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Northwood Parish Council Members



Meetings of the Parish Council are held on the first Tuesday of the month, commencing at 6.30pm.
The meeting of the Planning Committee, if required, is held on the third Tuesday of the month, commencing at 6.30pm.



unless otherwise stated.




The comments made in the following articles represent the views of the individual contributors, rather than Northwood Parish Council.



On a number of occasions lately, cold calling has taken place in the Village. Those involved usually offer to re-surface your driveway or carry out repairs on your roof. Trading Standards want to know of all instances of this happening, they are already pursuing a number of leads.
If you are on the receiving end of a call, please contact Trading Standards at once, on 01983 823370, or John Pullen on 01983 281250.




News from the October meeting of Northwood Parish Council with Cllr John Pullen in the Chair.

PCSO Lisa Paul presented the report of the Local Safety Neighbourhood (LSN) team.
The Speed Watch demonstration that had taken place last month outside the Travellers Joy, in Pallance Road. Approximately fifteen people had attended and most were willing to sign up to the scheme. Once trained then participants could then take ownership of the scheme and undertake their own “Speed Watch”, reporting back to the police the registration numbers of those vehicles caught speeding. A similar demonstration had taken place in Rew Street.
The on-going problem of motorised bikes being driven along the cycle track near to Medham. However, this time the situation related to e-bikes. These looked very similar to Vestas or Lambretta type scooters. The police had undertaken spot checks following complaints by a local resident and found that the bikes were actually classified as a cycle. Subsequently the driver was not required to wear a helmet and they could quite legitimately be ridden along the cycle path.
Cllr Nicholson passed on the observations of Cllr Smith with regard to the inconsiderate parking that sometimes occurred on a corner in Venner Avenue, near to the play park. A suggestion was made to request Island Roads to consider if there was scope for the installation of drop pavements in Wroxall Close, thereby enabling parking on half the pavement width. However, some reservations were expressed as this would still not provide a clear view along the road, which was essential being adjacent to a play area. The inconsiderate parking of several distribution vehicles particularly on some street corners, which blocked .the vision of other motorists, was once again raised. It was decided that Cllr Nicholson make contact with Island Roads and the police to organise a joint meeting with Cllrs Fuller and Riddet to discuss the best way to improve the situation of inconsiderate parking and to report back to the next meeting.
The Parish Plan Working Party agreed to formulate a Housing Needs questionnaire for delivery to all residents. The cost of production would be met by the IW Council. It was suggested that each form would be inserted in a plastic sleeve for protection. Residents could return the questionnaire via the newsagents if they so wished, or else they would be collected by councillors, prior to the end of November.
Cllr Pullen advised that at the Best Kept Village awards ceremony Northwood received a special award of a cheque for £25 and a plaque in appreciation of the tubs and planters around the village. A similar amount had been presented to the Community Partnership.

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