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Posted by Admin on 23 November 2007, 12:00 am

(John Pullen. Tel: 01983 281250 / Trading Standards. Tel: 01983 823370)

The Isle of Wight Council Trading Standards Service is issuing important advice to shoppers to make sure they know their rights when buying goods and to make sure they have a good Christmas free from rogue traders and dodgy dealings.

12 Dodgy Dealers: Avoid counterfeit goods. Christmas is the time when you will see a lot of counterfeit goods for sale, often by street traders. The goods will often be poor quality and in some instances dangerous.

11 Stocking Fillers: You have no rights if the gift is unwanted. You are relying on the trader’s goodwill and should check their returns policy before you buy any items to be given as gifts. Some stores give gift receipts.

10 Lights a-Burning: Make sure fairy lights are safe and have the CE mark. Never leave candles or decorative tea lights burning unattended.

9 Faulty Presents: Always examine presents as soon as you can and take any defective goods back immediately. The sooner you take them back the more rights you have.

8 Shops a-Shutting: At Christmas time empty shops are often occupied by traders offering cheap goods, especially toys. They may often be of poor quality and the trader may no longer be there in the New Year. If goods are faulty then you may have difficulty finding the trader. Make sure toys are suitable for the age of the child and meet all relevant safety standards (look for the CE mark).

7 Cards a-Swiping: Pay for goods over £100 on a credit card. You may have extra protection if things go wrong.

6 Festive Bargains: Don’t be too hasty to grab a bargain. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

5 Doorbell Rings: Beware of doorstep sellers. A lot of household burglaries happen over the Christmas period and doorstep cold-calling is often the way many unscrupulous burglars gain entry into your house.
4 Vouchers Dated: Check the expiry dates if you are buying gift vouchers as a present. Many will have an expiry date and may be useless if not used in time.

3 Guarantees: You are not obliged to buy a guarantee or warranty. Many give no more protection than that which you already have by law. Check the small print to see what you are covered for.

2 Remember: Alcohol(18), Cigarettes(18), Fireworks(18), Solvents(18), Knives(18), Spray Paints(16), DVDs and Computer Games (the age stated on the packaging) are all age-restricted goods. This means you have to be a certain age to buy them. This is for your health and safety!!

1 Receipt: You should keep your receipts, as without this you have no proof of purchase, and returning goods may be very difficult.

(Colin Cramp, Finance. Tel: 01983 289996)

Keep your cards and cheque books safe, do not write down your PIN, and do not let anyone know your PIN even if they say they're from the police or the bank or the credit card company.

Hide your PIN. Make sure no-one can see which numbers you are entering on the keypad of a cash machine or a retailer’s card reader.

Make sure the cash machine you are about to use has not been tampered with in any way, especially the card slot.

When paying by card, don't let it out of your sight. A fraudster could produce a replica card by what is known as “skimming”.

Only use secure, well-known internet sites when shopping online. Don't buy from sites that don't display a phone number and full postal address.

Only use reputable organisations when purchasing by telephone. First check the phone number is genuine and ties in with an address. And it’s better that you phone them, not they phone you.

Always check bank and credit card statements carefully, and query anything you don't recognise immediately.

Do not dispose of a damaged card until you are sure your bank has cancelled it. If you have received a replacement card because your old card is about to expire, do not dispose of your old card until after the expiry date. (If you ask for a new card before your old card expires, please note your old card can still be used for up to 28 days after requesting a replacement) Before disposing of a card cut it up well, ensuring you erase any 3 digit security code on the back of it.

If your card is lost or stolen report it to your bank immediately. Contact your bank straight away if you suspect fraud.

(Paul Fuller, NVMC Chairman. Tel: 01983 289595)

As from next April, all adults over 60 and disabled residents will be entitled to travel free of charge on buses throughout England. Application forms are available and must be returned to County Hall, Ryde Help Centre, Freshwater Library and Wootton Bridge Help and Information Centre by Friday 14th December 2007. If you have not yet received your application form, please give me a call as I have a handful of application forms left.

This scheme will entitle holders of the National Bus Pass to free passage on buses at off-peak times (after 9.30am, Monday – Friday, and all day during Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays). As yet no decision has been taken confirming whether this can also be used on Island Line, or from what hours they can be used within the Island. The new ticket, will eventually replace the existing Islander Pass, and can be used after Tuesday 1st April 2008.

(Dave Miller, NVMC. Tel: 01983 241016).

The bus service provision along Pallance Road, Wyatts Lane, and Oxford Street has recently been increased by approximately 100 buses per week, many of which run empty or near-empty.

Whilst the provision of additional buses provides flexibility of daytime travel time to some members of the community, it has been suggested that it is detrimental to the character of the semi-rural area and causes unnecessary pollution. If you have an opinion then please share it with the Northwood Village Management Committee.

(Paul Fuller / Colin Palmerton, NCP Chairman. Tel: 01983 282242.

Things have stalled regarding bringing in volunteers from Probation, through the Restorative Justice Scheme to assist with projects in the village. This is due to the officer from the scheme moving on to pastures new. Once the void is filled, the Partnership will pursue this with vigour.

At present the Community Partnership are tied up with a number of projects with support from the NVMC Secretary. So far the community has been awarded £75, to assist in the payment of a new Notice Board; meanwhile Colin, PCSO Steve Oatley and Maxine are in the throes of getting a bid approved to improve the Venner Avenue play facilities. More news in February!!

The seat which was made irreparable by vandals in the Venner Avenue Play Area, should be replaced in the coming months.

With funding pending for next year’s One Million Blooms, plans are afoot for next year’s project, which takes forward phase 2 of the improvements to the grass verge in Uplands Road prior to the Nodes Road junction. The Isle of Wight Council has requested that for next year communities consider more sustainable projects owing to the increased likelihood of drier summers. I understand from Ron Willis and Roger Mazillius that boulders are likely to feature in this phase…?!

Preparations are starting for the regional heats for Calor Village of the Year. This year Northwood won just over £1000 from the local competition, and next year the village could potentially win up to £32,000. Applications are currently with Colin and Maxine.

(Paul Fuller. Tel: 01983 289595).

The Isle of Wight Council are proposing to make Dog Control Orders under section 55 of the Neighbourhoods and Environment Act.

The order proposes to make offences of not removing dog faeces from any land to which the public has access; not keeping a dog on a lead on all roads, pavements and footpaths abutting a carriageway and restricting access to some beaches from April until November and excluding access to dogs from all play areas.

For further information see the Council’s website or contact the Safer Neighbourhood Partnership on 01983 821000.

(John Pullen, Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator. Tel: 01983 281250).

From P.C. Mark Thomas, October Crime Statistics for Northwood (and Gurnard) were as follows: Criminal Damage (5); Road-Related Incidents (4); Domestic Disputes (1); Drunkenness (1); Rowdy & Inconsiderate Behaviour (1) and Suspicious Persons (1).

(Paul Fuller, NVMC Chairman. Tel: 01983 289595).

In October members of the five Management Committees met with the IW Council, who advised us of the transfer arrangements to emparishment, probably for next year (although we may not know for certain until February). One matter the Council is considering is an intensive training course for prospective Parish and Town Councillors. At present this will only be made available to Management Committee Members, however the NVMC are lobbying to ensure anybody interested in applying to the Parish Council, whatever their status should be entitled to attend. More details of this will be published in February.

One of the other main concerns the NVMC have is the high figure at which the Council has set next year’s precept. In fairness to the Council this figure needs to take into account the training, employing and equipping a new clerk, and assumes all Councillors will also start from scratch, will require additional training and be dependent upon the clerk. Other Parish Councils have demonstrated that with the right administrative support their annual spend can be 5 times higher than their Annual Precept. So far in Northwood our community spend is double that of this year’s precept. If funds are left over for the Parish Council, this can either be reinvested in local projects, or used to offset future precepts.

The figure for the Year 2007/8 stands at £12,607 – this includes £7500 raised by the precept, alongside the additional £5107 we are advised the Isle of Wight Council allocates on our behalf. At present the Isle of Wight Council suggests this costs £14.34 for a Band D Property.

For next year the Council initially proposed raising this figure to £16,644. Following an Extraordinary Meeting of the NVMC, it was agreed to request that this figure is reduced to £12,521 (approx £14.00 per band D property). This recommendation was initially supported as sustainable by the Isle of Wight Council. Had we chosen to go much lower, the NVMC could run the risk of this figure being rejected by the Council, when they make their final decision in February.

Details of the NVMC’s recommendation can be viewed on the Village notice board, or alternatively from the website.

(Contact Maxine Yule, NVMC 01983 297367 or Eileen Palmerton, NCP 01983 282242)

Tuesday 4th December 2007, Northwood School Hall at 7.00pm

Tuesday 18th December 2007, Northwood School Hall at 7.30pm (TBC – contact Maxine)

Tuesday 8th January 2008, Northwood School Hall at 7.00pm

Tuesday 15th January 2008, Northwood School Hall at 6.00pm

Tuesday 15th January 2008, Northwood School Hall at 7.30pm (TBC – contact Maxine).

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