Northwood Parish Council

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86 Wyatts Lane, Northwood PO31 8PY
Tel: 01983 281250 ~ Email:

Vice Chairman:
74 Wyatts Lane, Northwood PO31 8QA
Tel: 01983 289595 ~ Email:

Chair of Planning Committee:
37 Greenways, Northwood PO31 8AN
Tel: 01983 289996 ~ Email:

95 Noke Common, Newport PO30 5TY
Tel: 01983 248287 ~ Email:

380 Newport Road, Northwood PO31 8PP
Tel: 01983 246597 ~ Email:

Parish Clerk & RFO:
11 Wyatts Lane, Northwood PO31 8QB
Tel: 01983 290086 ~ Email:



The comments made in the following reports depict the views of the individual contributors, rather than the views of Northwood Parish Council.


What is a councillor?

Councillors are elected to represent the entire Parish or Town Council area.  They are generally elected by the public every four years.

What do councillors do?

Councillors have three main components to their work.
1. Decision making – Through meetings and attending committees with other  elected members, councillors decide which activities to support, where  money should be spent, what services should be delivered and what policies  should be implemented.
2. Monitoring – Councillors make sure that their decisions lead to efficient and  effective services by keeping an eye on how well things are working.
3. Getting involved locally – As local representatives, councillors have  responsibilities towards their constituents and local organisations. These  responsibilities and duties often depend on what the councillor wants to  achieve, how much time is available, and may include:

Going to meetings of local organisations
Going to meetings of bodies affecting the wider community
Taking up issues on behalf of the general public
Running a surgery for residents to bring up local issues
Meeting with individual constituents in their own homes

Attending a meeting of Northwood Parish Council (held in Northwood primary school on the first Tuesday of every month) or speaking to any of the Parish councillors, or clerk, is the best way to see what happens there.

How much time does it take up?

Quite often councillors say that their duties occupy them for about two to three hours a week, but obviously some may spend a lot more than this and others less. In the main, being a councillor is an enjoyable way of contributing to your local community, and in making it a better place to live and work. Various training sessions (including those on the responsibilities and duties of a councillor, and the Code of Conduct) are organised by the IW Association of Local Councils, and are highly recommended.

What does the Parish Council do?

The Parish Council is that part of local government closest to the people. They serve the smallest area and are responsible for the most local of matters. Very importantly, the Parish Council can ‘precept’ – raising a sum collected with the council tax each year to improve facilities and services for local people.
Parish councils have a number of basic responsibilities in making the lives of local communities more comfortable.  Essentially these powers fall within three main categories; representing the whole electorate within the parish, delivering services to meet local needs, and striving to improve quality of life within the parish.

A full list of powers and duties is available at:

Parish councils also comment on planning applications – they are statutory consultees (they have to be consulted if they so wish) and can be represented at Public Enquiries.

What next – contact the clerk in writing by 31st December expressing your interest.


PC Mark Thomas has reported that two offenders have been identified as causing damage to the Bus Shelters, and have admitted it. The IOW Council was to take civil action to recoup the cost of repairs.
A number of cycles have been stolen in the Gurnard and Cowes areas, please ensure your cycles are locked away safely. Also take a note of the frame number and if possible, a photograph.
Several thefts have taken place from unlocked motor vehicles in Cowes and Gurnard.
If you see anyone suspicious hanging around vehicles, please ring 101.

No Cold Calling

Please let me know of any incidents of people cold calling, or ring Trading Standards on 01983 823370.
Ring 01983 281250 if you are interested in the Black and Green recycling bins.
Do not forget Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. You do not need to identify yourselves and the calls are not recorded.



Proposed Precept 2011/12

Clerk’s Salary                                      5323
Payroll costs                                            72
Pension Contributions                         1198
NI Contributions     
Holiday/Sickness cover                         200
Clerk’s car mileage                                  80
Use of Clerk’s home                              300
Stationery & Books                                100
Photocopying & Printing                        150
Postage                                                   30
Publicity                                                 300
Advertising                                               50
Insurance                                               300
Subscription & Registration Fees           420
Meetings costs                                       220
Office Equipment & Software                400
Audit Fee                                               150
Training                                                 100
Election costs   
TOTAL ADMIN COSTS                      9393

Grants for Good Causes                       300
Poppy Wreath                                         25
Emptying Dog Bins                                770
Community Projects
 Village Design Statement                     100
 Village Improvements                            500
 Village Planting                                     300
TOTAL SPEND                                 11388

Less Bank Interest received                  160
PROPOSED PRECEPT                    11228 

Total Balances of £2,650.00 to be carried forward from current financial year.

*Proposed increase will see a rise of 1% on the precept for year 2010/11.

Any comments on the proposed Precept should be sent to the Clerk, Mrs Barbara Herbert, or the Chairman, Cllr John Pullen.

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