Northwood Parish Council

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Chairman: Cllr John Pullen
86 Wyatts Lane, Northwood.
Tel: 01983 281250

Vice-Chairman: Cllr Paul Fuller
74 Wyatts Lane, Northwood.
Tel: 01983 289595

Chairman (Planning): Cllr Peter Brooker
28 Uplands Road, Northwood.
Tel: 01983 296958

Cllr Colin Cramp
37 Greenways, Northwood.
Tel: 01983 289996

Cllr Marie Ely
14 Wyatts Lane, Northwood.
Tel: 01983 299673

Cllr Roger Mazillius CC
21 Oxford Street, Northwood.
Tel: 01983 295556

Cllr Colin Palmerton
40 Greenways, Northwood.
Tel: 01983 282242

Cllr Eileen Turner-Palmerton
40 Greenways, Northwood.
Tel: 01983 282242

Parish Clerk & RFO: Barbara Herbert
11 Wyatts Lane, Northwood.
Tel: 01983 290086

All meetings are held in Northwood W.l. Hall, where the public and press are welcome to attend. Prior to each meeting there is an opportunity for attendees to ask questions.

Northwood Parish Council, 7.45pm, Tuesday 2nd June 2009

Northwood Parish Council (Planning Committee) 7.45pm, Tuesday 16th June 2009 (To be confirmed – contact Barbara Herbert on 01983 290086 for details)

The views expressed in the following reports are those of the contributors, and do not necessarily reflect those of Northwood Parish Council.

The Parish Council unanimously re-elected John Pullen to continue as Chairman at the recent AGM.

PCSO Steve Oatley reported that last year 27 crimes were reported in Northwood, this being a 21% drop from the previous year.

The Isle of Wight Council is overseeing the expenditure of Government Play Builder funding, which is to be invested in Play Areas across the Island. Northwood has made an application. The thrust of this funding is focused much more towards providing what children want by way of interactive play equipment, rather than funding Safety Matting and Fencing, which absorbs much of the cost of installation. This new way of thinking by Government is supported by agencies such as the Health and Safety Executive. For further details contact Cllr Eileen Turner-Palmerton on 01983 282242.

The Parish Council received complaints from residents about horse-riders using the Medham Cycle-Link. In light of complaints the Parish Council resolved to request that appropriate notices be erected to prevent the path being used as a bridleway.

(John Pullen, Chairman of Northwood Parish Council)
Northwood Parish Council holds its Annual General Meeting on the 5th May when the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and any committees are appointed. The Annual Parish Meeting is held on the 29th May when an Annual Report is written and submitted to the Parishioners. Your Council welcomes your involvement and urges you to work together with us for the benefit of our Community.

My fellow Councillors and I have pleasure in submitting this Report to you with thanks to our Parish Clerk, our Responsible Financial Officer, our County Councillor and its many volunteers. Our thanks also go to those who attend our monthly meetings and to you, our Parishioners.

Northwood is a new Parish Council, which met for the first time on the 13th May 2008. Seven candidates were elected, and it was decided to advertise for candidates for the casual vacancy. Cllr Marie Ely was the successful applicant.

Mrs Barbara Herbert was selected as Parish Clerk and Responsible Finance Officer. The Council holds its meetings on the first Tuesday of each month at the Women’s Institute Hall starting at 7.45pm.

The Parish Council, shortly after being established, adopted the Northwood Parish Plan. This was prepared by Northwood Community Partnership. The Plan is based on the views of the community as expressed through various consultation mechanisms, questionnaires and public meetings. It will evolve and develop over the years ahead. From the plan came the core projects listed below.

HOUSING NEEDS Working Party – Cllrs Cramp – Ely – Brooker

Members of the Council, working with Sharon Packer, Rural Housing Enabler, carried out a Housing Needs Survey. Questionnaires were delivered within the Parish. The Housing Needs Survey Report, produced in December, demonstrates a local need for a small scheme of affordable housing and showed positive support for this.

ALLOTMENTS Working Party – Cllrs Mazillius – Ely

Thanks to the assistance of a local landowner, the allotments are established. Tenancy agreements have been signed and all plots have been leased. A lot of hard work by councillors has gone into this and it is gratifying to report that all agree it has been a success.

COMMUNITY FACILITIES Working Party – Cllrs Palmerton – Turner-Palmerton

A Working Party, provided with identification documents, are engaging with local businesses within the village. The concept of a local business directory is being investigated. The village has a Primary School, Church, two public houses, Post Office, Newsagents, Hair Dressing Salon, Northwood Garage, Northwood Business Park and Somerton Industrial estate. A Scout Hall and W.I. Hall also serve the community.

YOUTH FORUM Working Party – Cllrs Fuller – Pullen

This is a joint partnership project with the Safer Neighbourhoods Police Team. Consultations have taken place with the Island Youth Council and advice sought from other Parish Councils.

TRAFFIC AND TRANSPORT ISSUES Working Party – Cllrs Fuller – Pullen – IW Cllr Mazillius

Following concerns identified in the parish plan questionnaire and at the Safer Neighbourhood Forum, it has been decided to set up a Traffic & Transport working party. It will comprise interested parishioners with Councillors and has a wide brief, covering traffic concerns, bus services and safe routes to school.

VILLAGE DESIGN STATEMENT Working Party – Cllrs Brooker – Mazillius

It is felt vital to produce this as a foundation for our comments on future planning applications and the way we would like the village to develop and grow. There has been a disappointing lack of response for interested people to help with this project and also we are waiting for guidance as to best practice.


We work closely with the local police team, who normally are represented at the meetings. We have an excellent relationship with our Environment & Neighbourhood Officer, who has been an asset to the village. The Community Partnership, although a separate organisation, works with us on projects of joint interest.


The precept for 2009-2010 has been set with a slight decrease over the previous year’s amount.

Policies and Procedures

These are kept fully up to date and Councillors have taken advantage of training.


The Parish Council takes part in a wide range of consultations.

Representation on other bodies

IWALC – the Islandwide body for Town and Parish Councils. We have a named councillor and deputy to this organisation and have attended all meetings during this period. Councillor Fuller was nominated by the Isle of Wight Association of Local Councils to serve on the Isle of Wight Council Scrutiny Committee in March.


The planning committee meets separately to the Parish Council, in order to view and comment on applications affecting the village. Planning consultations are an important part of the work of the Council and we have been successful in making our views known to the planning officers.

Big Tidy-Up

Two successful Tidy-Ups were held in March. Councillors and villagers collected a large amount of litter. It should be noted that some of the residents do this throughout the year, particularly on the play area. We are grateful for their work.

Million Blooms

Thanks to the IW Council, we were given the funding to create three more gardens around the village. These are much appreciated and help to improve the appearance of Northwood. We have enough plants to produce one more garden, work on which will start shortly.


With the assistance of Biffa, Councillors have obtained a supply of black and green waste bins for distribution to residents. Thanks to the Safer Neighbourhood Police team at Cowes, we also have been distributing timers and low energy light bulbs to elderly and vulnerable residents.


Efforts are made to ensure villagers are aware of the work of the Parish Council, with all meetings held in public. Agendas and minutes are placed in the notice board and on the Northwood Village website. Reports of council meetings are written and regularly published in IW County Press Village Talk and Cowes Beacon.

Isle of Wight Councillor

The Council is fortunate to have the services of the Isle of Wight Council Member for Northwood, Mr Roger Mazillius. His hard work and dedication is an asset to the community.

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