Northwood Parish Council

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Minutes of the Extra Ordinary Meeting of Northwood Parish Council, held in the WI Hall, Newport Road, Northwood, Isle of Wight on Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Present: Councillors John Pullen (Chairman), Judith Ferris, Chris Riddet

In attendance: 
Barbara Herbert (Clerk and RFO)

There were no members of the public present


71/12-13 To receive and approve any apologies for absence
Apologies had been received from Cllrs Pat Bentley, Ray Mew, Derek Smith and IW Cllr Roger Mazillius.


72/12-13  Declarations of Interest
There were no declarations of interest made at this stage.


73/12-13 Town and Country Planning
a. To consider the following application received and make comments in accordance with the guidance for material planning considerations listed at
i. TCP/16533/N IOW Grain, Medina Wharf, Artic Road, Cowes, PO31 7PG – Proposed Drying Plant


THAT the proposal to upgrade the existing grain dryer system for a more efficient plant was welcomed.  However, councillors expressed their grave concerns that the proposed installation was to be powered by a biomass incinerator. It was considered that the emissions from the planned incinerator could potentially lead to serious, detrimental health risks for local residents and the general public at large, on both sides of the River Medina.  The Parish Council urges that an alternative, less pollutant method be investigated.


ii. TCP/01045/A 7 Wyatts Lane, Northwood – Proposed alterations to roof to provide enlarged accommodation within roofspace to include Juliet balcony on south west elevation


THAT this Parish Council raises no material planning objections to application TCP/01045/A at 7 Wyatts Lane, Northwood.


iii. TCP/31157 30 Pallance Road, Northwood – Demolition of garage, proposed detached dwelling with detached garage, relocation of shed, alteration of vehicular access, formation of driveway/turning area


THAT this Parish Council raises no material planning objections to application TCP/31157 at 30 Pallance Road, Northwood.


b. The decision taken by the Local Planning Authority since the last meeting of the Parish Council in respect of planning application TCP/09969/C – Scout Hut, Wyatts Lane, Northwood – Conditional Planning Permission for the demolition of existing storage hut; proposed storage hut, was noted.


c. Councillors noted that an appeal had been submitted in respect of application TCP/30887 – Proposed detached dwelling with parking; formation of vehicular access at land adjacent 22 Selman Gardens, rear of 5 Pallance Road, Northwood.




Signed …………………………………………….  Dated ……………………………..

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