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Minutes of the Meeting of Northwood Parish Council, held in Northwood Primary School, Wyatts Lane, Northwood, Isle of Wight on Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Present: Councillors John Pullen (Chairman), Pat Bentley (Vice Chairman) and Chris Riddet
In attendance:
Barbara Herbert (Clerk and RFO)
PCSO Steve Oatley

There was one member of the public present


187/12-13 To receive and approve any apologies for absence
Apologies had been received from Cllrs Simon Boyle, Judith Ferris, Paul Fuller, Ray Mew, Derek Smith and IW Cllr Roger Mazillius


188/12-13  To receive any declarations of Members’ interests and to approve any written requests for Dispensations on items forming the agenda
No declarations of interest were made at this stage.  There had also been no written requests for Dispensation received


189/12-13 To receive a report by the Local Safety Neighbourhood Officer
PCSO Oatley presented the report of the Local Safety Neighbourhood (LSN) team, on events that had taken place since the last meeting. The intervening period had again been fairly quiet, with no reports of damage or public disorder. However, there had been a total of 15 calls to police during the past 30 days, with the following crimes of note:
• Two instances of domestic assaults dealt with by way of a caution
• One drug related incident that had come to light when a vehicle had been routinely stopped.  The car was subsequently impounded as there had been no insurance in place
• Two incidents of Anti-Social Behaviour, when a vehicle had been driven in an incorrect manner in the snow
PCSO Oatley advised that with the lighter evenings it was usual for reported crime to see an increase.  The LSN team were always on the alert and would monitor any incidents on a daily basis.
Cllr Pullen expressed his thanks to the LSN team for their prompt response to the neighbourhood incident in Selman Gardens.  The resident concerned was very grateful.
Cllr Riddet questioned if the LSN team were informed of any road traffic problems relating to the Community Bus scheme.  PCSO Oatley confirmed that generally there was not a need for this information to passed on.


190/12-13 To confirm and authorise the Chairman to sign the Minutes of the previous meeting of the Parish Council held on 8 January 2013


THAT the Minutes of the meeting held on 8 January 2013 be confirmed and the Chairman authorised to sign them on behalf of the Parish Council

191/12-13 Matters arising on the Minutes
a. Minute 177/12-13 Welcome to Cowes sign – The clerk had contacted the clerk to Cowes Town Council on this matter and then subsequently raised it again at the meeting of the PFI District 1 representatives.  A response may not be forthcoming until early March.
b. Minute 182/12-13 a i General Power of Competence training – The clerk reported that this training session had been cancelled due to the recent bad weather.  A new date was to be rescheduled.
c. Minute 182/12-13 a ii Annual Parish Meeting – Cllr Riddet advised that he had been unable to contact any of the representatives from Eco Island.  The clerk agreed to take this on and extend a written invitation for them to provide the key note speaker at the Annual Parish Meeting


192/12-13 Town and Country Planning
To consider the following application received and make comments in accordance with the guidance for material planning considerations listed at
i. AGN/1399/H Medham Farm, Medham Farm Lane, Northwood, – Agricultural Prior Notification for an open fronted storage building.


THAT Northwood Parish Council raised no material planning objections in respect of the application AGN/1399/H at Medham Farm,.Medham Farm Lane


ii. TCP/31157/B 30 Pallance Road, Cowes, Isle Of Wight, PO318LN – Demolition of garage; proposed detached dwelling; relocation of shed; alteration to vehicular access and formation of driveway/turning area (revised scheme)


THAT Northwood Parish Council raised no material planning objections in respect of the application TCP/31157/B at 30 Pallance Road, Northwood


193/12-13 To consider the copy of the report regarding proposals on changes to the Medina Valley Key Regeneration Area Settlement Boundary
The clerk read from the email received from IW Cllr R Mazillius, which advised that Mr Boulter, of the IW Council’s Planning Policy unit had offered to attend a future meeting to provide further explanatory detail on the proposal.  Councillors were also advised that Gurnard Parish Council were to progress the idea of moving or removing the settlement area boundary line with caution. They were to perhaps seek independent professional advice before taking any decision.


THAT Mr Ollie Boulter, of the IW Council’s Planning Policy unit be invited to attend a future meeting of the Parish Council, so to discuss in further detail the suggested proposal on changes to the Medina Valley Key Regeneration Area Settlement Boundary


194/12-13 To consider the letter received from Mr D Pimm regarding the Parish Council installing a quantity of skips on the Venner Avenue, over a weekend for use by local residents
The clerk read from a letter that she had sent to Mr Pimm in respect of his first matter of concern regarding the sweeping of Pallance Lane.  Mr Marlton, the Cyclical Maintenance officer at the IW Council had advised that Pallance Lane was classified as rural, and was therefore included within the annual street cleansing schedule.  However, following a couple of complaints, it was actually swept three times during the previous year.
With regard to the second matter, the clerk had obtained a quotation for the supply of a skip, which ranged from £94 for a 2 yard to £198 for a 6 yard skip.  Councillors expressed their sympathy to the suggestion, particularly for those residents who were non-car owners. However, it was unanimously agreed that the provision of skips was not a financially justifiable expense.  The IW Council provided well run facilities at Lynbottom and at the recycling unit along the Forest Road for the disposal of any unwanted matter.  These were open all year round for use by all Island residents.


THAT the clerk write to Mr Pimm, to advise that while having some sympathy with his proposal, councillors considered that the provision of skips, as suggested in his letter dated 9 January, could not be classed as a financially justifiable expense


195/12-13 To consider the email from Ms J Pearce regarding First World War centenary commemorations
Ms Pearce was present and addressed the Parish Council on her suggestion for Northwood and Gurnard Parish Councils to consider continuing her research of the 48 local men who died in World War 1.  Reference was made to instances where some community groups had decided to document the lives behind the names on local memorial plaques.  The findings could then be made public in the centenary year of 2014, in the form of a small booklet or editorial on the village web-site.
The clerk cautioned councillors on their limited powers to fund the proposal.  There was no statutory power to cover the production of village history, only the use of s137. Any expenditure had to be commensurate with the benefit to the local community, which in the current financial year limited the amount to £6.80 per person.  It would therefore be necessary to pursue the availability of grant funding.
The Chairman advised that he would explore the suggestion with several of his contacts, to ascertain if they would be minded to undertake the proposed research.  He would then prepare a report for the March meeting.  In the meantime the clerk was requested to contact Gurnard Parish Council to seek their interest on the scheme.


i. THAT the Chairman to report back to the March meeting on any success in obtaining interested persons willing to continue the research of the 48 local men listed on the 6 brass war memorial plaques installed in local churches, who had died in World War 1
ii. THAT the clerk contact Gurnard Parish Council to seek their interest on assisting with the scheme


196/12-13 To receive the notes of the meeting of the Cowes, Northwood & Gurnard (CN&G) Community Forum and to approve the recommendations in respect of the future banking of the monies collected and the existing donation funds
Cllr Riddet referred to the Minutes of the meeting of the CN&G Community Forum held on 17 January.  Members of the forum had considered the draft paper produced by Cllr Ian Ward, which set out proposals for restructuring the funding of the IW Community Bus Partnership (CBS). They had also been advised that the scheme was at a crossroad and an attempt was being made to re-establish a constructive relationship between the IW Council and Southern Vectis.  This would then provide the opportunity to agree a clear and robust model for the on-going operational and financial management of the Scheme.


i. THAT Ms Jacquie Pearce be thanked for providing clear and efficient Minutes of the meeting of the CN&G Community Forum held on 17 January 2013;
ii. THAT this Parish Council approves the proposed arrangements for Mr Alan Stott, the bus co-ordinator to deposit all future bus donations received in a single CBS Partnership account, with effect from 1 February;
iii. THAT this Parish Council agrees to the suggestion that the CN&G Community Forum retain half of the donations so far collected, as  ring-fenced contingency funds, with the remaining surplus being passed to the central CBS Partnership account


197/12-13 To note that the clerk and the Chairman attended a meeting on 25 January with representatives of other Town and Parish Councils in District 1 for the PFI Highways contract and to appoint a representative to attend any future meetings arranged
The notes of the meeting held between representatives of Town and Parish Councils within District 1of the Highways PFI were received and noted.
The clerk advised that she had now been furnished with a draft “Memorandum of Understanding” (MOU) together with a new set of plans.  The MOU, once signed, would formalise the arrangements between the IW Council and the Parish Council over those assets in the village that would be maintained and managed by Ringway Island Roads Limited, during the 25 year Highways PFI contract.  The assets related to nearly all those situated on the “project network”, with the exception of the planters and tubs, and the notice board.  It had been clarified that all seating within bus shelters would be included.  The ownership of the asset would not be affected and remain as at present.  The clerk had queried that the dog bins on the Venner Avenue play park and at the junction to cycletrack/footpath along Medham Farm Lane were not included on the maps.  However, she had been reassured by Mr Peter Brooke, the Highways Technical Manager that all existing dog bins were to be maintained.  The metal seat, purchased by the Community Partnership and situated in Medham village, however would not be included as this area was a private estate.


i. THAT Cllr Judith Ferris be appointed as Northwood Parish Council’s nominated person, for the remainder of the ensuing year, to attend any future meetings of representatives within the District 1 of the PFI Highways;
ii. THAT Northwood Parish Council approves the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding with respect to the rehabilitation, maintenance, management and operation of the highway assets listed on the set of maps, situated within Northwood.


198/12-13 To receive progress reports from Working Party leads
a. Traffic and Transport Issues Working Party
An update had been provided earlier in the meeting. There were no further matters to report.


b. Northwood in Bloom Working Party
Cllr Pullen advised that he intended to pay a visit to Ryde House Nurseries shortly to ascertain the summer planting available.  The planting scheme would be reviewed to ensure only a small contingency remained after filling the tubs.  There had been no information as to whether the Wight in Bloom funding was to continue.  The clerk to forward to Cllr Pullen the total budget set for planting in 2013/4.


THAT Cllr Pullen order sufficient summer planting for all the tubs/planters within the village provided the cost was contained within the budget allocated.


c. Parish Plan Update Working Party
Councillors expressed their gratitude to IW Cllr R Mazillius, Mr P Le Pen and Mr L Measures for their assistance in circulating and collecting the Parish Plan survey.  A total of 1029 houses had been delivered to, with a return rate of approximately 50% anticipated.  The one area still outstanding should be completed by the coming Friday.  The next stage being the collation of the information remained to be resolved.  The cost of hiring an external person would be prohibitive.  The question was put to the clerk, if she was prepared to undertake the task outside of her normal contacted hours.  Cllr Bentley had produced a proforma, which he had used to collate those forms he had collected.


i. THAT thanks be extended to IW Cllr R Mazillius, Mr P Le Pen and Mr L Measures for their assistance in circulating and collecting the Parish Plan survey
ii. THAT approval of the clerk undertaking the collation of all the information in the Parish Plan surveys and to be paid outside of her normal contracted hours, form an item on the agenda for the March meeting.


199/12-13 To receive the report for information of Cllr R Mazillius, the IWC Ward Member for Cowes South and Northwood
In the absence of Cllr R Mazillius, the IWC Ward Member for Cowes South and Northwood, the clerk referred to his email.  Particular mention was made of noisy dogs in Uplands Road


200/12-13 IW Association of Local Councils (IWALC) 
The report of Cllr Ferris on the meeting of IWALC held on was received and noted.


201/12-13 Clerk’s Report
a. Finance
i. The interim budget statement to the end of January 2013 and the bank reconciliation with Statement No 53 were received and noted


ii. The letter dated from the IW Council regarding 2013-14 Tax Base and precept setting was received and noted


iii. To confirm the payment  of cheque No 000299, £93.60, PCC, being the cost of 3 “No Cold Calling” signs as payment was required prior to the supply of the signs


THAT payment of cheque No 000299, £93.60, PCC, being the cost of 3 “No Cold Calling” signs was confirmed.


iv. To authorise payment of the cheques


THAT the following cheques be approved for payment:
000300, £63.32, Mrs B Herbert, Clerks Expenses
000301, £10.78 Chale Parish Council, Photocopying
000302, £37.97, Mr J Pullen, Plastic Wallets for the Housing Survey
000303, £35.00, The Information Commissioner, Data Protection Act 1998 annual renewal
000304, £100.00, Community Action IOW, Optio Car Service


b. Administration
i. To note that a place has been reserved for a councillor to attend the training session on Monday 4th March, 11am to 3pm.on “An introduction to funding and bidding for project funding”, provided by Steven Lugg, the CEO of HALC and to confirm who best to attend


THAT Cllr Ferris be approved to attend the training session on Monday, 4 March on “An introduction to funding and bidding for project funding”


ii. Town and Parish Council elections on 2 May
a. Councillors noted that the application packs for prospective parish councillors were now available.  A copy of the timetable of proceedings for the election was tabled for councillors’ information. The Consent to Nomination could not be dated earlier than 5 March.


b. Councillors noted the Guidance Notes on publicity during the run up to the elections that had been produced by the IW Council.

202/12-13 Correspondence.
Correspondence received was listed in the report circulated with the agenda and updated further at the meeting.


203/12-13 Councillors’ reports
Cllr Pullen advised that he was to attend the welcoming service at Northwood Parish Church on 17 February for the new priest-in-charge Amanda Collinson.
Cllr Riddet mentioned that he was to attend the licensing service held in Gurnard Church on the 10 February as he had been requested to write an article for the Northwood news and Gurnard News.
The clerk reported on the informative Planning Enforcement training she had attended along with Cllr Ferris.  She reminded that if any councillor booked a training session and subsequently was unable to attend, they must cancel their booking, prior to the event, with John Medland, Secretary to IWALC or risk being charged £50 for non-attendance.


204/12-13 Future agenda items


THAT the following agenda items be agreed
March Meeting
Navitus Bay Wind Farm – Cllr J Ferris
Annual  Meeting of the Parish


205/12-13 To undertake a brief review of the meeting
The meeting had been undertaken in a well-run and efficient manner




Signed …………………………………………….  Dated ……………………………..

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