condition.  However, this was to be repaired shortly at a cost of £30.  The nine wooden troughs were all showing signs of wear and thought would need to be given early next year, as to whether they should be replaced or removed.  It was queried as to whether the metal seat on Medham Village Green had been removed or not.




THAT Cllr Pullen be thanked for his detailed report of the Parish Council’s assets.



67/16-17 To consider the report of the Northwood WI Working Party
A meeting was scheduled to take place the following day with those persons who had expressed an interest in forming the WI Hall Management Committee. Philippa Daley should also be present to provide guidance and advice on leases and other legal matters.




THAT Cllrs Pullen and M Nicholson be appointed as the Parish Council’s representatives on the WI Hall Management Committee.



68/16-17 To consider the report of the lead of the Northwood in Bloom Working Party
Cllr Ward having declared a prejudicial interest in the following item of business took no part in the discussion or decision thereon.


Two written quotations and two verbal ones had been obtained for the winter planting.




THAT the quotation of £160 inc VAT from the Forest View Nursery be accepted for the winter planting or 41 x 6 packs of polyanthus and 23 x 6 packs of primulas.



69/16-17 To consider any further options on how to use the balance of the payments received of £6k to be used for the benefit of the residents in Northwood




THAT no decision be taken at the present time on the spending of the remaining monies to be used for the benefit of the residents in Northwood.



70/16-17 Isle of Wight Day 
Councillors noted that 1 mile of bunting had been received.  This should be used in celebrating the new initiative to establish an Isle of Wight Day on 24 September.




THAT the offer of Cllr Riddet to distribute the bunting between the two public houses, shops and garages in Northwood, be accepted.



71/16-17 To consider the purchase of new football nets for the Venner Avenue football pitch
Following a complaint received from a member of the public over the condition of the football nets on the play area, the clerk had taken initial remedial action to repair them over the summer period. However, due to their constant use this was really just a temporary measure and it was now necessary for the nets to be replaced.




THAT a pair of 4.5 mm nets be obtained from Stadia Sports at a cost of £50.73 each, together with a supply of Net Hooks at £0.65 each, with the costs to be deducted from the funding held specifically for the benefit of the community.



72/16-17 To consider making appropriate responses on the following IW Council Consultations 
a. The Draft Scheme for the establishment of a Solent Mayoral Combined Authority
Councillors were referred to the proposed plans to create a Solent Mayoral Combined Authority.  The IW Council, Portsmouth City Council and Southampton City Council were negotiating a deal with Government to secure extra powers and funding for the area.  The draft scheme had been prepared to support an analysis of whether the creation of a combined authority would improve the exercise of statutory functions in relation to the area.  In discussion, councillors expressed their mixed views as to whether the proposals would be of benefit to the Island, agreeing that at the present time there was insufficient detail available on such an important matter.  Further information was required so to enable a truly informed decision to be taken.




i. THAT Northwood Parish Council supports the proposal in principle;
ii. THAT before the IW Council makes a decision on the matter, it should make available to all members of that Council, the Parish and Town Councils and the IW Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism much more detail about the likely effects of such a decision for the Island;
iii. THAT those details should include:
a. A comprehensive risk assessment of the proposals, including financial and governance issues;
b. The precise mechanics of the retention of the Business Rates and the timescale, having regard to the issues for consideration specified in the Communities and Local Government Committee Report on its inquiry into the Retention of Business Rates. e.g. possible economic downturn resulting in lower business rates; valuation appeals; the financial consequences of additional duties being imposed by Government as a result of 100% retention; and the necessary time needed to complete the process;
c. A guarantee that the Island will be able to ensure that the cost of meeting its needs will be fully reflected in the amount of business rate income to the Island;
d. Consideration of the possible effects of any alternative proposals for devolution and comments on the present proposals put forward by Hampshire County Council and the Hampshire District Councils;
e. A complete list of the matters for which the IW Council will no longer be responsible on its own;
f. Whether the Mayoral Combined Authority will have compulsory purchase powers;
g. Which authority will decide whether a planning application has strategic planning significance and which authority will determine such an application;
h. The exact nature of the powers devolved to the Mayor on an “autonomous” basis and the meaning thereof;
iiii. THAT Northwood Parish Council considers there to be no need for a referendum.



b. Transport Infrastructure Task Force
The IW Council had set up a task force to review the transport infrastructure of the Island.  All Town and Parish Councils had been provided with an opportunity to submit their views.  In particular, the IW Council would be mindful to ensure that transport services to/from and on the Island were Safe, Secure, Accessible and Affordable.




THAT Northwood Parish Council suggests that:
i. the IW Council should be more aggressive in obtaining s106 contributions towards the highways network and transport infrastructure;
ii. firms should be more encouraged to establish more car-sharing schemes;
iii. reinstatement by Utility Companies following “essential works”, particularly in newly resurfaced roads must be to an acceptably good standard
iv. there must be proper information supplied by the statutory undertakers in respect of any proposed/replacement maintenance works of existing infrastructure;
v. the Stag Lane traffic lights should only be active during peak times.



73/16-17 To receive an update on the new Parish Council website
Cllr Ward advised of the progress he had undertaken on the website.  The clerk had forwarded a number of changes to be made.  Once these had been actioned then the website could go live.  The website was very clear and simply laid out making it easy for anyone to access.  It was suggested to highlight the website to the public that a competition be run in conjunction with the local schools.  Children could be asked to take photos of the area, with the best ones being awarded a small prize.  This suggestion was to be considered further at the next meeting.



74/16-17 To receive a report for information on Community Wellbeing
The report of Cllr J Nicholson was received and duly noted without comment.



75/16-17 To receive progress reports for information from Working Party leads
a. Traffic and Transport Issues Working Party
Cllr Riddet reported that August had been a very profitable month for the Community Bus Service No 32.  It had been very well used resulting in higher donations received.  As two extra fully trained drivers were now available, occasionally some volunteers were used on a standby basis.  If this continued consideration would be given to re-instating the Monday service.
b. Parish Plan Working Party
Cllr Pullen advised that a meeting of the Working Party had not taken place.  Arrangements would be made to do so prior to the next meeting.
c. Green Space Project Working Party
There were no matters to report.



76/16-17 To receive the report for information of Cllr J Nicholson, the IWC Ward Member for Cowes South and Northwood
Councillors noted the report for information of Cllr J Nicholson the Ward Member for Cowes South and Northwood without comment.



77/16-17 IWALC
Cllr Ward had no further information to report following the meeting between IWALC and the IW Council, held on 18 July.  It was noted that the Finance and General Purposes Committee had been disbanded and for workshops to be held instead to discuss topics of mutual interest.



78/16-17 Clerk’s Report
a. Finance
i. The interim budget statement to the end of August 2016 and the bank reconciliation with Statement No 97 were received and duly noted.



ii. Payment of cheques Nos 000464, 000465, 000466, 000468 and 000469




THAT the respective payment made with regard to the following cheques be duly approved:
Cheque No 000464 for £773.47, Community Action IW for the clerk’s salary on 5 July;
Cheque No 000465 for £185.00, A Rowe for the Parish Walking Plan on 11 July;
Cheque No 000466 for £250.00, Age UK IW for the funding donation as agreed at the meeting on 5 July;
Cheque No 000468 for £83.13, Mrs B Herbert, Clerks Expenses on 1 August;
Cheque No 000469 for £773.47, in favour of Community Action IW for the clerk’s salary, on 16 August.



iii. To authorise payment of cheques




THAT the following cheques be approved for payment:
000470, £54.37, Mrs B Herbert, Clerks Expenses;
000471, £120.00, BDO, Standard fee for the External Audit;
000472, £1,843.80, IW Council, Annual costs towards the Parks Services and the Environment Officer Services;
000473, £1,100.00, JW Autoshine, Watering of planters and tubs;
000474, £1,056.00, Colin Newnham, concrete bases for two picnic tables.



iv. To consider the requests for grants/sponsorship
A. To sponsor students in the parish to enter the Christmas Writing Competition 2016




THAT the invitation to sponsor students in the parish to enter the Christmas Writing Competition in 2016, be declined.



B. St John Ambulance – Donation for DEFIBS
A copy of the Parish Council’s application form for grant funding had been sent out on 15 August.  Unfortunately, this had not been returned in time for the day’s meeting.




THAT Cllr J Nicholson to undertake a survey of Automatic External Defibrillators within the parish and report back to the November meeting.



C. Help Through Crisis
Councillors were of the view that Age UK undertook a similar scheme, therefore resulting in some duplication of the work involved.



THAT regrettably the request for funding of the Help Through Crisis scheme be refused.



D. Jigsaw




THAT in the current financial climate the request for funding towards the Jigsaw Family Support scheme be declined.



v. To consider ordering a poppy wreath for the Remembrance Day Service




THAT it be approved to purchase a poppy wreath for the Remembrance Day service in November.



b. Administration
Annual Audit for the year ending 31 March 2016


THAT the Parish Council noted that the Annual Audit, for the year ending 31 March 2016, had been approved by the External Auditor.  BDO LLP agreed that the information provided was in accordance with proper practices and no matters had given them any cause for concern in that relevant legislation and regulatory requirements had not been met



79/16-17 Correspondence
Correspondence received was listed in the report circulated with the agenda and updated further at the meeting.  Particular mention was made of the invitations received.  Councillors were requested to forward their interest in attending to the clerk in due course.
uuu. To attend the IWALC workshop on 20 October to discuss the future of youth services on the Island
qqqq. To attend the 20mph Conference on 5 October, being organised by Newport Parish Council.



80/16-17 Councillors’ reports
There were no additional reports made.



81/16-17 Future Agenda Items
To determine the dates of Parish Council meetings up to and including May 2017
To consider the format of future agendas







Signed …………………………………………….  Dated ……………………………..

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