Northwood Parish Council

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Chairman: Cllr John Pullen
86 Wyatts Lane, Northwood.
Tel: 01983 281250

Vice-Chairman: Cllr Paul Fuller
74 Wyatts Lane, Northwood.
Tel: 01983 289595

Chairman (Planning): Cllr Peter Brooker
28 Uplands Road, Northwood.
Tel: 01983 296958

Cllr Colin Cramp
37 Greenways, Northwood.
Tel: 01983 289996

Cllr Marie Ely
14 Wyatts Lane, Northwood.
Tel: 01983 299673

Cllr Roger Mazillius CC
21 Oxford Street, Northwood.
Tel: 01983 295556

Cllr Colin Palmerton
40 Greenways, Northwood.
Tel: 01983 282242

Cllr Eileen Turner-Palmerton
40 Greenways, Northwood.
Tel: 01983 282242

Parish Clerk & RFO: Barbara Herbert
11 Wyatts Lane, Northwood.
Tel: 01983 290086

All meetings are held in Northwood W.l. Hall, where the public and press are welcome to attend. Prior to each meeting there is an opportunity for attendees to ask questions.

Northwood Parish Council, 7.45pm, Tuesday 5th May 2009

Northwood Parish Council (Planning Committee) 7.45pm, Tuesday 19th May 2009 (To be confirmed – contact Barbara Herbert on 01983 290086 for details)

The views expressed in the following reports are those of the contributors, and do not necessarily reflect those of Northwood Parish Council.


All Parish and Town Councils throughout England are required by law to hold an Annual Parish Meeting on a date between 1st March and 1st June of each year. The purpose of calling this meeting is so that the Parish Council and other community organizations can explain what they have been doing over the last year. Any person can attend this meeting, which also provides an opportunity for a registered local elector to make suggestions and have their say on anything which they consider is important in the parish.

As you may be aware, Northwood Parish Council was newly established in June 2008. Northwood Parish Council has therefore made arrangements for the first Annual Parish Meeting of Northwood to be held on Friday, 29th May 2009 in the W.I. Hall, Northwood commencing at 7.30 pm. If present, the Chairman of the Parish Council will chair the meeting or if not able to attend, then the meeting will elect a chairperson from amongst those electors present.


New Environment & Neighbourhoods Officer, Jacqui Darby reported that a number of residents had been cautioned about leaving household rubbish out too early.

Jacqui advised the Parish Council that legally household refuse should not be left out on the road side until 7am on the day of collection. If refuse is left out too early residents are reminded they can be given a fixed penalty. In exceptional circumstances Jacqui recognises that householders may need to leave refuse out (after 7pm) the evening before. If this is the case, Jacqui asks residents to first ensure refuse is contained in a dustbin or similar so as to deter cats, foxes, badgers, and rats. Further details are available from Jacqui on 01983 821000 or by email:

Jacqui reported that plain-clothed Dog Wardens were patrolling areas in Northwood, following recent incidents of dogs being off leads and fouling both in the village and around Northwood Cemetery.

P.C. Mark Thomas reported a car's tyres were slashed in Wyatts Lane; further vandalism of the garages in Wroxall Close was also reported. If you witnessed these, or other incidents let Mark know by phoning 0845 045 45 45; alternatively contact John Pullen, Neighbourhood Watch on 01983 281250.

Elsewhere, the Parish Council had no objection to a street licence application for an Ice Cream seller. Meanwhile the application to develop housing on the former Readers site in Place Road was refused by the I.W. Council’s Planning Committee. This refusal mirrored views expressed by the Parish Council.

Northwood Parish Council allocated extra funding for rabbit-proof fencing the allotments. Thanks were expressed to Len Measures for helping Roger and John in erecting the fencing. Now the land has drained there are two additional plots available. If you are interested, please contact Barbara Herbert.


With those long, balmy summer evenings fast approaching (!), so are complaints concerning residents upset by their neighbours lighting bonfires.

Although there is no by-law on the Island prohibiting householders lighting bonfires before 6pm, it is good practice to warn your neighbours first; this way they are much less likely to complain!

The Good Bonfire Guidelines specify the following:
only burn dry material;
never burn household rubbish, rubber tyres, or anything containing plastic, foam or paint;
never use old engine oil, methylated spirit or petrol to light the fire or encourage it to burn;
avoid lighting a fire if it’s windy or on damp, still days, when the smoke may hang in the air;
avoid burning when air pollution in your area is high or very high – check weather forecast, or the Air Quality website.

If your neighbours are having a bonfire and you are bothered by smoke, approach them and explain the problem. You might feel awkward, but they may not be aware of the distress they are causing. Hopefully, they will understand and be more considerate in the future. If talking to your neighbours fails, contact the Isle of Wight Council’s Environmental Health department. However, if your neighbours only occasionally light bonfires, this is unlikely to be considered a nuisance in law.


During Saturdays in March, residents joined in the Northwood Big Tidy-Up with Parish Councillors. In the 2 days we collected several bin liners full of rubbish. Thank you to those who joined in, plus of course many thanks to those residents who regularly pick up rubbish as a matter of course. It is very much appreciated.

The Parish Council will be investigating making this a regular event for the future.


One project Northwood Parish Council is currently undertaking is to investigate the production of a Village Design Statement (VDS) for the community. A Village Design Statement differs from a Parish Plan inasmuch as it is far more focussed on the visual character and distinctiveness of the community and its setting, and how this might be protected and enhanced in any new development. It is applicable to all forms and scales of development; it is about managing change in the community, not about preventing it.

A correctly prepared VDS stands every chance of being adopted as Supplementary Planning Guidance, perhaps even more important now with the current preparation of the new 'Island Plan'. Local Planning Authority guidance on the preparation of a VDS is due to be issued in June.

Whatever conclusion the Parish Council eventually reaches on the benefits or otherwise of producing a VDS is to be seen. However, the experience of producing the Parish Plan some two years ago is still fresh: ultimately, the production of the Parish Plan fell to a small number of volunteers. If the Parish Council does support a VDS for Northwood, it will be important to enable as many people as possible to become involved.

If you are interested and/or need further information please contact me.

(Colin Cramp)

House prices have fallen by about 20% in the last 18 months. Mortgage interest rates are the lowest for decades. And the threshold before stamp duty is payable has been raised to £175,000.

Therefore some first time buyers will find it easier to buy their own home. For example a young couple responsible enough to save for a 15% deposit (although some mortgages requiring only a 10% deposit may still be available) can borrow 4 times their gross annual salary. So if their combined earnings are, say, £30,000* they can borrow up to £120,000. If they have saved the 15% deposit of £21,000 they will be able to purchase a property for £140,000.

*The 2008 Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings shows average pay for jobs (including part-time) on the I.W. £19,176, with a median of £16,545.


Please ring me if you are interested in timers, bulbs or recycling bins. Contact details for the Police are:

08450454545: to speak to a police officer or staff member or report a crime

999: for emergencies

101: to report vandalism & graffiti, noise nuisance, threatening & abusive behaviour, abandoned vehicles, dumping & fly-tipping, broken street lighting and drugs-related anti-social behaviour.

Remember, you can also call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


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