Village Management Committee and Community Partnership

Posted by Admin on 25 March 2008, 12:00 am

PARISH COUNCIL TRANSITION (Paul Fuller, Telephone: 01983 289595)

Observant readers will note the Northwood Village Management Committee is no more; this is in accordance within the timetable for the rolling out of the new Northwood Parish Council.

If more than eight candidates apply to become Parish Councillors, an Election will be held between 7am and 10pm on Thursday 1st May. If you require further information, or wish to apply for an Election pack, please contact Clive Joynes, the Isle Of Wight Elections and Land Charges Manager at County Hall on 01983 823341; alternatively Clive can be contacted by e-mail at

Meanwhile, Councillor Roger Mazillius promises to keep a watching brief on Planning Applications, and has stated if any prove to be contentious an informal meeting could be called to discuss these matters further. For further information, concerning this or any other local matters contact Roger on 01983 295556.

Northwood Community Partnership will continue to operate in the interim, and will continue to develop projects on behalf of our local community. As there is no longer a Village Management Committee, the Community Partnership is for the time being a standalone residents’ group. When the new Parish Council is formed the Community Partnership and the Council will need to consider an agreed way forward.

FINANCIAL TIP OF THE MONTH (Colin Cramp, Telephone: 01983 289996)

Are you paying too much Council Tax?

You may have seen “Council Tax cover-up” on the ITV programme “Tonight” on 7th March. If you missed it or want a reminder here are the main points:

The Council Tax you pay is based on the “band” your home is in, from A (the lowest) to H (the highest). A relatively small proportion of properties are in the wrong band.

Find out if your band is higher than neighbours in similar or identical properties on the website: and click on 'Council Tax – Check Your Band' . If you are not on the internet ask a friend or relative, or use the internet in the library. Ensure the properties are as close as possible in size and value.

If you believe you have a claim, write to The Listing Officer, Valuation Office Agency, Overline House, Central Station, Bleckynden Terrace, Southampton, SO15 1GW, stating that you believe your property is in the wrong band because similar properties in the neighbourhood are in a lower band. Any correction should be backdated to when you moved into the property, but no further back than April 1993, when these council tax bands were introduced.

Other ways to reduce the council tax you pay:

1. If you live alone check your council tax demand to ensure you have been given the 25% discount you are entitled to. Contact the IW Council if you have not been given this discount.

2. Depending on your financial and other personal circumstances you may be entitled to council tax benefit. You can check this on the website If you think you should be receiving this benefit and are not, contact the Isle of Wight Council on 01983 821000.

(John Pullen, Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator; Tel: 01983 281250)

We are pleased to report another quiet month as far as serious crime is concerned.

No burglaries or serious assaults. However, there have been some incidents worth noting. The mindless few are about again, who think it is clever to jump into private gardens, crushing hedges and damaging plants. This does cause distress and expense to the residents concerned.

We are also getting reports of milk being stolen from doorsteps early in the morning, particularly in Wyatts Lane and Oxford Street. Please be vigilant and report any incidents to the police.

There have been a couple of incidents of Cold Calling in the village. This has been reported to Trading Standards and the companies concerned will be contacted by them.

The Safer Neighbourhood Police Team are organising street visits in the area, to meet with the residents and discuss any problems. The most recent one was in Horseshoe Close. More meetings will take place.

We reported last month on the electric timers available as an Anti Burglar initiative. We have a small stock; if you know of any resident that could benefit from using one of these, please contact Paul on 01983 289595.

As reported last month, a company called SWIFT is doing telephone market research on behalf of the Government. They are inquiring about Hampshire and Isle of Wight Police, and want the views of the residents in our area. This is a genuine research company, so no one need to be concerned if they ring you. Please remember, you are under no obligation to speak to these people, and if they persist or harass you, report it to the police or any member of the Northwood Committee.

The numbers to ring for the Police are:

08450454545 – to speak to a police Officer or Staff member or report a crime
999 for emergencies
101 to report: vandalism and graffiti, noise nuisance, threatening and abusive behaviour, abandoned vehicles, dumping and fly tipping, drunk and rowdy groups, broken street lighting, drug-related anti-social behaviour.

If you are reluctant to call the police, but have information about crimes in your area, you can call CRIMESTOPPERS on 0800 555 111. You can remain anonymous and the calls are not recorded. There may be a reward for helping to solve a crime.

RECYCLING BINS (Paul Fuller, Telephone: 01983 289595)

We still have a stock of green organic waste bins available as well as the black boxes for Glass and Paper. If you require one, please contact me.

(Colin Palmerton, Northwood Community Partnership Chairman, Tel: 01983 282242)

The Community Partnership is very keen to attract/recruit residents from the Medham area of the village to represent this integral and very important residential part of Northwood.

Several thousand pounds of funding have already been secured and used for the good of our community and we believe that Medham residents are underrepresented in sharing the financial benefits that have been gained so far and from any successes from future funding streams we are able to access.

However, without representation, it is very difficult to know what Medham residents would like to gain which would enhance this section of our village community.

By giving a small amount of time, you can make a really positive contribution in helping shape and share in the future success of our village.
The Partnership generally meets, for approximately two hours, once a month and is much, much more than a ‘talking shop’.

Please get in touch with any Partnership member to offer your assistance. Their contact details can be found in every edition of the ‘Northwood News’.

(Colin Palmerton, Tel: 01983 282242)

April 22nd is the date for the Regional Round Judging of the ‘Calor Village of the Year’ Competition.

Last year saw Northwood almost scoop the whole pot in the County Round, with success in ‘Young People’, ‘Information Technology’, ‘Environment’ and ‘Building Community Life’.

We have been allocated two hours, from 9.30am until 11.30am to prove that Northwood deserves to go forward to the National Round.

Councillor Roger Mazillius has kindly agreed to host the Event on behalf of the village. He will be ably assisted by both members of the Partnership and the former Village Management Committee.

For the first hour, the judging will be at the Scout Hall in Wyatts Lane where examples of village life will be displayed. Details are still being finalised but, so far, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Police have agreed to be in attendance with their Rural Community Bus. (This is an ideal opportunity for villagers to express any concerns or issues they wish to raise with the police).

Among other groups we hope can be there, to talk to the judges, will be Webmaster for the Village website, I.W.C. Trading Standards Dept., Rural Health Trainer, Medham Pond Wardens, Northwood Needlers, Northwood News, Floral Art Group, Northwood and Medham W.I.’s, Northwood Cemetery Group and the Scout Group.

From 10.30am the judges will be taken on a one hour tour of the village to show them some of the projects that have been undertaken for the benefit of our community.

All local residents who would like to support our village are most welcome to come along to the Scout hall in Wyatts Lane at 9.30am to emphasise to the Judges that Northwood is really a Village of this Year and of many more to come.

(Paul Fuller, Telephone: 01983 289595)


PC Mark Thomas reported that in recent weeks there had been a number of incidents of Graffiti and other anti-social behaviour in and around Somerton Industrial Estate, Love Lane and Somerton Middle School. Extra patrols had been deployed in this area.


Cllr Roger Mazillius reported the Village Green application would now go to the appropriate Council Committee for determination and a report was being prepared by Council officers for this purpose.

Roger reported that bus shelters outside Northwood Stores and next to the Horseshoe Inn have been cleaned, re-painted, with the Perspex being replaced.

The planning application for the proposed caravan park at Hillis Gate Stables was withdrawn following concerns over access. Roger advised the Committee that a traffic and speed census would be undertaken to see if a new access point was required.

Roger has received a petition from local residents regarding the Pallance Road pinch-point.


Due to the life of the Management Committee coming to an end on the 31st March, the NVMC was advised by the Isle of Wight Council to spend all that was retained from our precept for the last financial year. It was resolved to donate to Northwood Community Partnership £270 towards seating for Northwood’s bus shelters, £200 for new toys and equipment for Northwood Parent/Toddler Group and £100 to Cowes Rotary Club.

It was also reported there was just over £400 left over from the Parish Plan Grant. The Parish Plan Committee were looking at ways in which this money could be used; however the criteria is pretty tight, so a decision was taken to recommend that this money is returned to the Rural Community Council. In the meantime, it was also agreed that the Community Partnership apply for £500 to the RCC towards play equipment for the ‘park’ in Venner Avenue, given this was a high priority within the Parish Plan.


Colin Palmerton reported that the Friends of Northwood Cemetery are holding their inaugural Annual General Meeting at 7pm, Monday 31st March at the chapel in Northwood Cemetery. All residents are welcome to attend. Paul Fuller and John Pullen from the Partnership have volunteered to join the group.

The Partnership has awarded a small grant for the Scout Hut’s outside lighting system.

Work on the new village Notice Board is almost complete and will be in place shortly.


At the time of writing the questionnaires regarding the proposed school reorganisation had been returned and were being digested by the Isle of Wight Council, before the full Council debates this on March 19th. Of the returns:

58% supported Option 3 (The option which supports the changing from a 3 tier system to 2 tiers – this option would preserve more smaller primary schools than Option 2, having 1 Form of Entry).

22% supported Option 1 (Retaining the 3 tier system, whilst transferring Year 9 to Middle school).

11% supported Option 2 (The alternative 2 tier option, with 2 or more forms of entry).

9% expressed no preference.

Northwood Primary School Governors concurred with the questionnaire’s findings and felt the best way forward for the future of Education on the Island would be in supporting Option 3.



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