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Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Northwood Parish Council, held in Northwood Primary School, Wyatts Lane, Northwood, Isle of Wight on Tuesday, 6 January 2015


Present: Councillors John Pullen (Chairman), Chris Riddet (Vice Chairman), Paul Fuller, David Jaggar, John Nicholson, Malcolm Nicholson, Derek Smith and John Ward
Also in attendance:
Barbara Herbert (Clerk and RFO)
PCSO Steve Anker
There were 22 members of the public and press in attendance


163/14-15 To receive and approve any apologies for absence
There had been no apologies tendered


164/14-15 Members’ interests
There had been no written requests received for Dispensation on items forming the agenda.
Cllr Fuller declared a Personal interest in Minute 168/14-15 Town and Country Planning as he was a member of the IW Council’s Executive
Cllr Jaggar declared a Personal interest in Minute 168/14-15 a. i. TCP/05982.M  Planning Application for Hillis Gate Riding Stables
165/14-15 To receive a report by the Local Safety Neighbourhood Officer, plus an opportunity to discuss local policing priorities
PCSO Steve Anker provided a report on behalf of the Local Safety Neighbourhood (LSN) team advising on matters arising since the last meeting. Particular mention was made of the following:
• Crime Update for December – Three crimes had been reported during this month, this being two less than for the same period in December 2013;
• The police priority remained the prevention of cyclists riding along Cowes High Street.  No cyclists had been stopped during the month of December.
• A Speedwatch activity had been held in Baring Road, Cowes on 16 December.  271 vehicles had passed through the checkpoint with no breaches of the 30mph limit.    Volunteers were urgently being sought to undertake additional Speedwatch checks.  Any expression of interest should be submitted to PCSO Derek Howard
A member of the public, who was present, referred specifically to the three crimes committed.  It was confirmed by PCSO Anker that they all related to damage to motor vehicles in Greenways*.  The member of public alleged that a total of £6,000 damage had been caused, making them, collectively, the most serious incidents in Northwood for many years.  The police had no evidence at the current time and so unfortunately were unable to level any accusations.
*Subsequent to the meeting, the police clarified that the three crimes reported did not refer to the Greenways vehicle damage incidents.  These were reported to the police on Nov 29th 2014 and as such would have been included in the crime report presented to the Parish Council at the December meeting.  The police reported that the 3 crimes for December and reported to the Parish Council at the January meeting, related to 1 x violent offence and 2 x theft offences


166/14-15 To confirm and authorise the Chairman to sign the Minutes of the previous meeting of the Parish Council held on 2 December 2014


THAT the Minutes of the meetings held on 2 December 2014 be confirmed and the Chairman authorised to sign them on behalf of the Parish Council


167/14-15 To receive any matters arising on the Minutes, not requiring a resolution
Minute 152/14-15 Change in Speed Limit to 20mph for the whole of Wyatts Lane – The clerk advised that the request had been logged with Island Roads and been passed to the relevant department for investigation


168/14-15 Town and Country Planning
a. To consider the following planning applications received and make comments in accordance with the guidance for material planning considerations listed at
Cllr Jaggar explained that he was a Director of Natural Enterprise.  Although not aware of any resolution having been passed by the board, he had noticed that comments on its behalf, in favour of the application, had been uploaded onto the IW Council’s Planning website.   Cllr Jaggar having declared a personal interest left the meeting room prior to any discussion or decision thereon.


i. TCP/05982/M Hillis Gate Riding Stables, Hillis Gate Road, Northwood – Outline for three self-contained holiday units; full application for three self-contained holiday units, with two ancillary buildings providing office/store/workshop and an educational facility; formation of vehicular access and parking areas, landscaping
Several members of the public in attendance raised a number of objections to the application


THAT Northwood Parish Council, after due consideration, raises a number of objections and concerns in respect of the application TCP/05982/M at Hillis Gate Riding Stables, Hillis Gate Road, Northwood.  These being:
• The adverse effect that the proposed development would have on the ambience of the local environment
• The close proximity of the proposed scheme to existing, neighbouring homes
• Inadequate parking identified on this small site for the potential, significant number of vehicles belonging to visitors staying in the proposed holiday units or using the educational facility
• The increase in traffic movements throughout the day, all year round and the pressure on parking on the adjacent highway
• The detrimental effect of visitor activity giving rise to noise disturbance and light pollution for occupants of nearby properties
• Concern over the possible risk of contamination into adjacent drainage ditches and the flooding risk to the proposed development by building on a known water-logged site
• That the application should be considered by the Development Control Committee and not processed through the powers delegated to the Head of Planning Services

Cllr Jaggar returned to the meeting room.


ii. TCP/24172E 7 Fieldway Crescent, Northwood – Retrospective permission for the retention and completion of shed


THAT Northwood Parish Council considers the retrospective application TCP/24172/E, for the retention and completion of a shed at 7 Fieldway Crescent, Northwood, to be totally inappropriate – out of scale and out of degree, thereby causing an adverse impact on the existing amenity for neighbouring properties


iii. TCP/32097 Unit 25 to 26 Somerton Industrial Park, Newport Road, Northwood – Change of Use from Class B1 to Class B2 (Food Production)


THAT Northwood Parish Council raises no material planning objections in respect of the application TCP/32097 at Unit 25 to 26 Somerton Industrial Park, Newport Road, Northwood


iii. TCP/23950/A Kingswell Dairy – 2 agricultural buildings.  For members interest only, the clerk advised that as a Planning Notice had been placed outside the premises she had made enquiries with Planning Services.  They had advised that in April 2014 permitted development rights were introduced for converting agricultural buildings to dwellings (Class MB). This class allowed conversion of agricultural buildings to a maximum of three dwellings no more than 450 sqm each within any agricultural holding, subject to compliance with the regulations. The prior notification notice was a way of establishing whether the proposal was compliant with the permitted development rights or not. The level of information submitted with the applications were significantly less than standard planning applications. They were advertised through a site notice and neighbour notification letters but were not uploaded to the website.

b. Councillors noted that the Local Planning Authority had received revised plans for application TCP/31184/E at 58 Pallance Road, Northwood which were considered to be a minor revision to the scheme and therefore further comments were not required


c. The following decisions taken by the Local Planning Authority since the last meeting of the Parish Council, were noted
i. TCP/18840/B 14 Wyatts Lane, Northwood – Conditional Planning Permission for proposed single storey rear extension to form lounge and dining room
ii. TCP/32052  31 Greenways, Northwood – Conditional Planning Permission for the proposed extension on side elevation to form hall and lounge on ground floor with en-suite bedroom and first floor level within roofspace including dormer window on roof elevation


169/14-15 To consider and take decisions with respect to the Saturday route of Service 32, Cowes, Gurnard and Northwood Community Bus
Cllr Riddet provided an oral report confirming that the Service 32 bus, on a Monday, was continuing to run with financial assistance from the funds held on behalf of the three local councils.
The Saturday bus had now stopped.  Sadly the provision of this service had never been formally approved and now Southern Vectis advised they would require £85 for the hire of the bus, to cover the time required on a Saturday.  However, it was noted that a volunteer should always be available to drive the bus if this session was to be funded, as no other Service ran on a Saturday.  On average donations received totalled an average £35 each Saturday session, which could result in a £50 per day shortfall, to be shared between the three councils.  This could potentially equate to a funding demand of at least £866, per year for each council.  It was suggested that further consideration should be given to supporting the Saturday service following completion of the training of newly recruited volunteers. This would then enable the week day service to run as previously, at no financial cost.


i. THAT, at this point, councillors did not consider it a viable option to provide funding to continue the Saturday service;
ii. THAT a meeting be established of the Cowes Community bus forum, together with one of the volunteer drivers, so to discuss the situation and report back to the Parish Council in February


170/14-15 To consider the draft Isle of Wight Council Highway Amenity Permissions Policy
During discussion Cllr Fuller declared a personal interest, as he was a member of the IW Council’s Executive, and took no part on the vote thereon.


THAT Northwood Parish Council welcomed and fully supports the IW Council’s proposed Highway Amenity Permissions Policy


171/14-15 To consider the report suggesting the provision of picnic tables on the play park area
Cllr Fuller apologised for the lack of report detailing information and costings.  Councillors were advised that the cost of the picnic tables supplied to Gurnard Parish Council varied from £100 to £250 each, which did not include the cost of anchoring the tables.  However, no mention was made of the materials used. The clerk advised that she was in contact with the HMP Isle of Wight, Industries department.  The Woodmill was able to produce picnic tables but were in the process of re-costing them.  The Industrial Manager should be able to provide a price and approximate availability by the end of the week. 
Discussion ensued on the merits of wood versus a recycled material.  Cllr Fuller offered to obtain quotations for the next meeting


THAT Cllr Fuller obtain quotations for the provision of picnic tables on the play park area for the next meeting


172/14-15 To receive an oral progress report on the revision of the “Welcome to Northwood” booklet
Cllr Riddet advised that due to other more pressing parish council business he had been unable to complete the revision of the “Welcome to Northwood” booklet.


 THAT the “Welcome to Northwood” booklet to form an agenda item for the February meeting of the Parish Council


173/14-15 To consider submitting a nomination to attend the Buckingham Palace Garden Party on 20 May


THAT it be agreed for Cllr and Mrs John Pullen to be nominated to attend the Buckingham Palace Garden Party on 20 May 2015


174/14-15 Community Wellbeing in the community
Cllr J Nicholson referred to his report on Community Wellbeing circulated for information.  Since the last meeting Cllr J Nicholson had attended several interesting and supportive meetings with representatives of the police, scouts, church, Age UK, Directorate of Public Health, Community Action IW, the MP’s office and other interested councillors, individuals and businesses.  The next step would involve mapping community assets to obtain an idea of the deficiencies and needs within the community, before being able to plan where action was required.


175/14-15 To receive progress reports for information from Working Party leads
a. Traffic and Transport Issues Working Party
Cllr Riddet highlighted recent incidences when roadworks were suddenly carried out on the main Cowes/Newport road while planned works were still being undertaken on some side roads.  This had caused some frustration for those drivers caught up in the gridlock.  Cllr Fuller had also raised this question with Island Roads and was awaiting their response.
Cllr Pullen referred to the two vehicles that had been abandoned in the village.  Although these had been reported to the IW Council, police and Island Roads some time ago, only now did any action appear to be occurring.  A question was raised as  to which organisation was it most appropriate to report any further such instances?  The clerk was requested to clarify with all the parties concerned, as it would be useful to be advised of a named person.


b. Northwood in Bloom Working Party
Cllr Pullen agreed to contact Mrs Peggy Jarman to seek confirmation that Wight in Bloom would continue for a further year.
The painting and repair of the planters had still to be completed.  Also the re-varnishing of the memorial seat on the play park had still to be undertaken

c. Parish Plan Working Party
Councillors having read through the existing document had identified a number of the sections that required updating.  However, the clerk was unable to obtain an electronic copy of the Plan, which could then be easily amended.  Both the current and previous website managers and previous members of the Northwood Management Committee were unable to assist.  Cllr Ward volunteered to investigate whether the copy on the parish website could be modified

d. Emergency Plan Working Party
The Working Party had no progress to report.  Councillors still considered there to be merit in undertaking an Emergency Plan


e. Northwood Post Office Working Party
It was agreed to defer this matter to item 15, on the agenda


176/14-15 To receive the report for information of Cllr J Nicholson, the IWC Ward Member for Cowes South and Northwood
Cllr J Nicholson referred councillors to his report.  This covered his work as the Ward Councillor and his responsibilities at the IW Council.  Particular mention was made of the following:
• The drainage works being undertaken in Pallance Road
• The barriers closing the stretch of pavement in Seaview Road, that ran alongside the playing fields
• The new operator at Gurnard Pines had expressed an interest in having the Post Office transferred to his planned new Spar shop.  Cllr J Nicholson was to attend a meeting with Post Office Ltd and the current postmistress, at 11.00 am the following Tuesday, to discuss the future provision of the service.  Cllr Riddet volunteered to also attend.  Mention was made of the planned proposals at Whippingham, together with the problems being experienced at the Carisbrooke post office
•  The signs erected by Cowes Town Council requesting cyclists to dismount along the High Street


177/14-15 Clerk’s Report
a. Finance
i. The interim budget statement to the end of December and the bank reconciliation with Statement No 77, were received and noted


ii. To authorise retrospectively the payments made with regard to the clerks salary:


THAT approval be granted retrospectively of the following payments:
000384, Community Action IW, £739.22, for the clerk’s salary, on 9 December
000385, D Jennings, £265.00, replacement of cheque 000383 payable to Gorgeous Gardens for the same amount, on 17 December


iii. To authorise payment of the following cheques:

 THAT the following cheques be approved for payment
000386,  £70.70, Mrs B Herbert, Clerks expenses
000387, £300.00, Northwood Parish Church, advertisement in the Northwood News


iv. To consider the application for a contribution towards the costs of staging the IW Armed Forces Day, in 2015


THAT a financial contribution of £200 be agreed towards the costs of staging the IW Armed Forces Day, in 2015


b. Administration
i. To consider arrangements for the Annual Meeting of the Parish and to suggest a key note speaker


 THAT arrangements for the Annual Meeting of the Parish to form an agenda item for the February meeting


ii. To approve Mr Mike Cox, as the Internal Auditor for the 2014/15 accounts


 THAT Mr Mike Cox, be appointed as the Internal Auditor for the 2014/15 accounts


iii. To consider the award of the insurance contract for 2015
The clerk advised that since the despatch of the agenda Came & Co had managed to negotiate a reduction in the insurance renewal quotation of Aviva.  As the Parish Council had been loyal customers since 2008 they had agreed to match the current level of payment


THAT Aviva be appointed as the insurance provider for a three year period commencing January 2015, at a cost of £265.00 per annum.


178/14-15 Correspondence
Correspondence received was listed in the report circulated with the agenda and updated further at the meeting.  The clerk mentioned item y. – the invitation to attend a special Local Access Forum meeting on 19 February.  Cllr Fuller was to due attend and would also represent the Parish Council  


179/14-15 To receive the Draft Programme for the Spring Seminar – Taking the Isle Of Wight Forward, to be held at the Riverside Centre on Monday 16 March 2015 and to approve the attendance of interested persons


THAT the approval of attendance of interested persons at the Spring Seminar, on 16 March, to form an agenda item for the February meeting


180/14-15 Councillors’ reports
Cllr Pullen referred to his holiday arrangements.  He reminded councillors of his intention to stand down as chairman at the Annual General Meeting of the Council this year, but planned to continue as a parish councillor.  Cllr Pullen expressed his thanks to all councillors and to the clerk for their support and help over the years.
Cllr Fuller advised that an appeal had been lodged with the Planning Inspectorate with regard to the Place Road planning application
Cllr Fuller reported that Gurnard Parish Council had agreed terms to take over the lease of the former Gurnard Primary School playing fields and orchard


181/14-15 Future Agenda Items
No additional items were requested
182/14-15    To undertake a brief review of the meeting
The meeting was considered to be fine


Signed …………………………………………….  Dated ……………………………..


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