Northwood Parish Council and Northwood Community Partnership

Posted by Admin on 24 May 2008, 12:00 am

(Cllr Paul Fuller, Acting Chairman Tel: 01983 289595)

Northwood Parish Council held its inaugural meeting on 13th May. The Council chose not to formally elect either a Chairman or Vice-Chairman for the coming year owing to the fact that the Council was not up to its full complement of Councillors.

The new Parish Councillors have short-listed and interviewed candidates for the position of Parish Clerk, and it is hoped the vacancy will be filled by the time you read this report!

The vacancy for the unfilled seat on the Parish Council is also in the process of being advertised; if you are interested in applying please contact me for details.

The Parish Council will meet on the following dates:

Tuesday 3rd June at 7.00pm
Northwood School Hall – Full Meeting of Northwood Parish Council.

Tuesday 17th June at 8.00pm
Northwood School Hall – Planning Committee
(To be confirmed; contact Cllr Peter Brooker NPC Acting Vice-Chairman on
01983 296958).


(Colin Palmerton, NCP Chairman Tel: 01983 282242)

A full round-up of our May Meeting will feature in the next Northwood News, whilst our next meeting will be held on:

Tuesday 17th June at 6.00pm
Northwood School Hall (For details contact Eileen Turner-Palmerton).

(John Pullen, Tel: 01983 281250)

Do you want to be a Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator? If you DON’T live in Greenways, Medham, Nodes Road, or Oxford Street and are interested please contact me, or Paul Fuller on 01983 289595.

with thanks to Roger Mazillius for his initial coordination.

1. Councillor PETER BROOKER
28 Uplands Road, Northwood. Tel: 01983 296958

I moved to Northwood in 1971 and worked locally (BAE Systems) between then and 2003, taking an early retirement. I held a number of posts in the company, including Test/ Quality Control Manager and Apprentice Training Manager.

As a school governor between 1976 and 2007, I served Northwood Primary School, Somerton Middle School and Cowes High School. I held various offices including Clerk to Governors at primary level; and Chair of Governors at both middle and high schools. Our three sons were educated at our local schools.
I belong to Northwood St John the Baptist church, and undertake various voluntary administrative tasks for the Parish.
I was a Road Steward for a number of years for the then Northwood Residents’ Association, and a committee member thereof.

Volunteering in 2006 for the Northwood Village Management Committee, I was appointed as one of its founding members. I held a particular responsibility for planning issues and applications. Working with others, I collated and analysed the questionnaire data, and generated the final version of the 2007 Parish Plan.

Northwood faces pressures similar to those that are faced by many other semi-rural communities. I consider these include the slow attrition of open space and creeping urbanisation; lack of affordable housing; vastly increased traffic volumes and the consequences thereof; an ageing demographic; and a worrying non-engagement of younger members of the community. If the Parish Council can embrace just some of these huge issues, alongside the smaller ones, it will have succeeded!

I am anxious that the new Parish Council quickly becomes an effective, relevant, truly representative and valued tier of local democracy. I hope I can contribute towards this.

2. Councillor COLIN CRAMP
37 Greenways, Northwood. Tel: 01983 289996

I have lived on the Island for 54 years, the last 15 in Northwood.

I left Carisbrooke Grammar School at the age of 16 having passed 6 ‘O’ levels.

For 13 years I worked for a local chartered accountant. I then worked for Siemens Plessey for the next 23 years until, as Financial Accountant, I was made redundant, the work being transferred to the mainland. Lastly I worked for Wight Salads for 9 years until 2004 when again I was made redundant, again the accounts work being transferred to the mainland.

I was honoured to be appointed by the Isle of Wight Council to be a member of Northwood Village Management Committee from its inception in 2006 until its planned termination in March 2008. I was also a member of the small volunteer group who helped produce the Northwood Parish Plan last year.

In Northwood News and also The Beacon I write the articles Financial Tip of the Month. I do not belong to any political party. I am opposed to the huge building programme of 5000 homes on the Island every 10 years, because the vast majority of these homes will be purchased by non-Islanders, and include many second homes. I am in favour of building homes where local need is proven, in particular to be owned and occupied in perpetuity by people who have already lived on the Island a number of years. Also I am against tax payers’ money being wasted at County Hall.

I believe it is vital the new Parish Council finds ways to connect with and listen to the local community.

3. Councillor PAUL FULLER
74 Wyatts Lane, Northwood. Tel: 01983 289595

I am 38 years old and live with a long-suffering wife, Karen and two children in Wyatts Lane.

My family has lived in Northwood for many generations, and I returned to the area wanting to give my family a better life in 1999.

I became involved in public life because I felt elected representatives didn’t put the views of local residents first. Enthused by my attitude, I bizarrely became the youngest prospective Member of the European Parliament when selected by the Green Party in 1994!

On leaving ‘party politics’, I served as an Independent I.W. Councillor for Ryde between 1995 and 2001, increasing my majority on re-election in 1998. Between 2001 and 2005, I became a Cowes Town Councillor, and Gurnard Parish Councillor since 2005.

In Northwood I have served Northwood Residents’ Association and was privileged to enthusiastically chair the Northwood Community Partnership and Village Management Committee. I coordinated the Northwood Parish Plan and aspired to ensure those activities were motivated and transparent.

I also serve as a Justice of the Peace, Northwood School Governor, helped form Island Governors and recently the Friends of Northwood Cemetery.

My main interests include Transport, Planning, improving Youth Facilities, Leisure and the Environment. I endeavour to be a good listener and to act in accordance with views put. If I fail to live up to your expectations, I deserve to be given a hard time! If you haven’t received my full leaflet and require a copy please do not hesitate to contact me!

21 Oxford Street, Northwood. Tel: 01983 295556

Roger has been our Isle of Wight Councillor since 1998 and regularly keeps residents informed through his ‘Roger’s Reports’.

40 Greenways, Northwood. Tel: 01983 282242

Originally from Jersey, but have lived in several areas of the UK. Attended various Grammar schools followed by Chef Training at Westminster Technical College.
All three children and foster child have long since ‘fled the nest’.

Due to the nature of my employment, relocated to the Isle of Wight just over ten years ago.

Before retiring in 2001, was the main contractor’s Administration Manager during the construction of West Quay Centre in Southampton, having served 30 years with the same company.

Since settling in Northwood with my partner, Eileen, I have continued my voluntary community involvement, which has been continuous in excess of five decades. Originally within scouting and then many years’ membership of an internationally voluntary health care organisation, retiring from this as CEO for the Isle of Wight. I was a founder member of Northwood Community Forum (now Community Partnership), of which I am proud to be current Chairperson. I am also a street coordinator for the village Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, and now a new challenge as a Councillor for Northwood Parish.

I have no political affiliation as it is a strongly held belief that the interests of our village community are far more important than any personal agenda.

There will be a lot to learn for this new Parish Council, but together with involvement from residents, we can only benefit this village in which we live.

6. Councillor JOHN PULLEN
86 Wyatts Lane, Northwood. Tel: 01983 281250

I moved to Northwood some time ago prior to my retirement.

My wife and I have always liked the village and welcomed the opportunity to live here. My son and daughter, with their respective families, also live in close proximity. Two grandchildren attend Northwood Primary School.

Prior to moving to the village, I was a co-founder and subsequent Chair of the Albany Residents’ Association, involved in protracted discussions with the Home Office over the sale of Prison Quarters.

I served on the Community Partnership as Neighbourhood Watch coordinator, and I am also secretary to the Council of Neighbourhood Watch for the Island. I assist in the setting up of new schemes and supporting existing ones. I was involved in Northwood becoming a No Cold Calling area, which I believe has worked well. I was Vice-Chairman of Northwood Village Management Committee, and for a short period Chairman, during the period leading up to the Parish being created.

Being elected as a member of the new Parish Council is something I am very proud of, and will serve the people of Northwood to the best of my ability.

40 Greenways, Northwood. Tel: 01983 282242

Born in Redhill, Surrey in 1940 and an only child. My secondary education was at Reigate County School for Girls.

At 17 years of age, took temporary clerical employment with London Country Buses.
Until my retirement in 1993, I remained with this employer, and its various formats for 35 years 6 months, serving the travelling public of London. Probably the longest known temporary job!

My partner, Colin and I have lived in Northwood for the last 10 years. I have a son, David; Daughter-in-Law, Kerry; Two grandsons, William and Joel and a granddaughter, Hannah. They live in Axbridge, Somerset.

From the age of 8, my community life has been as a volunteer with a major health care provider. This has involved many and varied activities dealing with human need, such as looking after survivors brought to England from the Tristan De Cuna volcano and giving assistance at the recent Guernsey Island Games.

It was a great privilege to be appointed to Northwood Village Management Committee from its inception until dissolved in March this year. At present, I am secretary of Northwood Community Partnership, having been a member throughout its existence and before that as Secretary and Treasurer of the Northwood Community Forum.

As a Parish Councillor, I believe that my life experiences will prove of great benefit to the future continuing growth of our village. I have no political agenda, so feel certain that my input to village life can only be democratically beneficial for all residents of all ages.

8. VACANCY – currently being advertised.


An election was held for the Newport Town Council Parkhurst Ward, the councillors elected being:

1. Councillor HUGH REID
106 Bellevue Road, Cowes. Tel: 07866 572759 Email:

42 Fellows Road, Cowes. Tel: 01983 295947 Email:

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