Northwood Parish Council

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86 Wyatts Lane, Northwood PO31 8PY
Tel: 01983 281250 ~ Email:

Vice Chairman:
74 Wyatts Lane, Northwood PO31 8QA
Tel: 01983 289595 ~ Email:

Chair of Planning Committee:
37 Greenways, Northwood PO31 8AN
Tel: 01983 289996 ~ Email:

95 Noke Common, Newport PO30 5TY
Tel: 01983 248287 ~ Email:

37 Pallance Road, Northwood PO31 8LW
Tel: 01983 296635 ~ Email:

5 Hogan Road, Newport PO30 5UE
Tel: 0794 663 3362 ~ Email:

380 Newport Road, Northwood PO31 8PP
Tel: 01983 246597 ~ Email:

Parish Clerk & RFO:
11 Wyatts Lane, Northwood PO31 8QB
Tel: 01983 290086 ~ Email:



The comments made in the following reports depict the views of the individual contributors, rather than the views of Northwood Parish Council.


At the meeting of the Parish Council on Tuesday 5th October, the following matters were discussed:

The continuing vacancy left by the resignation of Cllr Cotterill: One member of the public had expressed an interest, but has since withdrawn. Any person expressing an interest and who is eligible* should contact the Clerk to the Parish Council, Mrs Barbara Herbert (contact details shown above).

Prospective candidates may be asked to make a short presentation on how they can contribute to the Parish Council and the community of Northwood.

* A local councillor must be 21 years of age or over and a British subject or citizen of the Irish Republic. He/she must also be a local government elector of the Parish or a person who has:

 i. During the whole of the 12 months before nomination occupied land or premises as owner or tenant in the parish or,
 ii. During the same period resided in the Parish, or within 3 miles thereof or,
 iii. During the same period had his/her principal or only place of work in that area.

That in the matter of the option of combining several smaller Parish Councils (Northwood, Gurnard, Cowes Town Council) into one, larger, organisation, the decision taken at the last meeting (to maintain the current status of independence) be upheld, and no further action taken.

The clerk advised that in response to the Parish Council’s request for an extension to the double yellow lines at the top of Pallance Road, she had received an email response from the IW Council. This advised that there was currently an embargo on the introduction of any further parking restrictions, unless deemed essential on road safety grounds and supported by the police.  The next Northwood Traffic Regulation Review was anticipated to be in the last quarter of 2011. The matter would remain on file until then.

Parking in the vicinity of the Travellers Joy had been discussed with the Landlord, who assured the council that contingency plans were in hand should there be a problem.

Northwood in Bloom: The Parish Council have responsibility for the management of the Northwood in Bloom project, with the Northwood Partnership forming the working party. Due to a misunderstanding, some credit had been used, and funds spent, without the correct procedure being followed, leaving the amount of £170 to be paid from Parish funds. This matter will be discussed at the next Full Meeting of the Parish Council.

PC Mark Thomas reported that he was glad to be back following his accident, and would be resuming his normal duties. He said it had been another quiet month, but made note of the following:
Significant damage to the bus shelter in Nodes Road, near to Pallance Road. Two people had been identified as being responsible.
The burglary from the shed to the rear of the WI Hall. Five youths had been arrested, with one receiving a formal reprimand.
The appointment of Sgt Mike Sizer.
The withdrawal of the hand-held camera scheme, (this would be discussed at  the next full meeting).

Improvements to the junction at Four Cross: Cllr Clatworthy secured the support of the council for his proposals to improve the safety of the junction, these being to request the IW Council to consider the installation of a pavement on the west side of Place Road, adjacent to the junction with Pallance Road/Cockleton Lane; and secondly to request improvements to the junction of Pallance Lane and Nodes Road. It was noted, however, that this area fell within the remit of Gurnard Parish Council. It was resolved that a copy of the briefing paper be sent to Gurnard Parish Council for their consideration, and that the IW Council be requested to actively consider the two proposals for improvements at the Pallance Road/Cockleton Lane/Nodes Road junction.

It was resolved that the Northwood in Bloom Working Party be requested to undertake an inspection of the Council’s assets and report back to a future meeting.

Councillor’s Surgeries: It was resolved that NORTHWOOD PARISH COUNCIL are to hold MONTHLY COUNCILLOR’S SURGERIES to take place at 6.00pm on the 1st Tuesday of each month at NORTHWOOD PRIMARY SCHOOL, giving you a chance to raise any local issues on a 1-1 basis with a councillor.

It was agreed that the padlock, chain and rabbit-proof fencing and posts (from the old allotment site) be donated to the allotment Association for use on the new site in Pallance Lane.

Venner Avenue Play Area: It was suggested that an official opening of the playground should take place. Cllr Paul Fuller agreed to liaise with the local school as to a suitable date and time.

Cllr Clatworthy referred to the increasing amount of unsolicited mail being delivered, and advised of the “Royal Mail Opt-out Service”, which could be contacted to prevent such mail.

Cllr Fuller advised that Northwood Primary School is tentatively looking at undertaking the management of the woodland at Northwood Glebe, otherwise known as Wards Copse.

FINANCIAL TIP OF THE MONTH (Colin Cramp Tel: 01983 289996)

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