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Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Northwood Parish Council, held in Northwood Primary School, Wyatts Lane, Northwood, Isle of Wight on Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Present: Councillors Chris Riddet (Vice Chairman), Paul Fuller, David Jaggar, John Nicholson, Malcolm Nicholson and John Ward
Also in attendance:
Barbara Herbert (Clerk and RFO)


There were no members of the public or press in attendance


203/14-15 To receive and approve any apologies for absence
Apologies had been received from Cllrs John Pullen, Derek Smith and PCSO Derek Howard


204/14-15 Members’ interests
There had been no written requests received for Dispensation on items forming the agenda
Cllr P Fuller declared a personal interest in Minute No 208/14-15 Town and Country Planning, being the IW Council’s Executive member for Planning and Licensing


205/14-15 To receive a report by the Local Safety Neighbourhood Officer, plus an opportunity to discuss local policing priorities
In the absence of PCSO Derek Howard, the clerk read out the report of the Local Safety Neighbourhood (LSN) team advising on matters arising since the last meeting. Particular mention was made of the following:
• Crime Update for February – Seven crimes had occurred compared to four in February 2014.  Of these, on consulting, four appeared to have occurred in Northwood, with the remainder taking place in Gurnard. The crimes related to two theft from motor vehicles, one case of anti-social behaviour and one violence against a person.
•  The police priority remained the prevention of cyclists riding along Cowes High Street.  No cyclists had been stopped by the police when on patrol during the month of February.
The police were currently investigating the death of a man in Green Lane, Medham.  Officers had been called to a house shortly after midnight on 1 March/ 2 March.  The body of a 72 year old man had been found in the garage at the property.  A 52 year old man had been arrested in connection with the investigation.
PCSO Howard had advised that he hoped a police representative would be able to attend the next meeting of the Parish Council, to advise on important staff changes due to take effect from 1 April.  These would mainly involve changes in management and the supervision of officers.


206/14-15 To confirm and authorise the Vice Chairman to sign the Minutes of the previous meeting of the Parish Council held on 3 February 2015

THAT the Minutes of the meetings held on 3 February 2015 be confirmed and the Vice Chairman authorised to sign them on behalf of the Parish Council.


207/14-15 To receive any matters arising on the Minutes, not requiring a resolution
Minute 188/14-15 a Venner Avenue Football Pitch – The additional football sockets had been installed and the goal posts moved to a new position.  The facility had been so well used that even the new arrangement was showing signs of wear and tear.  Hopefully in the autumn the posts would be moved once again to minimise any long lasting damage.


208/14-15 Town and Country Planning
a. To consider the following planning applications received and make comments in accordance with the guidance for material planning considerations listed at
i. TCP/32155 22 Oxford Street, Northwood – Two storey side extension and single storey rear extension to provide additional living accommodation, detached garage, formation of vehicular access


THAT Northwood Parish Council raises no material planning objections to the application TCP/32155 22 Oxford Street, Northwood for a two storey side extension and single storey rear extension


ii. TCP/32123A Agricultural storage barn to the rear of 67 Oxford Street, Northwood; demolition of agricultural building, proposed detached dwelling


THAT Northwood Parish Council expresses its concern that the application TCP/32123A could set an unwanted precedent for future backland development in this vicinity. The application site lay outside the development boundary.  The concept to demolish an agricultural building to be replaced by a permanent residential dwelling was opposed


b. The following decisions taken by the Local Planning Authority since the last meeting of the Parish Council, were noted
i. TCP/31184/E 58 Pallance Road, Northwood – Refusal of Planning Permission for a pair of semi-detached houses; one detached house; formation of vehicular access and parking and turning area (revised scheme)(revised plans)(readvertised application)
ii. TCP/32097 Unit 25 to 26 Somerton Industrial Park, Newport Road, Northwood – Planning Permission granted for the change of use from Class B1 to Class B2 (food production)


209/14-15 To consider supporting the “Isle Drive Safe – Remember Evey” campaign in return for a supply of Speed Limit stickers
Councillors discussed taking part in the “Bin Your Speed” initiative currently being promoted by the road safety charity “Isle Drive Safe – Remember Evey”.  Although this was considered to be an excellent idea in trying to reduce the speeds of vehicles, councillors were mindful of the financial pressures that the Parish Council could face in the coming months.  Councillors felt that it might be more effective for a reminder to all motorists to keep within the local speed limits, to be included in an edition of the Northwood news.


THAT the invitation to support the “Bin Your Speed” initiative be declined and a reminder to all motorists to keep within the speed limits of local roads, to be included in the next edition of the Northwood news


210/14-15 To consider Minute 91/14-15, of the meeting held on 2 September with regard to the Best Kept Village awards mark sheet
Councillors noted the marks awarded in last year’s competition.  No mark achieved was below average.  It was suggested that as the majority of features judged in the competition were actually outside of the control of the Parish Council there was little that could be undertaken by councillors to improve matters.


211/14-15 To consider Minute 88/14-15 of the meeting held on 2 September with regard to undertaking a “Big Tidy Up” event
Rather than organise a “Big Tidy up” event, it was proposed that a mention be made in the next edition of the Northwood news to highlight the antisocial behaviour of littering.  In addition, all residents should be requested to be aware of detritus left lying around and assist voluntarily in keeping their locality clear.
As judging in the Best Kept Village competition would commence shortly, the clerk was requested to write to the two largest organisations in the village suggesting that they clear the litter around the periphery of their sites.
Cllr Jaggar advised that he would seek volunteers at the next Medham Management  Committee meeting to assist him in clearing the area between the cycle track up to the Newport Road.


212/14-15 To note the report of Mr Douglas Loxton, Field Change Advisor Network Transformation Team, Post Office Ltd
The clerk reported the most recent offer that had been made by the Post Office Ltd to Miss Calver.  She had tentatively agreed to run the Pallance Road post office on a restricted hours basis of twelve hours per week, over three mornings, subject to agreement of terms and conditions.  This would be reviewed in a year or until a long term solution could be found. The Post Office were due to hold discussions on 4 March to firm up the proposals and draft a contract of employment.  Mr Robert Worley, Field Change Advisor had recently been appointed to continue the investigations as to how a Post Office service could be maintained in Northwood and had agreed to attend the April meeting of the Parish Council to advise on progress in this regard.


213/14-15 To receive an oral progress report on the revision of the “Welcome to Northwood” booklet
Cllr Riddet reported that he had met with members of the Community Partnership.  Their Chairman possessed a copy of the original “Welcome to Northwood” booklet in a digital format that could be amended. However, due to his current ill health, Cllr Riddet would wait a while until his situation improved.
Cllr Pullen, in his absence, was volunteered to undertake a review of the walks in Northwood.


214/14-15 To consider the free offer of setting up a parish council website
The clerk explained that under the new Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities the Parish Council should publish certain information on the website, to increase transparency and democratic accountability.
The Web Manager had been approached but could not assist in the publication of all the data and information, as required.  The clerk would investigate alternative options.  In the meantime councillors agreed to take no action to establish a stand-alone Parish Council website


215/14-15 Community Well-Being in the community
Cllr J Nicholson reminded councillors of the attendance of Ms Anita Cameron-Smith at the last meeting.  He would be assisting at the Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) workshops to be held on 20 and 21 April.  These would provide a useful opportunity to learn from examples of community well-being being undertaken in other areas.
A new Director of Public Health had been appointed to replace the temporary Director, Dr Rida Elkheir.


216/14-15 To receive a report on the ‘Planning for the Future of the Medina Valley’ meeting held on 24 February
A summary of the meeting attended by Cllr Jaggar had been circulated to councillors earlier in the day.  The changes to the Planning Service as a result of the planned severe budget decrease had been explained.  This would see a large reduction in planning staff and changes to the management structure.  Work was still progressing on the AAPs, although a review of the Planning Policy team would take place in August/September.  The draft SP1 Spatial Strategy was still on track to be finalised for consultation purposes in the spring of this year.  Research had confirmed that the need for 520 new dwellings per annum was correct.  The completed AAPs would provide more localised information, setting out the proposed distribution of housing and identified sites.
The importance of parish councillors undergoing training had been stressed and some suggestions had been tabled for the future way forward of the service.
Reference had been made to the possibility of a corporate Council enforcement team to overcome the current difficulties being faced with planning enforcement.
The next meeting of the Medina Valley Area Action Plan would take place on 28 April.


217/14-15 To receive progress reports for information from Working Party leads
a. Traffic and Transport Issues Working Party
Cllr Riddet confirmed that the current funding would last until the end of the summer season.  The current shortfall had been identified as £7K per route, per year.  However, details of a pensioner subsidy reimbursement scheme had come to light, which could cover the cost of the shortfall on the Service 32.  Drivers would have to use ticket machines to record the number of pensioners being carried.  Donations would also be required to fund the cost of the service.
Suggestions had been proposed to stop the Service 34 completely and part of the Service 23.  The remaining part of the Service 23 would be amalgamated with Service 22.
It was noted that another training day was to be held shortly and progress on this would be made at the April meeting.
b. Northwood in Bloom Working Party
No matters to report
c. Parish Plan Working Party
The clerk reported that Cllr J Nicholson had been successful in providing an electronic copy of the Parish Plan, in Word.  Cllr Ward agreed to liaise with members of the Working Party to determine the next course of action
d. Emergency Plan Working Party
In the absence of Cllr Smith no report had been received. However, Cllr Smith, in email correspondence, had agreed to investigate the funding opportunity to support community resilience projects being offered by Scottish and Southern Energy.  Mr Iain Lawrie, Resilience Co-ordinator at the IW Council had offered his assistance in developing a plan.  He had some very good templates and examples of completed documents available.  The clerk was requested to seek an assurance that this offer had been taken up.
e. Northwood Post Office Working Party
A report on this matter had been provided earlier on the agenda.


218/14-15 To receive the report for information of Cllr J Nicholson, the IWC Ward Member for Cowes South and Northwood
Cllr J Nicholson referred councillors to his report, which had been circulated earlier in the day.  This covered his work as the Ward Councillor and his responsibilities at the IW Council.  Particular mention was made of the following:
• The drainage works in Pallance Road
• The barriers closing the pavement along Seaclose Road, which hopefully should soon be removed and the pavement made good
• The vacancy on Cowes Town Council
• Remedial drainage works on the Northwood Play Park
• The IW Council budget for 2015/16
• ABCD presentation to be made at Cowes Town Council on 5 March


219/14-15 IWALC – To consider the continued membership of IWALC for 2015/16, following the increase in the subscription
Councillors discussed the merits or not of remaining as a member of IWALC, in the light of the proposed substantial increase in membership subscription for 2015/16.  That some larger councils have their fees capped due to the size of their electorate came as a surprise to some.  As a very small council, the support and training opportunities that being a member of IWALC affords the parish council was stressed.


THAT it be agreed for Northwood Parish Council to continue its membership of IWALC for 2015/16


220/14-15 Clerk’s Report
i. The interim budget statement to the end of February 2015 and the bank reconciliation with Statement No 79 were received and duly noted
ii. Payment of cheque No 000395


THAT the respective payment made with regard to 000395, Community Action IW, £788.25, for the clerk’s salary, on 14 February, be duly approved


iii. To authorise payment of cheques:


THAT the following cheques be approved for payment:
000396, £62.80, Mrs B Herbert, Clerks expenses
000397, £25.00, Northwood House Charitable Trust, Annual membership


iv. To consider the application for grant funding of £50 to the Jubilee Sailing Trust


THAT the application received from the Jubilee Sailing Trust for a grant funding be declined


v. Councillors noted the content of the letter, dated 12 February, from BAE Systems Integrated System Technologies Ltd and expressed their grateful thanks.


221/14-15 Correspondence
Correspondence received was listed in the report circulated with the agenda and updated further at the meeting.


222/14-15 Councillors’ reports
Cllr J Nicholson highlighted the serious events that had taken place in Rochdale and Oxford and only recently come to light.  He questioned whether the Parish Council should assume that the right procedures were being followed in Northwood or should the Parish Council take a pro-active stance.  In discussion, it was considered that these matters were generally of a confidential nature and not within the remit of the Parish Council.
Cllr Fuller advised of the circulation of his monthly IW Councillors report for March
Cllr M Nicholson referred to the damage being caused by car tracks going over the grass verge outside of No 5 Nodes Road.  Cllr J Nicholson offered to report the matter to the District Steward.
Cllr Riddet circulated an extract from the Telegraph, written by the chairman of Hook Norton Parish Council.


223/14-15 Future Agenda Items


THAT the following future agenda items be approved:
Mr Robert Worley, Field Change Advisor Network Transformation Team, Post Office Ltd
Paul Savill, Voluntary Sector Locality Link Officer of the new project “My Life – A Full Life”


224/14-15    To undertake a brief review of the meeting
No comment was made


Signed …………………………………………….  Dated ……………………………..


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