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Minutes of the Meeting of Northwood Parish Council, held at Northwood Primary School, Wyatts Lane, Northwood, Isle of Wight on Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Present: Councillors John Pullen (Chairman), Peter Brooker, Colin Cramp, Marie Ely, Roger Mazillius

In attendance:
Barbara Herbert (Clerk and RFO)
PC Mark Thomas
Jacqui Darby, The Environment and Neighbourhood officer

There were 15 members of the public present.

198. Apologies
Apologies had been received from Cllr Paul Fuller, who had to attend a meeting of the Cowes West Residents Association in his capacity as the IW Councillor for Gurnard and Cowes West and from Cllrs Mrs Eileen Turner-Palmerton and Colin Palmerton.

199. Declarations of Interest
There were no declarations of interest made at this stage.

200. Minutes of the Meeting held on 2 February 2010


THAT the Minutes of the Meeting held on 2 February 2010 be confirmed as a true record, subject to amending the date as listed of the meeting and that the Chairman be authorized to sign the Minutes on behalf of the Parish Council.

201. Matters Arising on the Minutes
a. Minute 169 Stag Lane Traffic Lights – Councillors confirmed they had all received the email response from Iain Thornton, the IW Council’s Traffic Manager, which set out in some detail how the junction operated in response to service demands and timings, depending on traffic volume and the speeds of approaching vehicles.  Mr Thornton had asked the contractor to instruct Siemens Traffic to make changes to the detection operation on Stag Lane, which would reduce the number of cycles in the sequence. However, this had yet to be undertaken despite his repeated requests.
b. Minute 186c Hominax Stables – The clerk read the letter received from Jean Penney, the IW Council’s Deputy Rural Compliance Team Leader apologizing for the time taken to provide a response regarding the enforcement investigation.  The letter confirmed that the complaint from the Parish Council had been received on 13 August, which should have triggered a site visit within 20 working days.  However, this was not undertaken until 15 December.  Unfortunately, this period had coincided with a number of vacant positions within the Team, resulting in a very high caseload for each staff member.  The Team was now fully staffed and trained and Ms Penney assured that response times had now significantly improved.
c. Minute 188 Dog Free Zone – An email from Jacqui Darby, the ENO for Northwood confirmed that she, together with Colin Schooling, the Head of the Dog Warden Service, had viewed the area and agreed with the Parish Council’s comments on dog fouling.  Extra patrols would be undertaken during the day, but it would be difficult to increase the service during unsocial hours unless more specific information could be provided.  This would need to relate to accurate actual times and possible sightings of breeds and owners.

202. Report of the Local Safer Neighbourhood Officer
PC Mark Thomas presented the report of the Safer Neighbourhood Officer on events that had taken place since the last meeting.  February had been a very quiet month, with no incidents of reportable crime having taken place in Northwood.  Particular mention however, was made of the following:
The Street Mapping exercise due to commence in Northwood.  Following a question, PC Mark Tomas explained the process involved.

203. Report from Jacqui Darby, the Environment and Neighbourhood Officer (ENO) for Northwood
Jacqui Darby, the ENO for Northwood advised that the main issue arising in Northwood over the past month related to dogs.  Particular mention was made of the following:
Unfortunately dog fouling was not specific to just Northwood, but island-wide had seen an increase in the problem. Ms Darby along with the dog warden service had raised the number of foot patrols and van visits with little success.  The need for members of the public to provide intelligence was vital. Resources were limited so a plea was made for assistance so that the matter could be resolved.
The supply of dog bags by the IW Council was to be stopped due to financial constraints.
Environmental Health had been alerted to investigate two incidents of nuisance dog barking.
The recent Partners Against Crime event.
The Bone Shaker event due to take place on 27 March, in the WI Hall commencing at 12.30pm.

204. To consider and take decisions on the future of the allotments at New House Far, Newport Road, Northwood
The Chairman welcomed the large number of allotment holders to the meeting.  Cllr Pullen gave a brief update on the situation to date in respect of the allotment scheme currently at the New House Farm site and of the meeting held with the owner of Lower Luton Farm who had verbally agreed, in principal, to let part of a large field bordering the top of Pallance Lane, at the junction with Wyatts Lane, to the Parish Council from a date to be agreed.

Mr Paul Morris, the Chairman of the Allotment Committee addressed the Parish Council and raised a number of issues on behalf of the allotment holders:
They wished to transfer to the new site as soon as possible, even paying the rent for the two sites concurrently;
They would be content with a minimum of a three year lease, anything less would be unacceptable;
They had all agreed to contribute to the full cost of new rabbit-proof fencing at Lower Luton Farm, retaining that at New House Farm as a reserve;
They would assist in the installation of the above and the marking out of allotment plots at Lower Luton Farm;
Could consideration be given to the keeping of livestock on the proposed site at Lower Luton Farm?
Would pet dogs be allowed on the proposed site?

The clerk advised of how the allocation of plots would be undertaken if a successful agreement was reached with the land owner at Lower Luton Farm. This would give priority to those allotment holders who held an allotment at the end of the extension of the current lease.

The Working Party had received confirmation that planning permission for allotments at the proposed site was not required.  The necessary forms had been submitted applying for approval to make an entrance in the hedge and await inspection and comment from the Countryside Department on the matter.


i. THAT the Parish Council continue with the allotment scheme at the New House Farm site until the end of September 2010, under the terms agreed with the landowner of a rent of £15 per plot taken up;
ii. THAT the Working Party continue their negotiations with Mr Mark Coventry, the landowner of Lower Luton Farm to achieve a successful outcome.

205. Town and Country Planning

a. To consider the following applications received and make comments in accordance with the guidance for material planning considerations listed at

i. TCP/29136/A 16 Greenways, Northwood – Householder Application for the retention of decking.


THAT this Parish Council has no material planning objections to the application TCP/29136/A.

ii. TCP/30005 59 Wyatts Lane, Northwood – Householder Application for proposed single/two storey rear extension to provide additional living accommodation.


THAT this Parish Council object to the application as it was considered that the proposed window overlooking 61 Wyatts Lane would cause significant loss of privacy to those residing in the adjacent neighbouring property.
b. The following decisions taken by the Local Planning Authority since the last meeting of the Parish Council were noted:
i. TCP/16533/M IOW Grain, Medina Wharf, Artic Road, Cowes – Conditional approval for the proposed siting of 4 grain silos and drying plant and associated works
ii. TCP/ land adjacent 32 Fieldway Crescent, Northwood – Conditional approval for the retention of 1st floor window on side elevation of approved end of terrace house

c. The following details of amended plans, which had been considered a minor revision to the scheme and therefore approved under delegated procedures, with no further comments required, were noted:
i. TCP/29443/A Skinners Farm, Pallance Road, Cowes – Replacement agricultural worker’s dwelling
ii. TCP/21760/X BAE Systems (Defence Systems) Ltd, Newport Road, Cowes, PO31 8PF – Full consent for retail foodstore with associated parking, landscaping and balancing pond; vehicular access from Three Gates Road; Outline consent for commercial/industrial development with vehicular access from Three Gates Road (revised plan)

206. To consider setting up a standby team of volunteers
Consideration was given to the email from Ms Jacquie Pearce suggesting that a stand by team of volunteers should be established, who would be prepared to clear critical pavements during wintery weather.  The clerk read an extract from the February issue of the Society of Local Council Clerks newsletter, which indicated that the Parish Council could be approached for compensation for any damage/injury that a local resident might sustain as a result of this action.  It was regrettable, but by acting as the co-ordinators of such a worthy scheme could have detrimental financial consequences.


THAT no action be taken to establish a team of standby volunteers.

207. To consider the bus network currently provided in Northwood and to comment on the journeys that are contracted at present and if there are any local unmet public transport needs
Consideration was given to the letter, dated 8 February, from Mr M Mullins, the IW Council’s Public Transport Officer and to the list attached of current contracted bus services running within or through Northwood, which were due to terminate on 28 August 2010.  Additionally, councillors also made comment, as part of the new Local Bus Service Performance Management Framework tool, to assist in the process of evaluation of the relative merits and values in providing a subsidy for each supported bus service.


THAT all the bus services outlined in the letter, dated 8 February, were vital to the residents of Northwood. It was important for the subsidies to be maintained to ensure that no service be discontinued.  The Parish Council were, however, unaware of any unmet need.

208.   To consider undertaking a further Big Tidy Up event
Councillors supported holding another Big Tidy Up event and suggested liaising with Jacqui Darby, the ENO for Northwood to see if it could be tied in with an information session on the unsociable aspects of litter dropping at the local schools.


THAT a further Big Tidy Up event be organized to take place on Saturday, 24 April commencing at 10.00 am on the Venner Avenue Play Park.

209.   To consider any action regarding the potholes in the unadopted raod between Church Lane and Chawton Lane


THAT this item be placed on the agenda for the next meeting.

210.   To note the response from Mr Steve Beynon, Chief Executive of the IW Council regarding Parish Council Elections


THAT the letter, dated 9 February, from Mr S Beynon, the Chief Executive of the IW Council regarding Parish Council Elections be noted.

Cllr R Mazillius entered the meeting room.

211. Clerks Report
a. Administration
i. Issuing of Poll Cards for the forthcoming Parish election


THAT it be agreed for Poll Cards to not issued should the election, due to be held on 6 May in Northwood be contested, as the cost of £630 could be better spent elsewhere.

ii.    It was noted that during the month of August the Northwood Primary School would be unavailable for the holding of any parish council meetings, due to building works scheduled to take place during the school holidays.

b.     Finance
i.     The interim budget statement to the end of February 2010 and the bank reconciliation with Statement No 19 were received and noted. A suggestion was made to close the Lloyds TSB Business Instant Access account as Standard Life provided a higher rate of interest.


THAT arrangements be made to close the Lloyds TSB Business Instant Access account.

ii. To authorise payment of the following cheques:
000111, IW Council, Clerks Salary for January
000112, £62.53, Mrs B Herbert, Clerks Expenses
000113, £8.82, Chale Parish Council, Photocopying


THAT the above cheques be approved.

212. To receive progress reports from Working Parties:
a. Allotments Working Party
This item was considered earlier in the agenda.
b. Traffic and Transport Issues Working Party
There were no matters to report at this time.  However, it was highlighted that a meeting was required.  It was requested for two possible dates to be circulated.
c. Housing Needs Working Party
Councillors were referred to the report provided by Ms Sharon Packer, the Rural Housing Enabler for the Isle of Wight. In view of the current economic climate it was suggested that the Working Party be held in abeyance until such time as the situation improves.  Councillors noted that the IW Council had signed the contract to build over 800 new homes in Pan, of which a third would be available for affordable housing.


THAT the Housing Needs Working Party be dissolved until further notice.

d. Youth Forum Working Party
A meeting of the Working Party had not taken place.
e. Play Builder Working Party
The Chairman reported that unfortunately little action had been undertaken to progress this scheme and suggested that a new lead councillor be appointed.  The clerk had initially submitted the application in March 2009.  There was a need to change some of the details to possibly include a facility for disabled children.  The Chairman agreed to contact Mr Lee Matthews, the IW Council’s Community Development Manager to seek his advice on the way forward.


THAT Cllr Pullen contact Mr Lee Matthews, the IW Council’s Community Development Manager to seek his advice on how to take the application forward.

f. Northwood in Bloom Working Party
There were no matters to report at this time.

213. To receive the report of Cllr R Mazillius, the IWC Ward Member for Northwood
Councillors were referred to the report, which had been circulated by email.

214. To receive an update on Isle of Wight Association of Local Councils (IWALC)
Reference was made to the report advising of the proceedings at the meeting of the Finance and General Sub Committee of IWALC, held on 18 February. It was noted that, despite the IW Council withdrawing their contribution of £3,000 there appeared to be sufficient funding to provide training for both this year and possibly next.

215. Correspondence
Correspondence received was listed in the report circulated with the agenda.

Attention was drawn to the letter received from the Northwood Community Partnership in respect of the state of the roads in Northwood.  However, councillors were of the view that they were no better or worse than those roads on the mainland or elsewhere across the island. The IW Council was doing its best to address the situation caused by the recent bad weather.

216. Councillors’ Reports
There were no matters to report.

217. Future Agenda Items
The Annual Report of the Parish Council (Cllr Pullen) – April meeting

218. Brief Review of Meeting
Councillors considered that the meeting had gone brilliantly.




Signed …………………………………………….  Dated ……………………………..

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