Northwood Parish Council

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Chairman: Cllr John Pullen
86 Wyatts Lane, Northwood.
Tel: 01983 281250

Vice-Chairman: Cllr Paul Fuller JP CC
74 Wyatts Lane, Northwood.
Tel: 01983 289595

Chairman (Planning): Cllr Peter Brooker
28 Uplands Road, Northwood.
Tel: 01983 296958

Cllr Colin Cramp
37 Greenways, Northwood.
Tel: 01983 289996

Cllr Marie Ely
14 Wyatts Lane, Northwood.
Tel: 01983 299673

Cllr Roger Mazillius CC
21 Oxford Street, Northwood.
Tel: 01983 295556

Cllr Colin Palmerton
40 Greenways, Northwood.
Tel: 01983 282242

Cllr Eileen Turner-Palmerton
40 Greenways, Northwood.
Tel: 01983 282242

Parish Clerk & RFO: Barbara Herbert
11 Wyatts Lane, Northwood.
Tel: 01983 290086

(coordinated by Pete Brooker)

Future Meetings of Northwood Parish Council

The next two months’ meetings are currently scheduled for:

1st September  Full Council 
15th September  Planning Committee
6th October   Full Council
20th October   Planning Committee

Meetings are held in the Northwood W.I. Hall and start at 7.45 pm. Public attendance is welcomed and prior to each meeting there is an opportunity to ask questions of members of the Parish Council. Confirmation that any meeting is proceeding as scheduled may be obtained from the Clerk – contact details above.

Summary of Recent Parish Council Meeting(s)

The Parish Council last met on 7th July. Matters considered included:
• Eight planning applications, including the provision of new bus shelters with  advertising signs. The Council commented on inappropriate positioning of  these re: prevailing weather; and intrusive signage with additional energy  consumption, which the Council felt was contrary to 'Eco Island' principles.
• Further 'Big Tidy-Up' events and preparation for the Calor 'Village of the  Year' competition.
• Replacement of some planters and a village sign.
• Suggestions for a wild flower area in Uplands Road.
• Further Councillor and Clerk training.
• Investment of Parish Council funds.
• Reports from the Parish Council Working Parties and IWC Ward Member.

There being no further planning applications, the Council did not meet again in July. There being no urgent business, the Council did not meet on 4th August, but it will be considering planning applications on 18th August.

The following reports are those of the named contributors, and any views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of Northwood Parish Council.


PC Mark Thomas and PCSO Steve Oatley report that the crime figures for the Cowes area show a reduction – good news. There have been no reported serious incidents in Northwood.
There have been reports of youths riding mini motor cycles around the village. They have no protective equipment and are probably on the road illegally, having no tax or insurance. Please report any sightings to the police. 

Whilst by the time this is read the peak holiday season will have passed, the following advice is relevant at any time when going away.

• Remember to cancel milk and papers.
• Ask a neighbour to pull and draw curtains, replace rubbish bins, water  gardens/plants or park their car on your drive every so often to make your  home look occupied.
• Use light timers at different times to make the home look occupied and  ask  neighbours to ensure that post is pushed through the letterbox thoroughly.
• If you are going away for longer than two weeks let your local beat officer  know that the property will be empty for a while and that you have asked  neighbours to keep an eye on your property.
• Ensure that all windows, doors, outside buildings and internal doors are  securely locked and that there are no calendars by windows showing the  dates you are away from.
• Do not make a show of loading car/taxi with cases/bags. If using luggage  labels, make sure your home address is not on view to others.
• Try not to discuss your holiday plans in front of strangers or where they  may  overhear.

For more information on any of the above, contact your local Safer Neighbourhood Team who will be happy to advise you.

No Cold Calling

I have a small supply of 'No Cold Calling' window stickers if anybody needs one. Let me know of any incidents of people cold calling, or ring Trading Standards on 01983 823370. Remember that it is your right to say NO to anyone selling door-to-door. If the sales person becomes intimidating, shut the door firmly and call the police. Always check identification cards if offered and do not be afraid to close the door and ring the number on the card to verify the salesperson. Legitimate companies will arrange mutually convenient times for them to call and will provide a password for extra security.

FINANCIAL TIP OF THE MONTH (Colin Cramp Tel: 01983 289996)

Some Popular Scams, Perpetrated Mainly but Not Exclusively by Email

These scams rely on human response to various scenarios:
• The promise of money, e.g. (a) a lottery or other prize win, (b) someone’s  died and your help is needed to cash in their huge estate, (c) your help is  needed to transfer a large sum of money to another country, and (d) a tax  refund.
• The lack of security of your bank account – emails purporting to be from  banks or building societies asking for personal information such as bank  account details, passwords, and codes. Banks and building societies will  never ask for this by email.
• The offer of commission for processing payments from customers –  you are asked to bank customers’ cheques, deduct your commission, then  remit the balance to the overseas supplier. The cheque (dud of course) will  initially appear to clear, but a week or two later will be returned unpaid. In the  meantime you have deducted your commission and paid over the balance!
• The offer of paid work from home (e.g. filling envelopes) – if you are asked  for an up-front payment it is almost certainly a scam.



Is someone in your home aged over 70 or in receipt of government benefits?

Well, good news. So long as you own your home or are privately renting, you could get cavity wall and loft insulation installed free of charge.

This is through the Governments’ Carbon Emission Reduction Target (CERT) scheme, an initiative whereby the Government charges the big power companies with the challenge of reducing their customers’ need for gas and electricity by making homes more energy efficient. Not only is this aimed at helping the environment by lowering carbon emissions, but it can save you a lot of money too.

The Energy Saving Trust estimates that cavity wall insulation can save up to £115 a year from energy bills (35% of your heat saved); and laying loft insulation to the recommended standard can save up to £115 per year.

With increasingly expensive fuel, it’s a great time to take advantage of this scheme. You don’t have to apply for a grant or fill in lengthy paperwork either. You just need to be able to prove you’re over 70, or in receipt of certain government benefits – that’s it!

It is recommended that a temperature of at least 21°C should be maintained in the main living areas for vulnerable households. Having insulation installed can help you achieve this without having to spend extra money on firing up your boiler. Keeping your home warm to this degree can help with all types of problems such as respiratory health issues and condensation dampness.

If you would like more information or to be referred to the accredited installers in your area then call your local charity the Environment Centre (Registered Charity in England & Wales No. 1031482, 14-15 Brunswick Place, Southampton, SO15 2AQ) on Freephone 0800 804 8601. They are available on weekdays between 9am – 5pm, and will provide free and impartial energy efficiency advice.

Police Contact Numbers

08450454545: to speak to a police officer or staff member or report a crime

101: vandalism & graffiti, noise nuisance, threatening & abusive behaviour, abandoned vehicles, dumping & fly-tipping, drunk & rowdy groups, broken street lighting, drugs-related anti-social behaviour.

999: Emergencies only (i.e. when crimes are being committed).

Alternatively call Crimestoppers anonymously on : 0800 555 111.

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