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Posted by Admin on 19 January 2008, 12:00 am

Mr PAUL FULLER has tendered his resignation as Chairman of the Northwood Village Management Committee. He did this at the committee meeting on the 8th January 2008.

At that meeting, it was decided to accept Paul’s resignation, with immediate effect.

John Pullen, as Vice Chairman, will be Acting Chairman until an election can be organised.

Paul will continue to be a committee member for the remaining two months of the life of the NVMC.

The Committee would like placed on record our thanks to Paul for all his hard work, both on the Management Committee and the Community Partnership. It is largely thanks to his drive, determination and expertise that the move to a democratically elected Parish Council for Northwood will be achieved.

Mr DAVID MILLER has decided to stand down as a member of the Northwood Village Management Committee.

This is due to the increased workload from other voluntary and professional bodies to which he contributes. David has worked tirelessly for Northwood, on the Parish Plan, and lately, on Transport and School Reorganisation. Our thanks to David for his hard work and support. He will be sadly missed.

He has generously offered to share his expertise, particularly on the Island Transport Plan, to the committee when we are discussing this issue in the future.

John Pullen, Acting Chairman

(Colin Cramp, Tel: 01983 289996)

High interest rates for borrowing are often in the news. What would you think to paying 44% APR on a 6-month loan?

When your road tax expires will you renew it for 6 months or 12 months? If you choose 6 months you will pay only 10% more in total for the year. 10% seems not unreasonable when compared with borrowing rates. But wait – is it that simple? Let’s say your road tax is £200 for 12 months.

If you choose to renew it 6-monthly you will pay £110 each half year. You are in effect borrowing £90 for 6 months and paying £20 extra for the privilege. This works out at an annual interest rate of 44% (20 divided by 90 multiplied by 2). So remember this next time your road tax is due!

(Cllr Roger Mazillius, Tel: 01983 295556)

The Council is holding ten Public Information Evenings about these proposals. Those most convenient for Northwood residents are MEDINA HIGH SCHOOL on Thursday 31st January; CARISBROOKE HIGH SCHOOL on Wednesday 6th February and COWES HIGH SCHOOL on Wednesday 13th February – ALL STARTING AT 7pm.

I urge all those interested in the future of Island Education to attend one of these evenings. In addition, parents will be receiving a Consultation Booklet in the post which contains a large amount of important facts and figures to enable parents to take an informed approach to the Consultation to make their views all the more relevant and worthwhile. I will be attending several of the meetings (a civic function means I cannot be at Medina High), particularly Cowes High School and I look forward to meeting parents. Please also contact me on 01983 295556, write to me at 21 Oxford Street or email me on – further detailed information is also available via a dedicated link on the Council's website

(Cllr Roger Mazillius, Tel: 01983 295556)

Speed surveys have recently been completed in VENNER AVENUE which I am glad to report show the vast majority of motorists respecting the speed limit of under 30mph. However a small group of motorists are exceeding 35mph and even 40mph! This is unacceptable particularly given the nature of this road and I have asked for a police presence at the appropriate times of day to deter these inconsiderate drivers. I will report on the further survey which is taking place in Three Gates Road in due course.

PALLANCE ROAD and PALLANCE LANE – I am expecting the double yellow lines around the pinch point to be installed shortly. The speed-reactive signs (two pairs) have been ordered and will be installed as soon as possible. I have had an assurance following my request that the ruts in Pallance Lane will be infilled when new highway funds become available from April. I have also asked for the present 60mph limit in most of this road to be reduced to 40mph. I will report further on this in due course.

(Cllr Roger Mazillius, Tel: 01983 295556)

Please note that to enable staff to be properly trained in a new Library Management System, NEWPORT LIBRARY will be closed all day on Wednesday 31st January and COWES LIBRARY on Tuesday 5th February.

(Cllr Roger Mazillius, Tel: 01983 295556)

May I thank all those residents who have so generously contributed to this appeal. You should all have received a receipt of thanks but anyone who has not, please let me or Churchwarden ANNE BROOKER (Tel: 01983 296958) know. Of course there is still a long way to go before we reach our target of £40,000 so if you have not yet made a donation, you can do so either through myself, or Anne (28 Uplands Road), or direct to The Rev’d Lyn McRostie at the Rectory, Chawton Lane. Thank you.

(Maxine Yule, Tel: 01983 297367)

Northwood Village Management Committee has a small pot of money remaining for assisting in the development of local projects.

If you are a member of, or know of a local organisation which supports our Community in Northwood and requires financial support, you require further information or an Application Form please contact me.

Details of grant criteria can also be viewed at the Community Notice Board, adjacent to the Horseshoe Inn Car Park.

The Deadline for all applications is 10.00am, Tuesday 26th February 2008.

(John Pullen, Tel: 01983 281250)

PC Mark Thomas and PCSO Steve Oatley have reported there has been a quiet crime-free period from December 2007 to date. Dare we say that this is a good start to the New Year and long may it continue.

The police are starting an initiative to identify vulnerable households that may benefit from an electronic timer to switch lights or radios on. These will be provided free-of-charge as a crime prevention measure as burglars target houses that are in darkness, or appear empty.

There will be more information circulated as it becomes available.

Several residents have been concerned about phone calls they have received from a company called SWIFT reportedly doing market research on behalf of Hampshire and Isle Wight Police.

I contacted the police and SWIFT is a genuine research company working for the Government, assessing performance and customer satisfaction with the police service. There is another company – MRUK – doing similar research. The most recent calls to Northwood residents have been from SWIFT.
If you get such a call, please ensure it is from one of these companies. If asked, the caller will give you a number to ring – 01962 814759 – to verify their credentials. This number will put you in touch with CLARE SIMPKINS who is part of the Corporate Service Investigative Team at Hampshire Police.

Be careful of any other individuals ringing, particularly if they give you a number to call. This could be a premium rate line which is very expensive.

The numbers to ring for the police are:

0845 045 45 45 – to speak to a police officer or staff member or report a crime;

101 – to report vandalism and graffiti, noise nuisance, threatening and abusive behaviour, abandoned vehicles, dumping and fly tipping, drunk and rowdy groups, broken street lighting, drug-related anti-social behaviour;

999 for emergencies.

If you are reluctant to call the police, but have information about crimes in your area, you can call CRIMESTOPPERS on 0800 555 111. You can remain anonymous and the calls are not recorded. There may be a reward for helping to solve a crime.

PS – We now have a stock of green organic waste bins available as well as the black boxes for glass and paper. Please contact me if you require one.

(For further details of meetings please contact Maxine Yule Tel: 01983 297367 for NVMC or Eileen Palmerton Tel: 01983 282242 for NCP)

Tuesday 5th February at 7.00pm in Northwood School Hall

Tuesday 19th February at 6.00pm in Northwood School Hall

(Planning-only meeting, subject to confirmation)
Tuesday 19th February at 7.30pm in Northwood School Hall

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