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Please note that the minutes are just drafts, until approved by the Parish Council at a subsequent meeting



Minutes of the Planning Meeting of Northwood Parish Council, held in Northwood Primary School, Wyatts Lane, Northwood, Isle of Wight on Tuesday, 21 March 2017


Present:         Councillors David Jaggar (Chairman), Paul Fuller, John Nicholson and Malcolm Nicholson


There were no members of the public present.


10/16-17        To receive and approve any apologies for absence

Apologies had been received from Cllrs Pullen and Riddet.


11/16-17        Declarations of Interest

There had been no written requests received for Dispensation on items forming the agenda.

Cllr J Nicholson declared a Personal Interest in Minute No 13/16-17 a, as the application was for a dwelling on land in Pallance Lane, near to his residence.


12/16-17        To confirm and authorise the Chairman to sign the Minutes of the meeting held on 18 October 2016


THAT the Minutes of the meeting held on 18 October 2016 be confirmed and the Chairman authorised to sign them on behalf of the Parish Council.


13/16-17        Town and Country Planning

a.   To consider the following planning application received and make comments in accordance with the guidance for material planning considerations listed at

TCP/10406/C Rose Cottage, Pallance Lane, Northwood – Outline for detached dwelling with access and layout being considered (revised scheme)

Cllr Jagger provided a brief description of the revised application for outline planning permission. Councillors’ attention was drawn to the reason why the IW Council had given notice to refuse planning permission for the previous application.  This had indicated that the layout and siting of the proposed development was likely to result in significant physical damage to a high amenity oak tree, adversely affecting its health, appearance and longevity.  The plans and associated tree report for the revised scheme advised that the layout for the proposal had been reviewed to provide additional distance, to keep the development outside of and further away from the root protection area of the oak tree.



i.  THAT Northwood Parish Council considered the revised plans TCP/10406/C for Rose Cottage, Pallance Lane, Northwood had again   failed to address any of the concerns that had been raised previously by councillors and therefore it was agreed that the representations made against the original application should continue to stand;

ii.  THAT in the event that the application should be approved, the Parish Council strongly suggested that a single storey dwelling would be more preferable. This would be more in-keeping with the neighbouring dwellings situated on the west side of Pallance Lane.  A two-storey property would be over dominant, given the rural location of the site, leading to an unacceptable potential loss of view, light and privacy to neighbouring properties, particularly during the winter months.



b.  The following decisions taken by the Local Planning Authority since the last meeting of the Parish Council were duly noted:

i.  TCP/04707/A 94 Pallance Road, Northwood – Conditional Planning Permission for the demolition of garage; proposed side extension and loft conversion to include dormer windows on north and south elevations (revised plans)

ii.  TCP/18825/D Pear Tree Cottage, Pallance Lane, Northwood – Refusal of Planning Permission for a proposed residential development comprising of three detached dwellings with associated access, parking and landscaping (revised plans)


14-16/17  To consider the report highlighting the problems associated with Parish and Town (P&T) Councils being approached for pre-planning advice

Cllr Jaggar quoted from guidance provided to IW Councillors, in their Constitution, when dealing with planning matters. Contact with applicants should be treated very carefully. In particular members who wished to participate in taking a decision must never express an unequivocal opinion about the merits of an application. This would lead to a councillor being unable to consider the relevant application when it came before committee.

IWALC had discussed this matter at their recent meeting and had agreed to request Wendy Perera, the Head of Place, to provide a briefing note, to assist clerks and P&T councillors.  During discussion, it was accepted that residents could make a general inquiry on the view of the Parish Council on the type of development that would be in keeping in the community, but not on any specific application.



THAT Wendy Perera, the Head of Place, be requested to expedite her advice on how P&T Councils should respond to prospective applicants prior to the submission of a planning application, as a matter of urgency.






Signed …………………………………………….  Dated ……………………………..

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